Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review 2023: Is It Worth It Or Not ?

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  • Best PPC marketing hacks
  • Guidance on what does it takes to win in Amazon
  • World class product listing guide
  • Foolproof way to vet and communicate with suppliers
  • Learn how to identify home run products that sells fast
  • Get access to best Amazon software to cut hundreds of hours of research
  • Over 4,000+ Students Enrolled


  • Expensive for newbies
  • Better pricing plans for everyone needed

Price:$ 997

Are you planning to opt for the Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Course? It is recommended to know the ins and outs of this course if you are looking to start a business online with Amazon. Opting for the Amazon FBA Ninja course means that you are planning to build an online eCommerce store.

Hence, it is integral to know the cumbersome pressure of handling stocks and product delivery. This course review will give you a brief of what are the things that you will have to go through. Amazon FBA is a service by Amazon, which is known as Fulfilment by Amazon.

This implies that you can partner with the eCommerce giant through a third-party platform and become a seller. With the help of this service, you can store the required inventory in Amazon’s warehouse. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about shipping and storing inventory as well. You can make extra money through this additional stream of service.

However, you should not just conclude to start with this service and achieve success. You need to first learn about the concept and what are the things that you should consider in your journey. Amazon FBA Ninja course is by someone who has achieved great success from online marketing and eCommerce.

This Amazon FBA Ninja review will help you dive into what all is contained in the course at large.


Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review 2023 |

In-Depth Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review

This course is a training program created for people of all levels. Valuable information is contained in the entire course that dominates useful aspects of your business. A very comprehensive course that can help any newbie establish an online store and have it successfully running. The elements covered in this course include product research, finding suppliers, email marketing, selecting the right plans, opening an account, generating relevant traffic, etc. Several tools and pre-checks are also discussed that will help you launch your products.

Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review- Amazon FBA

A total of 8 modules are contained in the course with a plethora of videos in each section. Also, three videos were provided as a bonus at the end.

The creator of Amazon FBA Ninja course

Kevin David has created this course for people of all age groups who can have their online store up and running. He is from the west coast in Eugene, Oregon. He was interested in soccer from a very young age, and he had lessons of dedication and hard work ingrained in him from a young age.

Amazone FBA Course

Kevin has worked for companies from various sectors and has worked in the field of accounting to create gaming applications or merely writing blog articles. It was his working experience because of which he learned ways to generate money through Google Ads and Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon fba course by kevin david

Today, Kevin has several online courses, where he teaches people how to get successful by earning money online.

Amazon FBA Ninja course: Its breakdown

Module 1: Laying the foundation of product research and its selection

Research is integral to any business. You have to go through several things and research varied aspects of any business. You cannot just think about something and start selling it without adequate research. By doing so, you will fail ultimately. It is crucial to do intense research, study about the market, know your competitors, several opportunities available in your niche, and much more. Learn how you can market your products online.

Several things are discussed in this market that you should consider and be familiar with while picking a product. Tools that will help to optimize your online store are also discussed. The creation of bundles of best selling products is a technique used that will help you compete against best-sellers competitors. Tutorials of advanced product research techniques are also contained.

Watch a walkthrough by Kevin, where he does an entire product selection process to gauge better.

Module 2: Know about suppliers and shipping

This module is divided into three parts; each part explains a distinct aspect.

In this module, you will discover finding the best suppliers for your products who have less shipping terms and cheap potential. The entire process of finding a suitable buyer is explained, along with that, the ways of creating a long-lasting and amicable relationship with them are also discussed. This module is pretty beneficial for people who are looking for bulk shipments and want to know the costs involved and its complete procedure.

The first parts contain facets that you should know before you reach out to a supplier. Two pdfs of different templates are included in the course. These will guide you to begin communication with varied overseas suppliers. The conversation, in the beginning, is standard, and many alterations are not needed.

Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review- courses

Part two contains steps of finding world-class buyers and the best shipping company. The shipping process is established to transfer products from the manufacturer to Amazon’s warehouse.

Usage of different filters to find the best supplier. Then the negotiation process is discussed how you should negotiate with a supplier to get curtailed rates for the first time when you are ordering. The setting up of shipment is explained to help transfer products directly from the overseas supplier to the warehouse. The last part is the third part of module 2, and in this part, the importance of having a third party inspect the shipment is explained.

Customizing the inspection procedure is also crucial for various products. Evaluation of product suppliers is necessary, and you should try to find out some manufacturers who produce unique products. Remember to keep looking for the next products that you can offer and also contact different stores around you.

Module 3: Listing and Ranking your product and optimizing the website

This module teaches everything that you, as a seller, should list your products, make them rank, and optimize your website. Keyword research is also shown, where you will learn to find keywords that your competitors are using. Keyword usage is discussed, along with ranking optimization.

PPC is not discussed in this module; rather, it contains steps to make your website ready to rank organically. You will learn steps to make your website rank organically and get organic traffic from Google. The module is further divided into three parts to help you gauge better.

The first part will take you down through the process of creating a listing and the things you should know before you start with it. Other benefits of having a registered brand are discussed. In the second part, the formatting of listings is taught. Usage of keywords is explained and how it serves the benefits of getting high organic ranking on google. A complete overview is contained that will help you create a highly optimized listing from scratch.

The third part is all about keeping hijackers away from your listing. You will have to deal with the hijackers and also take care of your stock so that it doesn’t run out. Restoring tips are also explained and how you can rank again after the stock arrives. You can know about a hijacked listing with the help of some interpretive signs, so you can ensure that they are all good.

Module 4: Product launch Strategy

This module will take its viewers through the tour of the product launch procedure. This is done to ensure that you launch your products in just the right way. Learn to launch your products and enhance sales by working the least on it. You will also know how to come up with keywords that will improve your sales by making your listing rank organically.

Facebook Ads, utilizing ClickFunnels to develop landing pages, and boosting product visibility are some of the aspects discussed along. The module is divided into two major parts to gauge better.

Amazon marketing services are emphasized in this module.

A few things discussed in this course are:

  • Faults that should be avoided while running programs of product giveaways.
  • Use of pricing tools to ensure that the price set is appropriate.
  • The concept of Ginormous Gap.
  • Customer Email collection and how to stand out of the competition using Ebooks.
  • Advertising the products just the right way among the top best sellers.

Remember, more sales are not experienced by the defensive but by those who pay more attention.

Module 5: Reviews and Email follow-ups

Despite being the shortest module, it covers the most critical aspect that largely determines your ranking. Different topics covered in this module include:

Amazon FBA Course Review

  • By using an email follow up service for your customers, you can get more reviews than expected.
  • Terms and Conditions laid down by Amazon relating to promotions and reviews.
  • Increasing product reviews by using the FB review groups.

You can work on getting more reviews for your product listing on Amazon.

Module 7: About AMS and PPC

Learn to outbid your competitors by using some great PPC tricks and tactics. You will also grasp the knowledge of finding and using long-tail keywords that are relevant to your products. PPC advertising is also crucial to surviving online marketing. With its help, you can run a successful online store and Amazon business. Learn the use of PPC for your Amazon products and get to know everything from essential to advanced levels.

The module is divided into three parts:

In the first part, Amazon Marketing Services are covered in detail, along with varied promotions used to achieve different objectives. In the second part, he shares his PPC cheat sheet, walkthroughs, and keyword processes. The optimization procedures are beneficial for newbies so that they know what they are doing. You can start researching terms for your product to make it rank organically in SERPs. Be a pro in using PPC tools.

Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Besides PPC, Facebook is also an integral platform for marketing products and services of all kinds. Through Facebook, you can target a specific group of audiences with particular interests from one particular demographic. This module will share Facebook marketing tips through which you can make your target audience aware of your products.

You will also learn how to create a targeted audience on Facebook and Instagram. The module is divided into three different parts. In the first part, tips are shared to help you build your product following on Facebook and Instagram. Learn to create Facebook groups that are highly targeted and related to your business. In the second part, you will learn driving increased traffic to your product listing on Amazon.

Know how to sell your products on Facebook by tapping just the right audience and utilizing ClickFunnels to explode sales. In the third part, other marketing tools are discussed that have helped several marketers achieve great success. Lessons of automation and scaling are also added that are quite handy and a lot helpful.

Module 8: Selling Hacks

This module focuses on some little aspects that help supercharge your productivity. Tips to increase the performance of your online store are also shared. A tour to several different successful Amazon sellers is included along with so that the viewers will know other essential aspects.

The first part consists of seller central hacks to ensure that hackers do not take the seller account. Free headline ads provided to boost organic ranking. Using a specific version of the URL that helps in the improvement of rank. Removal of negative feedback, if any, in any of your products. Importance of cross-listing products on eBay in less time consumed. Ways to retrieve your money that Amazon owes you. This module is all about sharing several optimization hacks that are a lot helpful.

An excellent course is provided on the Amazon FBA Ninja business model. This course has everything that you will need to start your business. It teaches newbies everything from scratch, so it is fine even if you don’t know anything. Do due diligence on the business model that you are planning to invest in. The course is worth the investment made if you are interested in the business model Amazon is offering.

Pros and cons of Amazon FBA Ninja Course

Amazon FBA ninja course review


  • A wide array of tutorials right from the basics of eCommerce and several advertising tactics that will help you run a successful online business.
  • Become a member of a closed FB group where you will meet all like-minded people and receive empathetic support.
  • The creator has a healthy online appearance, which depicts how knowledgeable he is in the field.
  • The creator has several online YouTube videos on business tips and tactics. Viewers can easily access them all.
  • In-depth details of the program are explained expertly, along with personal coaching and guidance.


  • Getting refunds is quite tricky.
  • The course requires a lot of studying, and it takes a great effort to establish and run your business.
  • Your success is proportional to your efforts, and the quality of training doesn’t have to do anything about it.

Amazon FBA Ninja Course Reviews & Testimonials

Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review- Testimonials

FAQs Of Amazon FBA Ninja Course

👉🏻Can Amazon individuals use FBA?

Yes, Amazon FBA is used by individual sellers as well. Get the most out of the Amazon FBA setup even if you want just to sell 40 items per month.

👉🏻Do I need a business license to sell on Amazon FBA?

No, there is no requirement of a specific business license to sell products on Amazon. FBA doesn’t require a business license, but according to the city’s rules, you may have to get one. The state may also need a Sales Tax permit or a reseller license.

👉🏻How much does Amazon FBA cost?

The monthly subscription plan is available for professional sellers, and it is beneficial as compared to paying a fee for every product sold. The subscription fee is also deducted from your Amazon account balance.

👉🏻Is FBA profitable?

Yes, it is profitable to build an online business through Amazon FBA. However, setting a successful business is not possible in a day or two. With time, sheer dedication, and just the right effort, you will achieve success. A pro tip, if you want to start a business by playing safe, try selling books on Amazon first and then eventually expand your product listing.

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Final Thoughts: Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review 2023

Kevin David is himself an Amazon seller, and this is one of the reasons why he can explain things so much in detail. He also has a significant number of followers on Facebook and YouTube, which depicts the right material needed. However, I found only one drawback in the course: the hacks used in the class are back from 2017. Many might have a question in their mind, whether they are still going to work in today’s market.

Well, I don’t have an answer to the question, but you can explore the tools yourself to discover things based on the suggestions provided. Amazon FBA Ninja program has the possibility of scaling revenue to a great extent. His PPC hacks are all great as well since he is a guru in this field. Get ready for the long hours of training and dwell yourself entirely in the course to reap maximum benefits.

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