Interview with Young Entrepreneur Vishal Sonwane: Sharing his Success Secrets

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As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have young Entrepreneur Vishal Sonwane, Founder & Director of Erobern Events who will be sharing successful journey being an entrepreneur. His area of expertise is event management, public relations, social media marketing & planning business strategies. He is very skilled entrepreneur by his dedicated nature. 

Interview with Young Entrepreneur Vishal Sonwane
First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. My readers and I are very pretty glad to have you. Please tell us about yourself and your educational background ?

Hi. I’m Vishal Sonawane, 21, Founder & Managing Director of Erobern Events. On my way to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Dyestuff Technology from ICT, Mumbai (Formerly known as UDCT).
Have planned to take up sports management after engineering to be in touch with my passion- Cricket.This way or another, i need cricket..

What is the reason behind your success? Who introduce you to entrepreneurship?

I credit whatever success we have had so far to the early start, Erobern Events’ early seeds were sowed when I was still in school, in 7th standard to be precise!

How did you make your first online income? How much time did it take to make money online?

We got the official documentation and launched our Facebook page ( in May 2011. After which we worked on few private parties and corporate events where we pocketedour first few profits.

How many startups you have right now at your end?

Apart from my own, I’m actively involved in three more startups in various capabilities.

How do you share your success with your friends? What you suggest them about entrepreneurship?

We were very keen to have only friends working alongside us from the very start itself. Most people aren’t comfortable working with friends because there can’t be a boss-employee thing but we saw it the other way. We were of the opinion that there is always a level of responsibility while working with people you already know!

I’m very fortunate to have peers who have always supported me in my endeavors. Many of them are fascinated by the thought of starting something all by themselves and I never shy away from giving my inputs whenever asked for.

What are the risks involved in entrepreneurship. Please tell us ?

Starting up something on your own is the first risk. You need a good R&D and market survey to get a rough idea about the feasibility and practicality of the idea. Also you need an encouraging environment within the family and with friends to foster the entrepreneurship spirit.

On a personal level, I found getting over excited on small good things happening, the biggest risk. Over the years, I have learnt to tone down the natural excitement level and keep things on a practical wavelength.

Who is your mentor in entrepreneurship? Please tell us about him/her?

I consider Mr. Sanket Bhatt as my mentor/guide in entrepreneurship. He started out at an age of 15 and now leads MokshWrts and Dhinchak Media Pvt. Ltd.
I first met him while I was working for a college event, as our talks and discussions increased, I got exposed to the various fascinations as well as all the nuisances of the industry.

What are the most important factors that cause small business failure?

Most of the small business failed on the R&D and market survey. Further, getting easily discouraged and disheartened from the initial failures is a primary reason. I feel one learns more in failures. Hence I prefer reading failure stories to the success ones. Also, having a mentor/guide and a team who is equally committed to the idea is critical.

How long does it take a new business to establish a good public image?

It entirely depends on the sector of the business and the novelty involved. Maintaining a good public image is the key after establishing one!

What form of business do you recommend for a new business?

I always suggest checking on the two things before you start thinking on any business idea. First is your commitment to the idea and the intricacies that will come along and second is the need for that business in the market, basically to judge the sustainability of the idea.

How do you manage your time in a day? Please give us detail about your daily routine.

I keep it very simple when it comes to managing time to juggle between all the things on my plate currently. If anything needs to be done urgently, then only I do it. This has worked for me so far, touchwood!

On a normal weekday, college, college team cricket practice and some academic assignments keeps me occupied. I get to Erobern Events work after dinner. Weekends are totally dedicated to Erobern Events, meetings, family etc.

What is the main motive behind your entrepreneurship?

I am a kind of a person who looks to create opportunities rather have them presented to me. Also the want of being independent gave rise to the entrepreneur in me.

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The sheer number of posts and updates and the quality you maintain amazes me. I would love smaller sized Ads.

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