Kontent Machine Review 2023: Scam or Legit? Should You Buy?

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Ease Of Use
Content Generator


  • Tool is really very fast
  • Best to generate articles for tier link building
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Integrates with many third-party tools
  • Easy to use user interface with many options
  • Link Building strategies with great options
  • Useful blueprints option


  • They don’t have any inbuilt proxy harvester

Kontent Machine: Best tool for spinning, Find out how this software can create unique content for your link building campaigns.Read Kontent Machine Review to know more about this content generator tool and get 40% monthly discount.

Price:$ 37

We all run out of words at times and find it hard to put together a piece of article. It is the bitter truth of our life as a blogger and we all have gone through this time and again.

In this post, we have featured Kontent Machine Review 2023, which includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, functionality and more..

This is where Kontent Machine V3 comes into action. It actually helps you n achieving this feat easily.

KONTENT MACHINE Super Fast Top Ranking Content Machine

This software is said to make your work easier by helping you in your work. But when you do so just keep in mind that you are actually rewriting the article so no matter how much you spun the content you won’t be able to get 100% unique content. It is the fact that we all have to accept.

But if you are using it for acquiring the backlinks then it is completely fine. Even when we know we cannot get unique content while scraping articles still the users of Kontent machine vouches about the quality of help they get from the software. So let’s dig in deeper to see how it works.

Bottom Line: Kontent Machine is a tool which helps you in creating relevant content to your keywords and builds various articles with pictures, contextual links and videos included at random. Grab a special discount on Kontent Machine today.

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How to Get Started With Kontent Machine?

In order to get started with this software, you have to enter the keywords that you are planning to use in your articles. Then the software will start working on its own scraping articles from more than one source and jumble it up. Now with the help of the spinner you can twist the article and come out with something which you will be able to use for campaigning that will provide you some good back linking.

Kontent Machine Review Best tools for spinning

When you are using software then there are chances that what you get is not exactly what you wanted. If you want to nail it with these articles then the best way to do that is by rewriting the articles manually. But we know you are using the software because you are running out of time, so no need to worry at all. Though you might not get a piece which is perfect, but it is good enough for your campaigning.

When you open the software you will come across 6 small icons which reads like tools, Blueprints, New, quick, saved and back. In order to get started with the spinning of the article, you have to start with a New icon and then go with the flow.

Here you can create a new campaign, open already saved one, do quick article scrapping, check campaign blueprint and see other tools (I am going to discuss them later in the article).

Step #1: Setting up Campaign

Kontent machine review tutorial

I did the settings as below

  1. Content source – Built-In Article Scrapper
  2. My campaign name – Blogging Campaign
  3. My main 3 keywords to find relevant content
  4. For which tier I am looking the content
  5. Which Spinner I am going to use (I am using The Best Spinner).
  6. Do I want images/video in the article?

Step #2: Campaign Settings

Kontent machine campaign settings

You can  choose the amount of variation which you want to do in your articles and decide other spinner options.

Step #3: Credentials

kontent machine review -build content

Kontent Machine has inbuilt ability to spin your content and produce different versions of the same content. So it can produce a number of articles as desire with KM.

4. Advanced

Kontent Machine 3 Review Proxies add

Here you can do setting for audio/video scrapping. This will help you to scrape relates images and video from various sources to give you a ready-made article.

#5. Contextual link setting

kontent machine build content final building

While producing the content, it will automatically add your anchor text with the given link on relevant places to make it look 100% genuine and human-readable.

Kontent Machine import Feature from GSA: 

# Import article in other tools

This is one of the top best features in the Kontent Machine. You can import content directly in your link building software and use it very easily. So it is just a click away.

Click on the Build and Export button.

I am personally using GSA Search Engine Ranker so I am going to produce content for that tool only.

kontent machine import

Some Amazing Extra Features with Kontent Machine

#1. Bookmark creator

Kontent Machine Review - 3 article getter

If you want to create bookmark for your submissions then this feature is going to create many for you. So create as many bookmarks as you need.

#2. Article Getter

kontentmachine bookmark features

If you are looking for new articles ideas, this tool will help you get new ideas  in just a click away. Isnt it a better solution.

This extra super advance feature will help you scrape content from various big article directories like Article Alley, Article Base, EzineArticle, Yahoo Voice and other big  directories.

Other Kontent Machine Features

You can try these features  on your own.

kontent machine other tools

Assisting various other tools

KontentMachine review

If you are already using tools for link building, then Kontent Machine will enhance the technique for better. It is like a helping hand for you which churn out contents whenever you want. There is no need to write on your own or pay someone for writing on your behalf instead, just make use of this software and solve your problem. There are several other things that it can do and they are –

Now when you have so many lucrative features stuffed into one software then why would anyone look for something else! When time is running out of your hands, then making use of Kontent machine will be the best thing to do.

It will spin the articles as per your keywords and if it doesn’t find suitable match for your keywords, then you can add in some more keywords and it will come up with content that will be good enough for your backlinks.

Competing with others


There are various others in the market, but Kontent machine makes it a point to come up with unique content. We all know unique and interesting content is the key to good ranking, but there are times when it is really hard to come up with something unique therefore Kontent Machine is the answer to all your queries. It will help you in achieving good amount of traffic and optimize your page which is required.

Apart from the competition, it also works hand in hand with several services as well. Amongst this, spinning tools are the ones that are used by Kontent Machine while trying to dish out unique content. With the help of spinning tools like Spin Chimp, The Best Spinner, Spinner Chief or the Spin Rewriter Kontent Machine ensures that it comes up with almost a unique content.

If you think you want to rewrite it manually, then that option is also made available by Kontent Machine. The main objective is to get the content as perfect as you can. So if you are not satisfied with what the software has provided then you can do it yourself.

Staying in the good books of Google

There are plenty of options where you can control over-optimization and getting penalized for that. Therefore, while adding links they have made available the options where you can restrict the number of image links, Anchor text links or naked URLs.

When you attach the percentage of how many times the keywords or anchor text must appear in your content, then it automatically curbs down the chances of over-optimization.

Getting into the bad books of Google is one frightful thing that nobody wants because it will spoil all the hard work that you are putting in. One mistake and you are back to square one so it is important that you do everything in moderation.


Lifetime – $217 (Price will increase after every 24 hours.. now you will see$217.. If you skip now, then $257 for next 24 hours.. and finally $297 for lifetime). Dont wait buy it now.

Monthly – $29 (Actual cost is $37/month)

Other tools I would recommend you to  buy:


This tool is really very fast and best to generate articles for tier link building. You can save your hard earn dollars by utilizing extra tools of this software.

I will personally recommend this tool to you if you are looking for an autopilot income solution. Don’t use this tool for your main sites, please. Always use these tools for your  PBN sites. Using on main sites can attract a penalty from Google.


They don’t have any inbuilt proxy harvester, so you will have to buy premium proxies to make it work smoothly.

It is not good enough for your original site which you want to rank high. Instead, it is good enough for getting backlinks, but in order to do that, you have to use the features wisely.

Conclusion: Kontent Machine Review 2023

You also have to make use of a good spinning tool so that you can get the best result. You can get this software for $37 monthly and there is also a lifetime offer that is priced at around $357.

If you want to sign up for your Kontent Machine Free Trial then you can start it here..

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    Please let me know how can we get lot of content for the sites developed if KM can be used only for link building ?

  2. Konetnt Machine 3 has come with more advanced features. This is really a great tool. Many people are suffering want of quality content. If they use this tool they can get top quality content.
    Excellent tool and your review also.

  3. This is something really good when we are running out of time.. Thanks for sharing Jitendra..!

  4. KontentMachine tool is very awesome product, KM helps me in generating unique content in just seconds, also it is user friendly. I have used this tool for one of my client website and I generated hell lot of traffic through KM. Client was satisfied with the use of this tool. Results were pretty good, client got over 20,000 visits in a day.

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