Did You Know These Secrets to Create Killer Content for Your Blog?

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Creating new and engrossing content is a challenge faced daily by inbound marketers. At the same time you cannot push yourself too much, as then the desired result through the content gets affected. Instead have a clear picture as to who your target audiences are? Be familiar with their ongoing changing demands. To make it easy, take note of three quick ‘to dos’ which can actually act as a secret recipe to a killing content.

Killer Content for Your Blog

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Be clear

When you start writing, take care that the title, subheading or label should highlight your subject. Within seconds readers must comprehend what message your content is imparting. You are not writing a mystery novel, so let your readers know what you are providing them. If they are interested they will stick to your article and they shall be your true visitors.

Be concise 

Precise and crisp article will make the mark. If you are describing a product, minimalist approach works well. Talk about the USPs and other attention grabbing features. An honest and tight content has the edge above others. Beating around the bush does not help.

Be compelling 

Give that ‘commanding attention’ approach to your article. You understand your customer, so you know what to offer them. For example, If you are writing for a ‘tech crazy’ then the new apple gadget on the plate will compell technology lovers to read your article. Provide your audience with their elective contents and you are bound to grab their attention.

Now let us go into a deeper analysis of how to generate killer contents.

1) Demographic segmentation

Find out your ideal customers. Where will you find them? Either in social networking sites, search engines or blogs? What type of content are they looking out for?  This is what we call buyer persona research. Look into your existing customer base to identify the highest buyers of your products or services. Categorise your variety of buyers. Insert their detailed description in respective categories.

For example, if you are selling online kids’ garments then keep a track of your common customers. Track their geographic locations, income brackets , variety of choice and other accountable details. This is called developing buyer persona.

2) Recognise customer’s needs

Once you have developed the buyer persona, concentrate on the trait of their demands. If your clients are a set of SMEs then find out their ultimate requirements. Follow your customer’s choice over a period of time. Try and discover their weakness over any particular product.

Observe the factors which influence their buying trends. Once you have procured a platform where these vital attributes of customers are in place, you are halfway through your cutting edge content. That is because the moment customer’s demand psychology and impulses are in your thought process, you can easily pen down the much awaited content.

3) Profile based research

Knowledge of customer base and demand is essential. Along with that get a hang of their online behaviour.

  • Watch out which social networking site do they venture? Facebook, twitter, google plus or others?
  • What types of information are they seeking for, educational, financial or trend articles?
  • As for your product, which are in the crescent of demand and how are they benefitted by those?

If you are adept with your knowledge of buyer persona and their online behaviour then you are on the full circle mark of client exploration.

The idea behind this extensive research is to largely understand buyer persona which will in turn trigger opportunity to write above edge killer content.

I am still on the hunt to discover new ideas which can further generate outstanding contents. But whatever little I have shared, I believe will work excessively well. It is all about hard research, smart thinking and target oriented write ups. A confluence of these three aspects can create the remarkable.

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Jitendra Vaswani

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4 thoughts on “Did You Know These Secrets to Create Killer Content for Your Blog?”

  1. Hi Jitendra,

    The clarity note is perfect. Get clear to attract readers here. Develop a vision for your audience. I see people living the internet lifestyle, who need my money making tips. Knowing this, I create the content they need because my audience is in mind each time I write a post.

    Thanks dude great stuff!

  2. Hi Jitendra,

    You very well managed to list down some good ideas to create good content for blogs. Always, content had been the king, when it came to blogging. it still remains so. So, tending to content is the best thing that we bloggers can do. And I must admit that the methods and wisdom you shared here will sure come handy in this endeavor.

    Among the suggestions put forward by you, the one that appealed to me the most is the ‘concise’ part. Yes, I also do believe in that principle- ‘keep it concise’ and to the point. No beating around the bush, no irrelevant facts, no useless stuff, just the meaningful stuff! 🙂

    And among the deeper analysis methods, it is #2, knowing the needs of the customers that caught my attention. Agreed that the other aspects mentioned are also quite important. But this one got a special importance of its own, if you ask me.

    Good read it was! 🙂 I found link to this article on Kingged.


  3. Be clear… Be concise… Be compelling…

    On the first fleeting look, you will understand its meaning easily, however, it’s difficult to execute if you don’t fully understand your blogging purpose. If you want to go in depth, you will dig in its deeper meaning and purposes. The deeper analyses on how to generate killer content are tips and ideas that help a lot especially about the customer’s needs.

    I left this comment on kingged.com, the content curation website and blogging community.

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