Interview with Google Adwords Specialist & Affiliate Marketer GaganPreet Singh

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Hey you bloggers we are back again with another stunning interview session!

As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Professional Affiliate Marketer GaganPreet Singh and he is the founder of

He is one of the keen affiliate marketer who is making his living from online income. He is doing crazy stuffs with SEO & blogging, driving traffic to your blog and building relationships with corporate. He is also well versed with  database and programming languages namely :C, C++, C#, HTML, DHTML & Javascript.

Lets explore with GaganPreet.

Interview with Google Adwords Specialist GaganPreet Singh

1. First of all thanks a lot for coming on  my blog Gagan, you made my day by accepting my interview request. Tell me something about yourself & your educational background.

Pleasure is all mine, honored to be featured on BloggersIdeas. I started my online journey in 2008. I am a college dropout. I left college in my 3rd year and continued my Online Marketing Journey. It’s been 5 years I am into PPC. I help companies get more customers through Google Adwords & Bing Ad Center. I am working with some big Tech Support, Education Groups and Travels agencies in India.

2. Where is affiliate marketing is going to reach in coming 5 years and how you are going to monetize it?

Because of the positive results of Affiliate Marketing, it will continue to grow bigger and bigger in coming years and that is because of 2 reasons:

Increase of Internet Devices: By the start of 2015, mobile is going to overtake Desktop/Laptop in Internet usage. In coming years every affiliate marketer is definitely going to target Mobile users. You will be surprised to know that 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop online. So according to me “Mobile” will dominate the affiliate market.

Increase of Internet Users: The second reason affiliate market is going to grow bigger & bigger is because of increase of Internet Users. More the internet users will grow more the Affiliate Marketing industry will grow.

3. What is the first thing an aspiring affiliate marketer should learn before doing anything else?

Before directly diving into Affiliate Marketing, aspiring affiliate marketers should learn about basics of Internet Marketing. They should have a clear understanding of how this online buying cycle works, what are different types of Internet users. After the basics are cleared then they should learn:

  1. At least any one source of Targeted Traffic
  2. Anatomy of Landing Pages & how to design them
  3. Copywriting
  4. Analytics
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Of course

            There are lots of awesome resources to learn about this online. I am listing few of them:

  • Basics: To learn basics of Internet Marketing I recommend HubSpot
  • Landing Pages: Again Hubspot & Unbounce has very good resources
  • Copywriting: Recently I read a very small eBook on Copywriting called “12 Easy Steps To Awesome Copy”. A very nice small guide for newbies to understand the basics of Copywriting
  • Analytics: It is a very important topic for Affiliate Marketers. To learn about it, aspiring affiliate marketers must start from Google Analytics. They can start with the official Youtube Channel and as they will continue their journey, new doors will open itself.
  • Affiliate Marketing: After having a good hold over all these then they should jump into Affiliate Marketing. The best resources of newbie are to start with Udemy & also join “2 hour course on Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals” on Lynda.

4. What kind of products or services do you promote. What niche do you find most profitable?

I started with Software affiliate first and then moved to Web Hosting affiliate niche. And now I am into Dating niche.

What niche do you find most profitable?

There are four major topics that everyone in this world is interested in and these 4 topics will be our main source of niche selection. I call it as the “HeWeBeRe” Rule

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Beauty
  4. Relationship

These four are the never failing niches in CPA and affiliate marketing because it has a very wide reach and a very high Conversion Rate. Newbies who want enter into Affiliate Marketing can start their journey with one of these evergreen niches.

5. One of the critical decisions a newbie affiliate marketer has to make is choosing what product or service to promote. How do you do it.What is your process of selecting products or services to promote to have the greatest chance of success?

There are three attributes of a good product. Before you select any product, make sure that it has following three properties:

  1. Buyers
  2. Reach
  3. Trending

Let’s talk about all the three attributes in detail:

  1. Buyers: Are there people who will be willing to take out their wallets and spend money when they see your product
  2. Reach: Are there people actively searching the Internet for more products or information related to your product.
  3. Trending: Is your product currently trending in the location in which you’re promoting it.

I would like to share some Product Selection Tool & Tips

Here are some tools and tricks you can use if you want to know that your product has a good reach and buyers and also trending in the location that you’re targeting.

How to check Product Buyers

To check if your offer has a good number of buyers or not what we will do is we will take help of two big search engines

  • Google : Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool
  • Bing & Yahoo : Bing Ad Preview Tool

We will check if there are sponsored ads in our targeted location for the keywords that matches out niche. To check this, I take help of a Google Tool called Ad Preview & Diagnosis. Go to and login with your Google account and at top you can see this tool

Result: If you see sponsored ads on SERPs it means that there are advertisers for this keywords and if there are advertisers there will be potential buyers out there who are looking for out auto loans.

In the same way you can check it on Bing by going to

How to check Product Reach

To check reach of a particular offer, what you can do is try Keyword Planner tool to check the reach. If you’re into SEO you might be knowing about this tool. This tool will let you know about the number of potential customers looking for the keyword you typed. The more the better.

How to check Product Trend

And the last thing you need to see that is the offer you’re promoting is trending in the location you’re targeting or not. For it, you need a Google tool called “Google Trends”.

This tool will tell you the trend since 2004 to current time in graphical form. What we will do is:

  • Go to Google Trends
  • At top, click on WorldWide and select your targeted location
  • Let me wrap up all the stuff that I covered in this section.
Attributes Tools URL
Buyers Ad Preview Tool
Reach Keyword Planner
Trend Google Trends

This is the strategy I follow to choose product for Affiliate Marketing. Though there are some advanced strategies also. Will tell in future because this interview will get too long!

6. How do you go about promoting your affiliate marketing campaigns. Do you mainly go for organic search traffic only or do you also run paid ads. What would you recommend to others, especially the newbies?

Organic traffic was never a source of traffic for me as lots of time is wasted and not guarantee of results. I will not waste my time on getting results. In Paid traffic you get instant results so time is saved.

My main source of traffic is always Paid. As I am into PPC for the last 5-6 years. I have good knowledge in Adwords & Bing. Google does not allow affiliate sites and strictly against it but on the other hand Bing is quite flexible.

Bing: You can promote affiliate products on Bing. You will get cheap traffic and good ROI. Recently I did a Bing campaign with my student and we got $100 sales by only spending $14. Bing has got a good US traffic.

Search: It is another a good source of targeted traffic, but better than Bing but worth to try.

Currently I am using LeadImpact and MediaTraffic as my primary source of traffic. I am also using TrafficFactory for promoting Adult offers.

7. What would you recommend to others, especially the newbies?

Traffic must be targeted, source can be any. As said before, it totally depends on their skills. The skills they are acquired to get targeted traffic.

8. What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to affiliate marketing position?

Recently I tried my hands on LeadImpact, a PPV Advertising Network and I am promoting per sale Dating Offers there and its going good. Learned about many new tools like

  1. Box Of Ads
  2. Ad Beat
  3. Adult Ad Spy and some more

Learned how to run these tools effectively.

Currently I am learning fundamentals of Mobile Marketing and Mobile PPC Campaigns. As I told you before, mobile is the future & this year’s goal is to get into it. As an affiliate marketer, this will surely going to help me.

9. What are your plans for the future?

Plan is to expand my online business. I am planning to open a Virtual Classroom where I will be giving training on PPC to Online Marketers, Marketing Executives, Web Developers, Product Managers and Brand Managers, IT Programmer, Students, Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, Copywriters and Content Writers, Marketing Consultants & Job Seekers

10. What’s the next move for your company and what can we expect to see in the near future?

I’ve lots of stuff for fellow bloggers. A new YouTube channel is going to be launched next month where I will be creating and uploading videos on the stuff that I know. I’ve lots of ebooks and guides written that will be published in coming months on PPC, CPA & Affiliate Marketing.

11. Any message for newbies affiliate marketers, & please share your feedback for my blog.

The first thing is getting success with Affiliate Marketing you need a correct Mental State. You need to learn and learn and learn before jumping into Affiliate Marketing. To learn about Aff. Marketing you have to commit yourself to learning it.

No guide and no ebook can teach you, all will come after learning and implementing. You will loose money, you will loose time but it’s a part of the game.

Do not jump to Affiliate Marketing directly, first learn the fundamentals. Do refer the resources mentioned above.

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