How to Download Free Video and Music From Youtube With Instube 2018

It’s almost every second day that I surf through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and other apps or websites for trending music and videos during my leisure time and it often so happens that I find something so appealing, that I wish to download it. But it becomes difficult for me to download my favorite videos or songs from these websites.

The problem that many of us come across is that since there is no stable application to download music and videos from video/music streaming websites, we quite often, search for the same on the Internet. The result is, we either find it in poor quality or don’t find it at all.

instube - download youtube videos

But over time, a number of emerging softwares and apps have made media download possible and hassle free for people across the globe. One such application I’ve recently come across is Music Downloader InsTube. Let’s dig deeper into the details and features of this application.

What is InsTube?

InsTube is a free video and music downloader available for Android devices. The app allows you to download your favorite music and videos from popular social video/music streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and a list of 25 more such apps.

InsTube - Free Video & Music Downloader for Android

The installation and use of the app is completely free. There are no monthly or annual subscription charges involved and you don’t even have to register anywhere to use this app.

Highlighted InsTube features

Highlighted InsTube features

This app comes with a whole list of useful and interesting features that makes it an amazing app for downloading media from social websites. Here is a list of some ultimate InsTube features that you should know before trying it yourself.

  • Absolutely free

InsTube is available for free to download. Though you will not find it on the Plat Store as yet, you can visit its official website to download the apk file and then install it on your Android smartphone. Once you have installed the app, you can download unlimited your favorite videos and music on your device. You don’t even need to register or create any account for downloading media.

  • Supports over 25 video and music streaming websites.

InsTube supports media download from over 25 popular music/video streaming websites. You can download media from social websites like Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, AOL, Twitter, Instagram and over 25 such websites. So, the videos and music can be easily downloaded from some of the most popular websites without any hassle.

  • Strong privacy and security.

InsTube is very secure and adds an extra level of security to all the videos and music you download. The app has a video locker feature that lets you creates a private location on your Android phone storage where you can store your personal or important videos and music.

  • Fast video downloads

InsTube is a light weight application and offers optimized download speed that enables you to easily download the videos and music on your Android device at really fast speeds.

  • Supports different video formats.

InsTube supports various video formats and you can download your favorite media in formats including MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP. The app supports a highest video resolution of 1280 pixels.

  • Convert YouTube videos.

InsTube allows you to even convert your YouTube videos into MP3 and the videos can also be locked with password.

Final opinion: You Should Go For This Amazing Youtube Downloader

Instube Review Youtube Music download

I personally installed InsTube on my phone and tried out all these features myself. Honestly, the app has lived up to every single feature it claims off. From Privacy to fast, free and unlimited download, InsTube does everything with utter ease.

It allows you to download your favorite songs and videos for free from over 25 popular websites. The video locker feature that helps you to secure your personal videos/music files in a secret location on your phone is a thing of peace. Password protection to the downloaded videos makes it even more relaxing.

Personally, my favorite feature is the option to convert YouTube videos into mp3 format. This feature really comes in handy when you just want to extract the audio from the video. The only drawback of the app is that it is only available for Android devices. iOS and Windows users unfortunately have to wait.

All in all, it is indeed one of the best music and video downloader software tools I have come across. Visit the InsTube official website to download the apk file and install it now.


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