How To Increase Your Visibility And Grow Your Audience To Make More Money

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Increasing your Teachable dashboard’s sales numbers without spending all of your working hours creating new material, as this is not always the case. The importance of marketing and content development cannot be overstated, but there are many more ways to get awareness and engage with your target audience so they can see what you have to offer.

Increasing your online course’s visibility and audience engagement is a major factor in generating more money. Taking your online course is a no-brainer if this is the case. A creative person might easily feel like they’re doing the same thing over and over again. And there is a lot of pressure to come up with new and exciting content on a regular basis. Your audience, however, must hear about your course several times.

According to the rule of seven, a prospective student must hear about your program at least seven times before deciding whether or not to enroll. To quickly generate extra money with your content development, use these pointers.

Increase your online presence and viewership by following these four tips!

1. Host real-time events and then repackage the information

host an event

Take the time to put up a low-cost workshop or masterclass for students. After that, you may include it into your course as needed. It’s ideal that this serves as a foundation or introduction to the subjects you teach.

A good example of this is holding a live recording of a virtual introduction to a Bitcoin investment masterclass that attendees paid for in advance. Your audience will get a chance to connect and engage with you during this live masterclass. There will also be an implementable activity for them to participate in.

A good rule of thumb is that you should just capture the sections where you’re speaking. An whole course module or a standalone evergreen mini-course may be created by using this knowledge in conjunction with activities and images. In this situation, you’ll be paid twice for the same work.

Another alternative is to organise a free workshop and then include the tape as a gratis extra in your course in order to interact with your desired audience. Either way, you’re getting the most out of your material in terms of time and creativity by repurposing it.

2. Ensure that content is appropriate for students of all abilities.

Students’ decision to enrol in a class can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the cost of the course. That’s why you want to provide a variety of courses. You can guarantee that your information is accessible to those who may be on a tighter budget by offering courses at different pricing ranges. Offering mini-courses is a good way to do this. Topic lectures, assignments, and discussion questions can all be included.

Mini-courses may be combined, which is a nice feature. As a result, if you provide a discount with the bundle, more people will buy them all at once. However, those who can afford to do so can still participate. Mini-courses are a terrific way to entice students who are on the fence about enrolling in your more expensive and time-consuming courses.

3. Use a miniseries to your advantage

Consider the interests of your audience when choosing a topic for your presentation. This might be something you know they want more of or a problem that you frequently see crop up. Create a mini-series based on the storyline.

Three to five pieces of content should focus on this key concern and how to improve or resolve it. Your virtual course is then fed by these bits of material. Suppose your Teachable course was about cake decoration, and you wanted to create a miniseries titled “The top 3 icing enhancement strategies to uplevel your cakes.” A teaser gives your audience a taste of what your material will be like, creates trust and excitement as you release fresh content each day, and improves their awareness of your course and what it offers.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your TikTok or Instagram carousels for your audience to enroll in your course, no matter which platform you choose!

4. Join forces with professionals who share your interests.

The only requirement for this one is that you don’t partner with someone who offers a comparable course to yours. What other fields would your audience be interested in? Many people who are interested in yoga and breathwork, for example, are likely to cross paths.

Once you’ve identified potential areas of overlap, use social media to reach out to experts in those fields and go live with them. Zoom lets you record and share bits of conversations with people to check if they’re interested in being interviewed or just talking. A great strategy to engage with both new and existing audience members is to use this technique. Of course, be sure to promote your course and its benefits.

It’s time to wrap things up.

In order to boost your revenue, it’s critical to think outside the box when it comes to repurposing existing content and reaching out to new audiences. The figures on your Teachable dashboard will quickly double or triple if you put these strategies into action on a regular basis to enhance visibility and audience growth.

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