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Are you looking for a Keyword search engine which can give the most accurate results?

If yes, this is the post for you! KWFinder Review And Tutorial With Special Discount Coupon March 2023

KWFinder is a tool which helps you in finding long tail keywords with low SEO competition instantly. It’s one of those rare tools you find that just never closes in your browser. KWFinder is an amazing keyword research tool which pretty much simplifies the keyword research process in a way other tools just can’t manage to do. What separates this keyword tool is its strong focus on simplicity, keeping user experience at the heart of both design and functionality.

KWFinder was built specifically to help find those hidden gem keywords that you’d otherwise have no way of finding except for guessing. A quick search for a keyword can give you hundreds of low competition keywords that you can build content around.

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Kwfinder keywords

KWFinder is run by Mangools SEO tools which also owned SERP checker tool as well. Therefore, let us discuss what it offers to its valuable clients and does it have the potential to take its competitors. One of the key things I loved was that KW Finder has pretty impressive and clean interface, as it offers a one-click keyword difficulty score system as well as some unique research options rarely found in other keyword research tools.

It allows you to plug in a seed keyword to generate a list of related keyword suggestions, and even includes alternative research options to give you a different mix of results. You can trim down and manage your results with the filter options available, including specific modifiers and how competitive the keyword is.

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research on actual search terms that people enter into the search engines. It is an important skill for the content marketers & digital marketers. If keyword research not done in a proper way, you will not get the benefits from search engine traffic.

Kwfinder Review and Discount Coupon Code

A workaround would be to combine it with a tool like SEMRush. That way, you could find which keywords your competitors are searching and are ranking for, and plug those keywords into KWFinder for further analysis.

KWFinder helps you find low competition keywords. It does this by assigning every keyword a “Difficulty Score” between 0-100.

  • 0-9: Go for it
  • 10-19: Super easy
  • 20-29: Easy
  • 30-39: Not hard
  • 40-54: Possible
  • 55-74: Hard
  • 75-89: Super hard
  • 90-100: Don’t do it

The higher the score, the more difficult it’ll be to rank for the keyword. The metrics KWFinder uses to determine the SEO Difficulty score are:

The list below are the features you can enjoy as a free member:

  • Find long tail keywords instantly.
  • The user interface is simply superb.
  • No AdWords account needed.
  • Export and Import data in a few clicks.
  • Plus, you get keyword research options with autocomplete feature, any suggestions and any kind of questions.

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KWFinder Key Features

There are few advance features in KWFinder that help you find great keywords. You can just plug-in a seed word, hit search and get ideas. At the same time, the good thing about KWFinder is does not have a bunch of unnecessary features or things you will  never use.


KWFinder Review Features

When you sign up and go to do a search, you’ll see a dashboard that allows you to do three types of searches.

Suggestions: The “main” keyword search functionality that suggests keywords based on KWFinder’s algorithm.

Questions: Gives question-based keywords. Use this if you want to see what questions people have in regard to your target keyword. Answer these questions within your post to pull in some qualified traffic.

Auto-complete: Uses the auto-complete feature of different search engines and tools to find keywords. Plus, the different phrases people search that contain your keyword.

Kwfinder long tail keywords

KWFinder looks at all of this information, scores each page then it uses all those scores to determine the overall difficulty score for your searched keyword.


KWFinder Review Pricing Best Review

When results are too broad, or you just want to narrow down your results a bit. You can click on the Results Filter to change up your settings. Also, by the means of search volume, SEO difficulty, number of words and a ton of other settings, you can filter results too.

If you’re searching in or for different locations or languages, you can also change the location or language fields.

Advanced Filters:

Enables you with more options in order to find perfect and profitable keywords. Refer the image below.


Each keyword results in displaying SEO difficulty score, PPC, CPC, and a real-time graph which shows trending and popularity of that particular keyword phrase over time.


The Best part, this research tool is FREE, limited to 5 searches per day and 50 keywords per search which is worth enough while comparing other free research tools.

Keyword List

Organize all your keywords in a list so that you don’t face any problem while sorting your keywords. Moreover, these keywords list can be exported to your computer or to generate the report.
Also, you can anytime delete a specific keyword from the list or whole keyword list if it is unwanted. You can also edit them. Moreover, If you have some keywords in mind, you can create your list of keywords and import it to the KW finder to check for the keyword difficulty. Export the list or the metrics to share it with your client.



Displays Hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO competition which really helps for every bloggers and website analysts.

 The features are good, but what really matters is whether or not KWFinder can actually help you in your keyword research process.

SERP Analysis and SEO Metrics

Not just finding the keywords is important. What’s more important here is that the keywords should be able to give quick results. This is where SERP analysis tool works. With SERP tool, you can quickly research but your keyword and get to know more about your competitors’ keywords.
You can calculate your SERP analysis here but to get deeper insight to your keywords, you can use SERP checker which uses almost 49+ SEO metrics and social metrics.



The company that made KWFinder (Mangools) also has a tool called SERPChecker, which is where it pulls the SERP data from. You can open up the SERPChecker data for any of the keywords you’re looking up and see more data on the sites, plus a snapshot of the SERP.

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Checking for a powerful backlink is also essential if you want to rank higher than your competitors. Link Miner by mangools. The links are analysed by considering the various factors in mind such as Citation flow, trust flow, no follow links and other metrics.

Once you type in the domain or URL in the search box, the dashboard will show everything about the backlink such as the Citation flow, Trust flow, Ref. Domains. You can see each website with that backlink and look over the link strength of that link. You can also look over the location of the website by previewing it on the right hand side of the table.

Just hover over the blog and you will find the backlink highlighted. You can also check for the backlinks by filtering it with various categories such as Blogs, Q&A, forums or RSS feeds. You can purchase it with other mangools products by using the coupon codes for KW Finder.

You can also check Mangools Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

SERP Watcher

Keep track on your SERPs by using the SERP watcher. This tool is specifically used for tracking your ranks and analyzing your SERPs. You can check your daily visits and page ranking on one screen. You can also check the Dominance Index which is essential for your SERP ranking. Get daily ranks and reports and get the mobile as well as desktop tracking with localized results. It would cost you $29 for basic , $39 for premium and $79 for the agency pack. You can save up to 40% annually by using the SERP Watcher coupon codes.

KW Finder Support

KW Finder has got the decent customer support though I would expect it to be more responsive. There is a need of the Live chat option too. Besides this, the mangools have left no stone unturned for the extensive customer support.
What I liked most about it was that you can email the support team by using the drag and drop email box on the right hand side of the screen. Moreover, there is a FAQ section for the generic questions. If you still aren’t satisfied with the FAQs, you can read the separate guides on each of the tools.

The best part is that you can learn about the SEO in the SEO academy. It has been divided into eight chapters starting from the basic to the most advanced tips on SEO. You can also get a deep insight into the SERP changes and other ranking trends.

KW Finder codes-SEO Academy


One of the reasons I am impressed by KWFinder is it’s super affordable. Whether you’re a blogger just starting out or a more experienced marketer that’s looking for an alternative to Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder can fit your budget.


KWFinder has three plans:

kwfinder review

The subscription plans include a free plan, monthly plan and yearly plan.Considering all things, pricing is quite affordable and reliable too.

The main benefit of using this tool is that you can enjoy every feature for free but it will be within some limits as you can see in above image. Free membership is a magnet for the new bloggers who wants to crack the code in terms of keyword searching especially to find out long tail keywords.

Note: You can subscribe to any plans above through PayPal and Credit cards as well as a refund is available within 24 hours of your payment if you are not satisfied.

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KWFinder Affiliate Program

Mangools managing the affiliate marketing for KWFinder since it holds the ownership. They offer 30 days cookie period. All the payments are received through PayPal but you have to make sure you meet the minimum threshold fixed which is $100.


  • I find it best for budget users.
  • Tracks location based results with inbuilt tool.
  • Strong data aggregation for keyword analysis.
  • Reliable, one-click keyword difficulty score for any keyword
  • Shows long tail keywords that your competitors can’t find.
  • One of the cheapest keyword research tools you can buy
  • Probably the most intuitive UI of any keyword research tool on the market
  • Web-based application – bypassing most compatibility issues


  • Potentially strict request limitations for heavy user.
  • Sometimes shows inaccurate results.
  • Doesn’t support multi-tabbed keyword research
  • Keyword results are capped (also affecting the import feature)

Of all the keyword research tools out there I’ve seen, KWFinder gives you the most bang for your buck. KWFinder tool will for sure be helpful for amateurs and at the same time if anyone wants an alternative for Long Tail Pro keyword tool, hence, making it a better choice.

Next thing is their customer team chat facility who can answer your all questions, which makes the process for keyword research pretty easy compared to other tools. There is no issue in trying the free version and at present it can’t assure how best it will perform like the way other researching tools like SEMrush dominating the market, however, it offers a decent keyword with a fair plan and a free membership too.

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Over To You: KWFinder Review And Tutorial With Special Discount Coupon March 2023

Whether you are blogging, creating landing pages, or writing any kind of content for the web, try KWFinder. It is become a crucial part of my toolset and I would not be as good of a marketer without it.

Lastly, if you are looking for the best keyword research tool, then look no further than KWFinder.

According to me, KWFinder is absolutely a fully featured keyword tool!

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