10x Your Email List with Social Media! Secrets Revealed

Email marketing is probably the most happening conversion process today. The bigger is your email list, the bigger probability you have for conversion. If you’re selling any products, you can knock your would be customers by sending them email notifications. According to some email marketing expert, social media platforms are almost irrelevant compared to a solid email list. Because when someone provides you the email address, it means he/she is agreed to be involved with your products or contents.

Also email list creation is critical because it’s the ultimate way to create a healthy relationship with prospective customers. People give importance to emails to more than any other media and this is true from the sales point of view as well. The longer is your mailing list, the more probability of selling of the product is there. Experts from every business related sector agree on a single point which is creating a solid mailing list is real important for conversion.

Part A: Interactive post sharing tips to get traffic to your site/content

A1: Share your content more than once:

social media sharing

Courtesy: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/

  • Create a sharing timetable: To start sharing content across social media for repeated times, first you have to create a sharing timetable with some guidelines. Remember not to post the messages within very short intervals or in large clusters because that may attract the spam filter.
  • Try to make some little modification in your every post by inserting pull-quotes or asking questions. It will keep attracting the readers and thus will maintain a steady flow of traffic.
  • Every social network manages text and images in a different way. To gain benefits of each network try to add value and variety in your posts.
  • It’s crucial to observe the results to ensure the changes are actually working. You need to monitor increase/decrease in the post activity, negative feedback and decreasing interest.

A2: Use Actionable words:

social media concepts

On social networks, specific keywords produce more traffic than others. Intelligently usage of them can enhance the visibility of the posts. Below given are some actionable words for top social networks.

  • Facebook: When, Where, Inspire, Tell us, Submit etc.
  • Twitter: Follow, ReTweet, New Blog Post, Social Media etc.
  • LinkedIn: Improved, Created, Developed, Increased etc.
  • Google+: Promote, Share, Create, Increase etc.

A3: Create Hashtags and use it wisely:

social media rules

Courtesy: http://www.thedigitalelevator.com/


You surely have seen social media people use various hashtags with updates and posts. Hashtags enlarge the circle of your post and help it to reach to other audiences other than your followers. Also hashtags help you to start chats, discussions and trends. Using a couple of hashtags in a post can radically uplift the usefulness of your content and thus helping you in attracting more conversions and traffic.

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A4: Use Visual content:

social media stats

Social media is mainly based on visual content and visual content attracts more traffic compared to normal text based content. So, try to regularly incorporate videos, images and various visual contents in your posts. Following are some statistics shown the visual content’s impact on various social networks.

  • Facebook: Image specific posts attract 39% more engagement
  • Google+: Videos get 28% more engagement, Images collect 94% more +1s, Animated GIFs collect 39% more +1s
  • LinkedIn: Image specific posts attract 98% more comments, Linking to YouTube Videos receives 75% more shares
  • Twitter: Including vines, images and videos can get you 200% more engagement in comparison with normal text based Tweets.

A5: Generate more Creative Content:

The conversion rate and engagement depend a lot upon the quality of the content of your post. If the content is of low quality, then maximum of the optimization efforts will be in vein. Normally social media network users like highly interesting and actionable content. The headlines of your posts should be catchy enough. For example, you can have a look at the Buzzfeed articles. Their updates and articles get huge amount of social media shares each day due to their innovative ideas and headlines. You can try ‘MyBlogU’ for some innovative blogging ideas.

Part B: How can you 10x the email list by the traffic coming through social media

B1: Use a Sign Up Form:

Every business irrespective of size should create a sign-up form for email on the social platforms for their fans to subscribe to their list at ease. On Facebook, you can allocate a tab for email sign-up form. Don’t forget to insert an image and CTA (call to action) in the tab. Though your Twitter profile has short space but you can insert a link of email sign-up form. The ‘About’ section of Google+ is large enough to incorporate an abbreviated link to the sign-up form of your email.

B2: Host Webinars to Gain Subscribers:

Webinars are a great way to share your business aspects by presenting someone from your company to talk about an applicable topic. One major goal of webinar is to collect leads as email subscribers. There are many programs available across the web for hosting webinars. Most of them comprise of an email sign-up form that has to be filled up before entering the webinar. Use the social media networks posts to attract traffic to those sign-up forms and the email list will automatically grow.

B3: Using contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways:

Using sweepstakes, contests and giveaways are probably the most useful way to create a strong email list. Many prominent marketers organize contests and various promotions to develop their fan base on social media platforms. But the main goal is normally to enlarge the list of email subscribers. Facebook contests are mostly used for promotions across all social media platforms as you can customize this platform at the highest level. You can try Fanappz, Votigo, Bulbstorm, Offerpop, Strutta etc.

Facebook apps for your sweepstakes, contests or giveaways. Remember to select those apps that comprises of a sign-up form to enter into the contest. After publishing the contest, advertise it on all your social media platforms to attract new traffic and to enlarge your email list through sign-ups.

B4: Use Hangout:

Google+ Hangouts are one of the best ways to organize to batch meetings, interview people, customer interaction and your expertise sharing. ‘Google+ Hangouts on Air’ are perfect if you want to make it for public. You can make records of hangouts which can be used for future purposes. ‘Google+ Video Hangouts’ are ideal for private use. Google+ Hangouts can be operated from the desktop browser or by running the suggested Google apps.

B5: Leverage online advertising on Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook and Twitter are most favored places to reach a huge number of prospective fans with nominal cost. Facebook allows you to create ads which aim people based on page likings. Twitter allows you to send tailored tweets based on the geographic locations. Facebook even allows you to upload the email list, so that you can keep out those people when targeting your add.

Paid advertisements on social media platforms are important for any type of business because they reach out to the people who may never be aware of your company or your product.

B6: Crafting a call-to-action to your sign-up form on social media profiles:

Other than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ don’t allow hosting of landing page in their respective platform. So, to exhibit the sign-up form to the followers on Google+ and Twitter add a shortened link to the form in your profile section. Remember to incorporate the link in every ‘profile’ or ‘bio’ section. It’s a simple tactic but very useful too.

B7: Remove unnecessary barriers:

A lot of information normally causes distraction to your site visitors. The more activity a visitor will do after landing on your site, the chance of joining your mailing list will decrease slowly. So, remove unnecessary things when your main aim is to enlarge the mailing list. Only keep the relevant content and pages that encourage a visitor to sign up.

B8: Make it about the value not the list:

It’s very normal to get dominated by an enlarged mailing list. But then it encompasses you only keeping your subscribers outside. Think about your future subscribers and the reasons that will encourage them to join. In newsletters, inspire present subscribers to carry on with various discussions. Best if you can be a part of a discussion. This will inspire others to sign up for your site.

B9: Create a video:

Generate a video about your organization and upload that to your site. Make it short and point specific so that it can inspire visitors to sign up. You can distribute this video across social media platforms as well to increase exposure.

B10: Dealing the cards with Twitter:

Twitter cards are sort of more extensive tweets consist of higher than 140 characters. They are created by adding photos, text descriptions, CTA (call to action) buttons and videos to a normal tweet. Among all the Twitter cards, ‘Website Card’ and ‘Lead Generation Card’ are only accessible with accounts having advertising facility.

B11: Create and offer a high-value white paper:

Creation of a solid email list is a type of exchange. Someone gives you his / her email address and in return you deliver some type of value. A favored term of this value is ‘white paper’ among email marketers. To create a white paper you should start by analyzing your popular pages. After preparing the white paper upload it to anystandard software that provides email marketing. Preparation of a white paper that reflects quality demands huge practice and skill. But they are worth it in attracting traffics and enlarging the mailing list.

B12: Crystal clear:

Someone will only sign-up and give you the email address when they find something interesting is there in your blog. If your content is of average level, somebody will hardly bother to come back again and sign-up. If you have thousands of people as your email subscriber, then it’ll highly increase the chance that some others will also be interested in signing up and see what’s going on?

B13: General Pinterest offers:

Pinterest is one of the best places to aim at a certain audience. According to statistics, 68% of the users are women and 28.1% users make a hefty amount per year. Pinterest allows optical stimulation of prospects and giving them clickable, pinnable offers. Upload a photo at Pinterest and give a link to the actual site. Before accessing the actual site, someone have to sign-up for the email list.

Continual growth of the list of the email subscribers plays a crucial part in success of every business. So, try every possible aspect to enlarge your mailing list no matter what type of business you’re in.

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