LemonStand Review With Discount Coupon 2023: 14 Days FREE ($69/Mo)

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Nowadays creating a fully-functional online store is straightforward and easy. In the starting, you need to choose a platform and start building your online store. But the question arises here “Which platform you should choose that can yield more profit for your online business?”.

In the market, you will find hundreds of tools and platforms that can help you in creating a fully-functional e-commerce store. But with every platform, there are pros and cons associated with it. So, which e-commerce platform you should choose that can help you in creating a beautiful online store that sells more?

Here comes a platform called- LemonStand (A reliable and powerful all-in-one customizable e-commerce platform that helps retail brands and e-commerce companies to create online stores easily).

LemonStand Discount Coupon 2023: 14 DAYS FREE Special

 LemonStand Review- eCommerce Platform Pricing

In this post, we have featured LemonStand Review With Discount Coupon 2023 that includes detailed insights about its features, functionality, pricing and many more things in a row. Let’s get started here.


LemonStand Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

About  LemonStand

 LemonStand is a powerful and fully customizable e-commerce platform that is specially built generally helps companies and growing brands to create fully-function online stores.

LemonStand Review- Reliable eCommerce Platform

 LemonStand is one of the best names in the e-commerce industry that is specially built for growing e-commerce sellers back in 2010. It was originally released as a downloadable software that was built with PHP.  You can design your store the way you want that will bring more sales.

 LemonStand offers complete customization as here you can easily customize the entire user experience like the checkout process simply by using the front end development tools. They also offer powerful workflow features for web designers as well.

This platform also helps in selling standard one-time products or also the recurring subscription without any need for an extra application. The best part is that you can even sell both together in order to maximize your revenue and growth.

LemonStand Review- Dashboard

 LemonStand also helps in maximizing your profits. The thing that I like most about   LemonStand that its all pricing plans include support, hosting updates along with other eCommerce features as well. The another best part about this platform is that it also doesn’t charge any transaction fees for their supported payment gateways.

 LemonStand generally integrates with more than 100 tools and apps that can help you in scaling your business. It integrates with tools like Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal, Intuit QuickBooks, Zaiper, MailChimp, FedEx and more.

Key Features

It offers all e-commerce features that provide flexibility to a web designer to design a stunning website that can help you in bringing more sales and conversions.

Design The Way You Want (Full Customization):

With the help of such features, you can easily customize your entire user experience that includes all the checkout process just by using your front-ends tricks. With the help of this feature, you  can customize the following things:

LemonStand Review- Fully Customizable

  • Open Source themes to fit any design.
  • A powerful theming engine for the popular Twig language.
  • Provides LemonSync tool for faster local development and workflow.
  • You can use Bootstrap, react, angular or any other front-end networks.
  • Customizable checkouts right with no redirects to optimize conversions.
  • Offers complete design control to simply create a unique brand experience.
  • Comes with a partner program and revenue sharing for the freelancer and agencies.

Flexible Products And Pricing:

You have the flexibility to set up and present your products according to your own requirements and strategy. Just give your own branding and pricing tags to products. You will get the advanced option like:

LemonStand Review- Flexible Product Pricing

  • Advanced discount engine.
  • Wholesale, Volume and group-based pricing.
  • Unlimited product options, images, and variants.
  • Support cross-sells and upsells with the related products.
  • You can create complex and customizable products with custom fields.

Subscription Sales Engine:

Right with this features you can simply create lucrative recurring revenue streams with the range of flexible and subscription options.

LemonStand Review- Subscription Sales Engine

  • Set recurring subscription quickly and easily
  • Create, weekly, monthly and yearly billing schedules.
  • You can manage products, customers, orders and subscription as well.
  • Offers normal one-time purchase products along with the subscription products from the same existing store.

eCommerce CMS and Blog:

 LemonStand also offers flexible CMS (Content Management System) that comes with tools that you will need to design, create and publish content in order to grow website traffic along with increasing engagement and educate your visitors.

LemonStand Review- Blog and CMS is offered

  • Offers complete design flexibility over the content presentation
  • You can design and embed reusable content widgets with the shortcodes.
  • Gives full control over the URL, meta-data along with all other aspects of SEO.
  • It has built-in WYSIWYG editor to simply publish the new web pages, blog post, and announcements as well.
  • Simply create links right between the content and products to help your customers better.

Seamless Integrations:

 LemonStand has developer API, tools, partner integration that really makes it possible to simply meet the demanding requirements.

LemonStand Review- Seamless Integrations

  • Has Robust and developer friendly API and webhooks
  • Built-in integrations to other web services as well
  • Supported more than 95 different payment gateways in more 100 countries
  • Thousands of more integrations via Javascript and Zaiper
  • Slack community right fro the designers and developers

Fully Flexible:

It offers more flexible store configurations and tools that let you match up to business needs and keeps costs right under control. Let’s find out here:

LemonStand Review- Flexible Settings

  • Customizable order workflow
  • Automated inventory management
  • Advanced Tax configuration
  • Sales and conversion analytics
  • Easy to use interface for store owners and staff
  • Offers customizable shipping rate tables and real-time carrier rates

Leave the Dev/Ops:

They generally take care of support, infrastructure, and Maintenance right with their enterprise-grade SaaS platform so that you can easily focus on the upcoming right with new ways to grow faster.

  • Site Wide SSL
  • Global CDN for blazing speed
  • Top quality user and developer support
  • PCI/DSS compliant infrastructure
  • Offers development sandbox stores right for partners

Pricing Plans (LemonStand Discount Coupon )

The best thing about this platform   LemonStand is that they offer flexible and affordable pricing plans. And LemonStand also has 14-Days free trial offer (No Credit Card Required), that can help you in getting familiar with this platform. You can simply check out all the features available out there simply by using their 14-Days Free Trial Offer.

And also all the  LemonStand features are available in every pricing plans but the only difference is in the number of orders that you’re allowed to take each month.

They generally offer 3 plans, let’s find out what features they are offering:

 LemonStand Review- eCommerce Platform Pricing

1) Starter ($19/Month)

75 Orders Per Month +  Along with Standard Email Support

2) Growth($69/Month)

300 Orders Per Month +  Along with Standard Email Support

3) Professional ($199/Month)

300 Orders Per Month +  Along with Priority Email Support

LemonStand Premium

Here LemonStand also offers a comprehensive plan right with the premium white-glove support for the high volume retailers and more.  This premium plan generally starts at $399/Month. Let’s find out what features we are getting with this premium plans:

 LemonStand Review- Premium Pricing Platform Pricing

  • Higher API Limit
  • Sandbox store
  • Customer email sender domain
  • Priority phone support
  • Avalara AvaTax integrations
  • Custom email sender domain
  • For retailers > 1000 per month
  • Offers dedicated e-commerce success coach
  • Provides saved credit cards vaulting for easy reorders

With all these plans all of the cores features are also included that are given below:

  • Unlimited products & variants
  • No transaction fees
  • Subscriptions & recurring orders
  • 100% customizable design
  • Unlimited staff user accounts
  • Site-wide HTTPS
  • Unlimited file storage & bandwidth
  • Integrated blog & CMS
  • Customizable checkout pages
  • Over 95 different payment processors
  • Real-time carrier shipping rates
  • Volume & customer group pricing
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Product ratings & reviews
  • Discounts & coupons
  • Custom fields
  • Sales & conversion analytics
  • Integrations: built-in & via Zapier
  • Advanced SEO
  • Up-sells & cross-sells
  • API & webhooks
  • LemonSync Local theme development
  • Slack design/dev community
  • Customer groups
  • Open-source theme engine using Twig
  • Global CDN for fast load times
  • Customizable order workflow
  • Free open-source responsive themes
  • Customizable email templates

How Does the Free Trial Work?

Basically, LemonStand offers 14 Days Free Trial Offer that allows you to try all the features for free without taking any risk. You can simply test drive all the features of the platform just for 14 Days.

And after 14 days if you’re satisfied with their services with its features and services then you can simply get started with any plans according to your needs and requirements.

LemonStand Security

You can trust this platform and it is reliable as here this company keeps the copies of your site files right on more than 36 different servers throughout the world and the best part is that they never store a customer data.

Other pros of LemonStand platform is that this company generally uses SSL encryption right on every page of your site, not just the checkout pages and that is quite impressive. And also the CDN (Content Delivery Network) is available out there to every customer regardless of what plans they have chosen. Overall, LemonStand platform is reliable and trustable.

LemonStand  Customer Support

While buying anything we need to look out for customer support as well. The best part is that customer support is where this platform called LemonStand surpasses. This platform offers free email support with all the plans.

If you need priority customer support then you should go for the premium plans that are being offered by LemonStand. This platform is also well known for providing fast response rates along with personalized support.  Along with that this platform also offers detailed resources like user guides, theme documentation along with a blog for the tips on managing your site.

Pros and Cons of LemonStand


  • Fully Scaleable
  • Numerous features
  • Well-Designed UI
  • Excellent email support
  • Attractive theme templates
  • Competitive pricing rates
  • Advanced design customization
  • Offers 14 Days Free Trial Offer


  • Limited Integrations
  • Limited phone support
  • Requires Developer skills

Quick Links:


Hundreds of Agencies Build on LemonStand including

Agencies and developers love LemonStand eCommerce Software Platform

Justin Heit from Libre Design recommends LemonStand eCommerce Software Platform

“We’re extremely pleased with the platform’s flexibility. LemonStand has allowed us to create a unique online shopping experience for our clients.”


Jeff Rabkin from Wowza Agency recommends LemonStand eCommerce Software Platform

“LemonStand’s CMS gives our clients a super easy way to manage all their content while giving us more creative freedom and control over on-page SEO.”


Brent Pepitone from LEGND recommends LemonStand eCommerce Software Platform

“The ability to customize the entire design was much easier than it would have been on any other platform that we’ve used before.”



Conclusion: LemonStand Review 2023 LemonStand Discount Coupon 

Shopify might be one of the option available out there if you prefer more customization then LemonStand is the best option available out there. With LemonStand you will be getting access right to a solid customer support, open source themes, seamless integration and more.

Also, the pricing plans that are offered by LemonStand are very affordable and flexible so that anyone can get started with it easily. The best part about LemonStand is that it also offers 14 Days Free Trial Offer (No Credit Card Required).

Frankly speaking, if you do want to get most out of this platform then you should be having technical knowledge as well as developer skills. And if you do have the resources to hire a freelancer to do web development for you then LemonStand worth your consideration.

Feel free to drop your reviews about LemonStand right in the comment section below. We hope this post suits your purpose well. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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