JITBIT HelpDesk Review 2023 | Best Help Desk Software For You?

JITBIT HelpDesk Review

 JITBIT HelpDesk Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?

About Jitbit Review

Jitbit helpdesk a help desk ticketing system, allowing users to manage and track their incoming emails regarding support requests. It comes with pre-installed essential tools; you only have to provide your top-class customer support, offering a void fuss user experience.

This helpdesk system can be used by any firm or organization irrespective of whether they are a small business or large and freelancing businesses or by any new startups.

 JITBIT HelpDesk Review - Jitbit

Above all of these essential features, this tool can also be tailored based on their branding. Moreover, this system is also geared up with a powerful REST API, i.e., our helpdesk system can be easily integrated with other external applications without compromising in working with the company’s existing emails and active directory.

JITBIT HELPDESK: Features And Specification

Jitbit takes privacy concerns too seriously and secures your stored data with SSL encryption.  It also uses two-line javascript and places users’ support in the widget on the website. Moreover, it also gives unlimited features like unlimited agent support, limitless attachment size, endless customizations, asset management, automation rule, and mobile-based apps.

Jitbit - Mobile Helpdesk

It comes with a self personalization feature i.e., you can customize your logo designs, changing colors, etc. time updating to the latest version, API authentication for web-based applications, and offers zero-delay setup and multilingual support. Without compromising in the quality work, it comes at the cheapest pricing plans compared to other similar tools.


  • Real-time and zero delay updates
  • Supports unlimited file attachment
  • Data and knowledge-based interface
  • 24/7 customer support and request tagging
  • Error reporting options
  • Accessible from mobile 
  • Automated help desk support
  • Multilingual help and support
  • End to end encrypted(Secured) web-based interface
  • SSL encryption
  • Dual-path email integration
  • Quick responses


  • simplifies help desk task
  • improved customer services
  • streamlined ticket management
  • reporting tools
  • seamless integrations
  • customization options
  • multiple language support

Jitbit Simplifies Helpdesk Tasks:

Jitbit helpdesk is so user friendly that even low technological knowledge users can operate it efficiently. Everyone can easily get it. Usage of the tool is very smooth and easy, like accessing ticket management to the self-service portal. Moreover, the latest version update makes it’s visual faster and makes administrator pages efficient from time to time.

Jitbit -Desk Automation

Apart from these features, our system sores the top in the name of security. Users can also sign in their account through Google, windows authentication system, and other authentication service providers.

  • Improved customer service:

To solve users’ issues and queries, we use an automation feature to reach you out, where users can go through FAQs to solve.   Our system also gives an auto-response, which eliminates the need for the workforce and saves time by addressing common issues and scenarios.  Our technology and quick response make you realize that we are 24/7 available for you. 

Jitbit -Team Box

  • Streamlined ticket management:

Users can get time to time status of new as well as ongoing tickets. The personal customization feature makes it more comfortable now. You can check the status in a grid view. Moreover, it can help you track tickets and contact management by integrating the platform with the company’s real-time directory and emails.

Jitbit -KnowledgeBase

  • Reporting tools:

Reporting tools help the user to monitor and analyze the team performance. Users can quickly get insights of many different issues in the organization with the help of inbuilt analytical reports.  And users can build their stories quickly with self customization features.

Jitbit -Idea Forum

  • Seamless integrations:

With the help of a Jitbit helpdesk system, you can easily integrate with different external applications, including management systems, CRM project tools, etc. you can smoothly connect with any other business application with the help of powerful REST API.

Jitbit -Integrations

  • Customization and personalization options:

You can personally customize the interface by adding your logo, changing interface color, applying branding to the software, etc.  A wide range of customization options makes it more comfortable to use.

  • Multi-language support:

It supports majorly used languages like English, French, Danish, Czech, Arabic, Dutch, Indonesian, Danish, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish.

Integrations By Jitbit Helpdesk 

Jitbit helpdesk offers various integrations through the vendors. Currently it offering the following integrations: trello ,online visual studio, gitlab , high-rise ,outlook ,azure active directory,bitbucket,zapier,jira,harvest,slack,asana,hipchat,exchange,github,dropbox,google drive,TFS/azure DevOps.

PROS of Jitbit Helpdesk

  • The Jitbit bit hosted version is so smooth and can go up and starts working within seconds.
  • Unlimited technical support for users by our customer support system.
  • Jitbit offers binary options in customer support solutions for both on-premises and software as a development model.
  • Our helpdesk system can run in both mobile OS i.e., android and iOS.
  • The Jitbit helpdesk offers dual way email integration support.

Cons of Jitbit Helpdesk

  • The unlimited agent and storage space feature is only available for those users who subscribe to the plans and packages.
  • It does not provide integration support on social media like other similar tools.

Jitbit Helpdesk Competitors

Zendesk and h2desk are the other similar tools that provide the same service as jitbit. Zendesk comes with google analytics support, portal language option, salesforce integration support, and multi-channel support features. But this software does not offer a live chat system. 

One more popular help desk system Zoho also works the same but with features like the dashboard, ticket management, customer portal, self-service, and notifications. But a significant drawback is it does not offer dedicated mobile apps like jitbit. 

Jitbit HelpDesk Pricing  

The essential cost of license starting from $24/month/user. Jit bit has received a total cost of ownership (TCO) rating of 3.4/10 by the experts at ITQlick.

Jitbit - pricing Plan

Description of Jitbit Helpdesk: it is straightforward to use the software at an affordable ticketing solution. The basic features, pros, and cons, working structure, have already been discussed above in detail. 

Testimonials About JITBIT HelpDesk

Jitbit -Testimonials

FAQs – JITBIT HelpDesk 

How much does a Jitbit charge from users?

It consists of 4 plans namely – small @ 86328 INR (onetime), Company @136728 INR (onetime), Enterprise @ 230328 INR (onetime), SaaS (Hosted) @ 1728 INR (Agent/month)

Who can use a Jitbit Helpdesk?

JitBit Helpdesk a very helpful tool for users like startups, SMEs, agencies.

Jitbit supports which OS?

Jitbit Helpdesk successfully works on both Android and iOS.

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Conclusion: JITBIT HelpDesk Review 2023

JITBIT is a straightforward software that offers an affordable ticketing solution. The basic features, pros, and cons, working structure, have already been discussed above in detail. Thus, we know that Jitbit HelpDesk is one of the promising helpdesk ticketing systems.

The helpdesk provides both on-premises and SaaS subscription installation. It has everything you expect from a helpdesk from email ticketing to live chat and knowledge base to file attachments. It is a powerful automation engine that executes predefined workflows for you.

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