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Hello Our Dear Readers and Bloggers , You are welcome to First Interview section of this blog, the “Expert Chat” Section where have a chat with the Author Imran Uddin. He is going to discuss various question related to Internet Marketing and Blogging. So I hope you Enjoy his interview on my blog.

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Q: First Of all Imran, Tell me something about yourself and also about your amazing blog !

Imran: Firstly ,Thanks Jitendra for inviting me here.I feel honored.

Basically I am an Engineering Student and a part time blogger. As I always say Blogging has become my full time business and Engineering is like a part time course. Before I started my under graduation I didn’t have much knowledge of Computers ,Internet and Blogging. I started Blogging when I was in Engineering 2nd year.

I was very interested in Hacking,Programming and Web Development ,so started a blog with the same concept and failed to make money for the first 6 months as I was publishing copyrighted and illegal things.

Also, read:

Then I realized that this is not what I am supposed to do to make money from my blog so deleted all unethical content and started sharing Tips/Tricks related to computers and internet.

Then in the first two months itself my blog has drawn a lot of attention from youth especially in India. Then slowly I expanded its niche to Blogging Tips,SEO ,Making Money online etc. Basically my blog doesn’t has any niche. Its just like a personal blog.I share whatever I feel worthy for readers but the main niche is Technology always.

Q: What are your strategies for Google Hummingbird Update & did you see any drop in traffic of your site.

Imran:. Google Hummingbird update increased my traffic by 10% which is not a big rise.The best thing is it didn’t had a negative impact.After Hummingbird update is see only two kind of Blogs and websites ranking well in search engines.

1. High authoritative news blog ranking well on Google for almost all the queries.

2. New blog are also ranking well these days but their ranking in not at all consistent for a long time. Their ranking will drop after few days if they are not consistent and if they don’t produce good quality content.

My strategy has changed a lot in the past few months .Rather than concentrating on Google changes I started building huge social media profile .

Q: What’s your specialty? Tell me about it.

Imran: I am very optimistic towards life and I try to handle each and every situation of life with patience and with a optimistic approach. Whatever I do in my life I involve myself in it completely. Either it might be my studies or sports and now Blogging as well.

I always try to improve myself constantly by accepting my faults. If I am wrong with something or if I haven’t done something properly then I don’t hesitate to accept that I am wrong. This attitude keeps me improving myself day by day in all aspects of life.

Q: How much traffic you generate from social media & how you use social media for your blog ?

Imran:I generate tons and tons of traffic from social media. I have a vast social media with millions of followers.So I use this social media to drive traffic on all my blogs including All Tech Buzz. 70% of the total traffic on all my blogs is served up by social media.

I love social media because I know how much traffic I can generate from it where as coming to search traffic I don’t have any control over it.

Q: What SEO strategies do you recommend?

Imran: A client asks you to build a strategic plan for their website. What steps would you go through?

First and the foremost thing is the site design.I check if the site is user friendly ,seo optimized and if it is loading properly.

After that I check what kind of service they offer ,depending on that I go for sponsored posting , link building and social media promotion.

The most important thing I consider is the user satisfaction. No matter how much seo you do if your customers are not satisfied with the service then it won’t work at all.

Q: Do you think 3rd party blog post links and ebook submissions are playing vital role these days ?

Imran: Third party links are always good as they boost your rankings in search. If you write a good ebook then you will get a lot of exposure in your field.It might not help in boosting your rankings in search directly but indirectly it has a lot of positives.

Q: Is Author Rank is the latest technique of off page SEO ? Do you think Google give preference to this ?

Imran: I have been hearing a lot about the author rank in the past few days but I don’t think author rank plays an important roll.Its all about your Google plus profile. If you have a good Google plus profile with a lot of followers it acts like a ranking boosting factor.

Q: What are some examples of how you have worked to sell your ideas in collaborative environments?

Imran: Well I basically offer my services like SEO Training ,Blogging coaching etc .Rather than selling my ideas to others ,I will partner up with like minded people and work on some projects. I have over 12+ partners with me now ,working along with me on all my sites. I feel very strong when I have these many people working along with me for the same goal.

Q: What Are Your Relationship Building and Outreach Skills?

Imran: Well building relationships with others is a part of my daily life.I connect with many people daily online and offline.

When I try to partner up or do some dealing with someone I explain how our relationship can be useful for both of us.Instead of thinking my own benefits I also explain them how it can benefit them as well.This is how I make a long term relationship with the people I partner up with.

I will always try to be good ,honest and straight forward in relationships .I always respect others opinion and I never try to dominate others.

Q: Do You Share Your Strategies Transparently With the SEO Community?

Imran: No I don’t .Though I share some of my ideas through my blog in some of my posts but I don’t share everything.

Before going into much about this I would like to recall a saying “If you are good at something ,don’t do it for free” .

So I maintain a community where I share almost all my ideas.Only few selected people who took my services will be allowed to access the group which is on Facebook where I conduct regular hangouts sharing everything I have learnt about SEO, Blogging and Internet Marketing.

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    • Hi Manish who says link building is closed, it is not closed, google will frown on spammer who have ghost networks of spam. So link building will never die and it will be there in SEO 2014 too.

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    About this interview, I will say you asked him some pressing questions and he delivered on the answers. I think lots of people will find it useful. It’s interesting that he’s still a student; imagine how much more impact he will make in the next couple more years. Impressive!

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