5 Practical Tips on How to Make a Living As a Paid Travel Blogger

“The first you have to think about working as a paid travel blogger is how to make money with traveling” – It was my first thought before starting a career as a professional blogger.

Agree, it` s the work of your dream. Travel blogging is like a paid hobby (if you do everything right and deliberately, you will be able to take care not only about yourself but also about your relatives).

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I dreamed about such work, but all my ambitions were collapsed. Because I didn`t follow the first rule on such job “You won’t make money for a long time.”  That is why I`m here to help you to avoid my mistakes. So, how to make money travel blogging:

How to Make a Living As a Paid Travel Blogger

  1. Be confident, think positively

I began making money about four months in. What’s nice is that it weeds out the people who aren’t serious.

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You are like a trainee. You don`t have full information; you don`t have a stable income and even support. First, find support – it can be your friend, relatives, people who like your idea. Ask for cash aid.

Be sure, the sites, companies are not interested in investment, because you have no experience, it is not enough time to present your work as a full, professional blog.

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It’s important to have savings and diversify your income as much as possible, but even more important is asking yourself whether you’re prepared to handle the emotional roller-coaster that is entrepreneurship.

  1. Living cheaply abroad

Find some cheap countries that won’t take much finance. For this you help our internet, you need just find the necessary information, I did it like this – found the articles “12 cheap countries on student budget”, made my schedule and counted my money.

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  1. Forget about your pride for some time

It is okay to ask someone to donate. For example, you are in Cambodia in Banteay Meanchey province (there are twenty-four more provinces), offer next issue where you are in another province if they will donate you a certain amount of money. Or you can make something for paying.

  1. Fill the country as it feel her habitats

Where can you get money, if no one donates you? I know the answer – work there, find some interesting, specific for your country job. In this manner, you will understand how to make money with a travel blog.

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Show your conditions, show the people who work there, show your attitude to this job, and show how much you can earn in that position. It is useful information for your followers.

  1. No one likes the advertisement

It is the most convenient way to be paid. And in our new informational web world, it is real income and opportunity to promote yourself. Find some advertising agencies (you have to work at least 4 months) and offer your blog for advertising placement.

It can be such websites:




So I hope you like these tips on How to Make a Living As a Paid Travel Blogger. So what are your thoughts on this post please share in the comments below.

Here is a video telling about how to become a travel blogger, do check it out.

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