Is Your Business Growing? Replace Excel With Specialized Software!

Years ago, there were pessimistic statistics claiming that 90 percent of start-ups went bankrupt by age three. It seems like new businesses are launched every day, yet they also frequently close their doors.

There comes a point when expansion necessitates new investments, new workers, and many other new things for those who are able to fight and maintain the daily battle.

You are aware that your business is expanding. Still, you have not yet switched from Google Spreadsheet or Excel to a suitable piece of specialized software that will significantly change the way you and your company operate. Trust us.

No matter the size of your company or the sector you operate in, managing both present and future clients effectively is crucial.

If you still keep track of customer interactions with simple spreadsheets, folders, paper copies, or even emails, you’re not only losing time and effort but also missing out on a chance to boost your profitability.

In case you are still unconvinced that there is a better approach, here are some indicators that it’s time to spend money on CRM software.


Your Data Is Erroneous And Poorly Organized

How do you interact with a customer? What actions are necessary? Check your Excel spreadsheets, open a folder on your computer, or get a physical folder? What if this important information was written on a sticky note?

This is undoubtedly quite entertaining. Clear the clutter in order to arrange your info properly. If all of this crucial information is not kept in one place, it might easily be lost, along with the chance to close a contract with this potential client.

With a tidy CRMCRM, everything is easily accessible with a mouse click.

When it comes to the correctness of the data, manual data input might be disastrous. Whether we like it or not, being human implies that we are all prone to making mistakes.

These errors are frequently quite expensive, especially for small businesses. Spreadsheet-based workflow management, whether using Excel or Google Sheets, is less reliable than current software alternatives.

With specialist CRM software, you can avoid unintentional mistakes, erasures or overwrite, multiple entries, and formula issues—all of which may seriously harm a company’s daily operations.

You Cannot Keep All Your Leads (potential customers)

How come you haven’t already moved to specialist software if you are fortunate enough to have a number of potential clients but are finding it difficult to maintain the information effectively?

Smart CRM can take care of all this work for you by automating sorting and prioritization in addition to quick and simple tracking, allowing your sales staff to maximize their efficiency.

Customer Support Is Not Performing Well

It’s challenging enough to attract new clients. But keeping them is even more difficult. Service should be your main concern since keeping current clients is considerably more cost-effective than continually pursuing new leads.

Unfortunately, things can easily go wrong without specialist software, which will make your consumers less happy. CRM avoids this by ensuring that you always have access to everything you need to surpass the expectations of those you deal with.

Your Team Wastes Their Time

The efficiency of your company’s sales team depends on whether they use their time and energy effectively. They may be very busy. If your sales personnel:

  • Spend hours browsing endlessly
  • Look for particular records
  • Мanually insert data and reformat the rows and columns
  • Try to avoid duplicating handwritten data.
  • If all of these concerns are real, their output is not at its peak.

Now picture a situation where people could easily locate anything they require, without any errors or duplication of effort.

Then, they might concentrate their efforts and skills on other, more crucial tasks, like building connections and converting prospective clients into actual paying ones.

Final Words

With the aid of an effective CRM system, you can quickly and simply compile all the data you want and arrange it any way you see fit. Complex reports may be created with only a few mouse clicks, reducing time and boosting employee productivity.

Using specialized software, you may have access to all the data you want while being assured that it is correct and up-to-date, allowing you to properly forecast, plan, and plan the company’s future demands. In the long run, this will guarantee steady and sustained growth.

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