JustControl.it Review 2023: Get Grow Your Digital Marketing(9 Stars)

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In this technical era, everything is digital and automated. Digital marketing plays a vital role in creating a company’s success in the competitive world of business. Let me give you a brief overview of JustControl.it, an exemplary solution.

JustControl.it helps you to improve and refine the marketing techniques of your company. This software provides you with full control over your marketing strategies and ideas such as advertisement expenditure, analyses campaign performance through various social and ad platforms, and also updates you regularly with digital reports.

Bottom Line Upfront: JustControl.it does automatic data reconciliation across various sources and destinations, flagging missing or inconsistent information. You can get accurate and reliable statistics at any moment of the past or present! That is what makes it worth a try. Start using JustControl.it to get better results.

It is a perfect solution that focuses on digital marketing through data analysis and management and provides proper statistics from various references in a single interface. 

In this article, I will describe the JustControl.it software in detail, complete with features, pros and cons, and even some alternatives, so that you too can avail of the benefits that the platform has to offer.

About JustControl.it Reviews: In A Nutshell

To say marketing is a step involved in a business would be an understatement. It is the backbone of the business, as I say, and that is what helps you in growing your dream. Thus, it is very important to get to know what software would help your company’s marketing department in the long run. 

JustControl.it helps businesses in handling all their marketing and investment strategies in the advertisement, gaining all the recent data reports virtually, and elevating the business performance on a broad spectrum of channels. It is one of those platforms that provides its customers with the option of a customizable dashboard filled with uniquely operable widgets, graphs, charts, tables, etc. 

JustControl-it - Digital Marketing

The highly customized ETL engine along with growing automation capabilities has been a strong supporter in building the system architecture which will coherently help your business to map out the data from various sources based on a single interface. Now without bragging about it, I’d rather walk you through exactly what JustControl.it can offer you. 

Why Use This Software? 

Well, to your curiosity, the main objective of this software provider is to automate data collection and initiate and build extraordinary solutions for all your marketing analytics as well as providing automation to your data. JustControl.it is potentially built to help you out in having unlimited access along with quick connection of a new data source, on-demand.

How Can It Help? 

As we all know, the market is constantly evolving with new technologies in hand, so is the need to be always up to date. When I first heard of JustControl.it, I wasn’t really sure about how it was any different from its substitutes but when I got on with it, I realized this software provider is just what my business needed for its growth. As a business on whole, we come across a variety of networks that leave us overwhelmed. 

This is where JustControl.it comes to your rescue. For me, it is a safe place to trust your data, since there have been no discrepancies observed. 

JustControl.it Features

JustControl-it - Features

  • Controls advertising or promotional expenditure- JustControl.it software helps you to control the expenditure of money to be spent on promotional activities on digital platforms.

JustControl-it -Routin Work

  • Analyze campaign proficiency- The software will keep a regular update on the working of the team.  JustControl.it tracks the performance of the marketing campaign.JustControl-it - Increase Your Data Customization available- This feature allows you to customize the reports according to your needs, including customized complex metrics.
  • API support- With this feature, Justcontrol.it software provides you with an option of displaying, visualizing and analyzing the data, collected and transformed by JustControl.it, in your own BI system. JustControl-it - Business MetricsTechnical support- If you get any problem related to the solution or you get confused about what different features it offers, then you can message the customer service care. Your problem will be solved.
  • Affordable with a feasible payment model- The software is economical and offers you a feasible payment mode. No intermediate cost is demanded.
  • Secure- JustControl.it understands the importance of data and thus provides you with a completely secure system. Every client is provided with a protected and self-sufficient environment.

How JustControl.it Works

So how would all those customizations and social and ad platforms data collections be working for you, you say? How would they provide you with full control over your own marketing strategies? A couple of examples with boring yet quick explanations are here, just to demonstrate the LEGO-ish level of this software’s customization.

For better understanding of its potential, our first marketing report example would be of the basic ones. In the screenshot below we have a diagram of data processing and transformation flow that gives out data for it, each node represents a data transformation or processing component:

  • three data inputs (1)
  • data mapper, extractor and aggregator (2) used to obtain more data from a couple of data fields and display that data properly on the dashboard
  • custom metric calculation (3)
  • conditional switching and tagging that depend on the calculated metric’s value (4)
  • data output (5)

Other nodes are the technical ones.

Justcontrol Review Feature (1)

The report’s dashboard is shown below. List of breakdowns is based on those provided by data sources and required for the report’s purposes. Among the other columns, “CTR %”, “CTI %” and “Spend” are the custom metrics calculated within the data flow above.

Justcontrol Review Feature (3)

And this is another example of a data flow diagram, the one for a more complicated marketing report. In short, mainly there are:

JustControl-it - Add Factory

  • two data inputs (1) with a whole lot of input data for one of them
  • individual mappers and extractors (2) that obtain data from strictly specified placements
  • mapping and extracting cycles (3) that ensure obtaining the required data no matter where it is 
  • couple of custom metrics (4) to calculate required figures for the report
  • data output (5)

Other nodes would be the few aggregators that allow dashboard views by required breakdowns and various purely technical nodes to optimize the data transformation process.

Justcontrol Review Feature (2)

Using all those nodes in different combinations and forming cycles, various data transforming scenarios can be easily built to turn raw data, received from data sources, into one good report – always full, up to date and available.

JustControl.it Pros and Cons

JustControl.it Pros

  • The best part of JustControl.it is the flexibility that comes with it, including custom-made metrics and scenarios.
  • JustControl.it eliminates all the incorrect statistics and helps in maintaining the substantiality of the acquired information which means any kind of business data gathered from various sources is firmly stored and utilized accordingly. 
  • JustControl.it offers a customizable dashboard. 
  • There is no hidden cost that will come between you and your work.
  • Helps in superfast amalgamation and merging of multiple accounts (if the user has any) and forms a single report for further analysis.  
  • All marketing and analytics tools are brought in one place, you are free from the frustration of opening too many spreadsheets and endless browser tabs. 
  • On a whole, JustControl.it team’s best advantage is that they can open up to a rough count of 30 data sources which can immediately be associated with the customers.
  • To get things done, no need to have a development team on board, the support team of JustControl.it is always there to make things easier for you. You will need qualified development expertise only when things come under practice until then, you are good to go. 

JustControl.it Cons

  • JustControl.it has an interface that may look complicated at first sight, which may   make it difficult to use at times. 
  • Although it has so many features, the advertising market has many other counterparts that also have advanced functionalities. 
  • Its visualization capabilities still have some room for improvement.  
  • So far, there have been no public webinars and not enough documentation available.

JustControl.it Pricing | How Much Does JustControl.it Cost? 

Knowing all about the software now, you might be wondering what would be the cost to get on with it and to quench your curiosity, JustControl.it allows you to hop on for free and get a view of it to decide whether or not it is suitable for your enterprise. The only payment plan available is a monthly one. This software gives you a one-time license on subscriptions.

Free Trial: Yes

Basic Plan: it starts at $500 ( Per Customer/month). More sophisticated plans are negotiated on an individual basis.  


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  • Adverity 
  • Funnel.io 
  • Supermetrics

JustControl.it Review: Testimonials

JustControl-it - Testimonials

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FAQs On JustControl.it Features & Reviews

👉Can a Non-profit organization use JustControl.it for its marketing?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if your organization is on a small scale or large scale, whether it is a public administration or otherwise, this software is all for you to use.

👉Is it possible to obtain data reports daily?

Well, this is what JustControl.it is popular for. You can set your own scheduled automated reporting to be sent as per your timings.

Conclusion: JustControl.it Review 2023

All I will conclude here is,JustControl.it is what every enterprise needs for their marketing analytics. While most of the time, businesses are stuck up to build development teams to carry on the functionalities but JustControl.it has a free flow of solutions that need no development teams to maintain their activities.

You will need a qualified team only when things come under practice, but the support team will always be on your side to keep things going. 

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