Infatica Review 2022: Is It A Reliable Peer To Business Proxy Network??

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  • Rotating option
  • Advertising network monitoring
  • PPC quality control
  • Purchase Validation
  • Uptime and Performance Tracking


  • Fairly new brand for proxies



Basically, a proxy server acts as an intermediary between a user’s computer and the internet. Proxy servers provide a different level of functionality, security, and privacy which depends on your needs. 

A proxy server has its own IP address (Internet Protocol) which is completely known by your computer. If you are using a proxy server then a web request goes through the proxy server first.

If we talk about a residential proxy then it uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

 Like when you surf the internet using a residential proxy server your IP address is hidden, so you don’t have to worry about your identity and IP address. And this can really save you from prying eyes of government and ISPs. 

In this post, I will talk about a global proxy network known as Infatica which is global peer-to- business proxy network.

Here in this post, we have featured Infatica Review 2022 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more. 

Infatica Review 2022: Is It A Reliable Proxy Network?? (Honest Review)

About Infatica

Infatica  is a proxy network which is used across dozens of countries. They offer a premium proxy service which allows users to send requests via residential or datacenter proxies. You can use Infatica proxies with any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS. You can not use this service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

Infatica provides three types of proxies to their users Residential, Mobile, and Datacenter proxies. Infatica has over 2.5M residential proxies sourced from real customers across the world. They have true mobile proxies which give customers the ability to surf behind a consumer mobile connection. They added datacenter proxies recently which is low cost and offer higher speed.

Infatica Review- Infatica

A genuine private proxy lets you namelessly and truly accumulate competitive knowledge about other promoters’ content and system. Run computerized search situations to see contender PPC resources, or to study their final URLs. 

Scraping any site is unfeasible without mechanization, however, gathering airfares and hotel rates are significantly harder because these merchants will block repeat requests. Rotating among a wide scope of private IP locations takes care of business with a negligible intrusion. 

Half of the web traffic originates from bots, not people. Working behind a credible private IP address causes you to appear to be a genuine local, to the channels and firewalls that attempt to fend off bots. 

Sites are intended to trust private IP addresses more than different access points, so getting prohibited is doubtful. You and your contents will be allowed to buckle down and play hard.  

Infatica brags a worldwide portfolio of private IPs from almost every country you will need to proxy through. It resembles having a diplomatic identification to anyplace on the web.

Who need Infatica Residential Proxies?

Price Aggregators

The new price aggregators need to get their data by visiting the vendor sites just as a consumer would, without getting blacklisted and blocked. Most of the leading global aggregators still need a way to validate that negotiated vendor feeds are accurate by visiting vendors websites under cover of legitimate residential proxies.

Vendors block and blacklist suspicious traffic in order to protect their website from brute force hacking, competitor web scraping, and other threats. But they have to allow their regular, trusted consumers to browse and buy without friction.

Infatica Review- Peer to Peer Proxy Network

Infatica  has helped more than one pricing aggregator to validate vendor data feeds. It is also a preferred proxy provider to a small but ambitious cadre of insurgent players in the aggregator’s space.

Brand Protection

Product counterfeiters use web-based social networking, shopping sites, and web domains to publicize and sell low-quality counterfeiters. 

Major global brands like Luxottica have effectively detected and cut down forging activities by mapping their web-based marketing systems. Discovery starts with launching bots that copy regular purchasers where they live: at home on their PCs, or on their 3G/4G cell phones. 

Infatica Review- Brand Protection

Using Infatica  private residential proxies, consumer brand managers can capture different ways  of secret promoting through channels like Facebook channels and commercial sellers

Consumer product counterfeiters have astonishing skills in basic three areas: product manufacturing, hiding profits and digital marketing. A brand must include gray-hat tactics to out-smart the perpetrators.

Cybersecurity Firms

Testing is a vital piece of your services. Infatica’s dense worldwide system of genuine private IP proxies gives you a chance to test unbounded, on your schedule. 

Demonstrate your customers how a malignant botnet may try to upset service by recreating a coordinate DDoS. Dispatch a Metasploit output or exploit. Test versatility to brute power assaults. Work with your customer’s own IT office to solidify their servers against interruption. This is all conceivable with Infatica. 

Infatica Review- Cybersecurity Firms

Blackbox pen testing: private residential proxies that veil the source of an exploit help you endeavor to access confined systems unannounced. 

Utilizing a datacenter based intermediary provides obscurity, but a solidified system may hail the datacenter’s IP range. 

A private residential proxy will give obscurity, a lower probability of activating alerts and difficulties at the objective server. 

Infatica gives the particular geotargeting you have to stage varied exploits. You can pay for what you need. Begin and stop your plan when you want to.

What Infatica is Offering?

Genuine Residential Proxies 

Infatica  keeps up a worldwide system of accessible proxies in many countries and most US states. 

Infatica Review- Infatic Offering

When an estimating aggregator needs all the room rates for all hotels, they can do no better to catch this information from the genuine IP locations of real people in their homes. 

Solid Global Coverage

Consumer brands need to get forgers wherever they advertise and sell, so they will love this ability. They have fabricated a trusted consumer network that is developing every day. 

Security You Can Rely On 

Truly, they can rotate you periodically to hold you under the blocking and blacklisting threshold, however, there are situations where you need a steady connection. 

Infatica’s private residential proxies are rock steady connection, to ensure that your jobs completed on schedule.

Infatica Datacenter Proxies

Nowadays, a brand can’t be too cautious. Forgers aren’t the main risk. Malevolent contenders, frustrated providers – even disappointed clients can discolor your great name on the web. Infatica datacenter proxies are the correct tool for brands like yours to monitor their notices on the web. 

Infatica Review- DataCenter Proxies

Gathering market information about your rivals, sellers, and customers may not be simple. They may obstruct your IP or track your sessions. Exclusive Infatica datacenter proxies make it simpler to gather that information secretly, at scale. 

Infatica datacenter proxies let you surf namelessly at datacenter speeds from your preferred area. Surfing solely means no one but you can get to the proxy. You are not going after bandwidth. You won’t be punished because of a neighbor’s unsafe behavior.

With Infatica datacenter proxies you can get widest pipes which let your team harvest GBs of data every month. It offers budget-friendly packages to their customers so they can access a global pool of IP addresses. It will let you surf solely while hiding your true identity for your security.

Why Choose Infatica?

You definitely choose Infatica because you need no captchas to access. After getting started with Infactica you can forget about blacklisting troubles. You can choose any location you want. Infatica protects the true identity of the customer for their personal security. It will let you access the web through real residential customer IP addresses. Whenever you visit a website or web server this way it will appear just like a regular home user.

They have many pricing plans available for every kind of need.

It has a rotating option so that you can change IP addresses regularly for maximum anonymity and geographical coverage.

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Infatica Pricing Plan

Infatica  offers a smooth pricing plan for its customers. 

Infatica offers 3000 rotating proxies pool and 500 streams for just $199.00 per month.

Infatica Review- Pricing Plan

 For 8000 rotating proxies and 500 streams, you have to pay like $399.00/Month 

And for 20000 proxies / 1000 streams they charge $1299.00/month.  

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Conclusion: Infactica Review 2022 | Should You Go For It??

No doubt, Infatica offers affordable residential, mobile and datacenter proxy plans that can easily meet your requirements in terms of speed, bandwidth and security and economy. 

Infatica provides three different types of proxies to their customers. They have over 2.5M residential socks5 proxies sourced from real customers across the world. They offer true mobile proxies which give customers the ability to surf behind a consumer mobile connection. Recently they have added datacenter proxies which are low in cost and offer higher speed to their customers.

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  1. “I’ve been happily using Infatica for over a month now. They offer bullet proof protection to their customers. It’s really affordable in comparison to some of the other rated providers. I haven’t had any issues with connection, data transfer speeds or customer service at all.”

  2. The proxy market has been flooded by a good number of new proxy providers that finding the right provider for your next project might be a problem, especially if you do not have any provider in mind. Infatica is one of the new providers in the market that brings to the table a lot of promise.
    It is a global proxy network that prides itself as a provider of ethical proxies for any business use cases – this means that you can use their proxies for any proxy use case you can think of. They have got a fairly large proxy pool that is made of IP addresses from real residential locations around the world.

  3. Are you looking for a reliable residential IP’s or private proxy provider which has its own exclusive network of business proxies, I’d suggest Infatica is the one!
    Infatica offers different kinds of proxies and is not a reseller but the owner of its own network. Therefore, this provides high-quality and secure proxies suitable for various uses.
    I strongly recommend you using Infatica!

  4. All I wanted was a proxy for personal use that didn’t break the bank. It’s hard to know where to buy these things from, but Infantic just worked out great for me!
    They provide residential proxies, mobile proxies and datacenter proxies.
    I got enough speed without breaking the bank with the affordable premium service plan which gave me access to all kinds of other security features and user-friendly apps too. The customer service is pretty awesome when you get in contact with them also! Honestly this one is so much better than anything else I’ve ever tried before – don’t hesitate, give it a go!

  5. I’m so happy I found this!
    As a writer, my job is to use the internet every day to research things and write about them. It takes up all of my time, and with limited access at work (only on company-owned devices) it’s not like I can turn this off when the office doors are closed. However, because corporations don’t want employees surfing ad infinitum, they’ve taken great lengths to stop that from happening–fortunately for me stumbling upon Infatica proxies! After just one month signed up they provided me with an account as a back-up plan in case something happens again. So now I have something available 100% of the time–no need for coffee shop WiFi anymore 🙂

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