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Numerous apps and online tools have been designed over the years to provide document anti-theft services and protection against problems such as online theft, leakages, copying and fraud related to important and classified documents – all are designed to keep your important documents secure.

There are very unwanted, but common things you will come across every now and then.  People are always looking for a tool or software application to protect documents against theft or leakage, but what if I say that there is one specific tool that offers a lot more than just anti-theft services?

Today I will give you a quick and comprehensive review of Locklizard.  Locklizard produces popular documents security tools that enable you to distribute your documents securely whether that be  sharing documents with third parties, selling ebooks, or using internally to comply with document retention policies.

Let us discuss more about this popular document security app!

What is Locklizard?

Locklizard is an online Document Rights Management (DRM) security tool that safeguards and protects your Intellectual Property (documents, reports, training courses, ebooks, etc.) from being stolen or compromised.

Their core business is the specialization of document security, providing copy protection for PDF files using DRM.  Their document security products protect your intellectual property from unauthorized use, stop authorized users from misusing them and prevent document piracy.

One very good thing about Locklizard is that it does not use JavaScript, passwords or insecure plugins for document protection.  In fact, Locklizard uses security frameworks approved by the US Government and tops this off with licensing and DRM controls to offer power packed security.

LockLizard Review - Document Security Tool


Why do organizations use Locklizard?

Many international and reputed organizations use Locklizard information rights management to achieve copy protection of their documents.  This may be a need to protect intellectual property or any of the reasons below:

  • Enhanced document security
  • PDF security without passwords
  • Putting in place document retention policies
  • Complying with regulatory requirements such as SOX
  • Establishing new revenue generation techniques
  • Secure documents and protect ebooks with DRM controls

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Locklizard Highlight Features

Locklizard comes with an entire list of amazing and unexpected features, some of which you won’t really expect in a software of its type.

Locklizard products & add-ons

Here is the list of different products that Locklizard offers to users for top quality security and protection of files and documents. They also offer some add-on tools that can enhance your security experience.

DRM Security Products

Safegurard PDF Security: Stops unauthorized access & distribution of your PDF documents and files, controls what users can do with them, and how long they can be used(e.g. edit, modify, print, screen grab, etc.)

LockLizard Review - PDF Protection Tool

Enterprise PDF DRM: Large publishers & highly reputed corporates prefer this software for additionally to log document usage, restrict location usage (IP access and country access), make batch changes, customize & run reports. This product offers top quality Enterprise rights management.

Secure PDF Viewers:

Used to view Locklizard protected PDF files and are available for FREE download on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.  They also have zero installation Viewers for USB devices, or for viewing protected PDF files in a web browser (supports any OS).

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers

Locklizard’s FREE Secure PDF Viewers allows users to view protected PDF files (PDC files) on a variety of Operating Systems on the go. You can either install a Viewer on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices, or use their zero installation viewers that can be accessed via a browser using any Operating System, or via a USB device.


LockLizard Review - Secure PDF Viewer


  • Safeguard Web Publisher
  • Safeguard PDF Portable
  • E-commerce API
  • PDF Command Line Encryption
  • Publisher Own Branding
  • Custom Viewer Registration Email

What can you do with Locklizard?

Locklizard’s DRM software enables you to:

  • Share documents securely – control document use inside & outside your company
  • Protect your trade secrets
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations
  • Log document & user activity to provide legal access
  • Stop piracy to protect & expand your revenue streams and sell documents securely

Why should you try Locklizard?

LockLizard Review - DRM Copy Protection

Protect from piracy

Locklizard document security software prevents unauthorized document sharing and piracy. Using this tool you can

  • Stop copying & prevent unauthorized distribution
  • Stop printing /control prints
  • Stop screen grabbing
  • Expire & revoke access
  • Apply dynamic watermarks
  • Audit document use, identify leaks

Share securely

Unlike secure data rooms you can share documents securely by

  • Efficiently controlling document use inside & outside your organization
  • Making sure your unprotected documents never leave your computer and are always under your control
  • Stopping third party screen grabbers
  • Preventing printing to file drivers (i.e. print to PDF)
  • Locking documents to specific devices so they cannot be easily shared (unless the physical device is shared) – data rooms enable users to share their credentials with others and so your documents can be easily shared across the Internet
  • Locking PDF documents to specific locations thus limiting where devices can be used.

Dynamic control

The services offered by Locklizard are very easy to use and flexible. You can

  • Change access controls
  • Deny or grant Printing
  • Restrict use to country and IP locations
  • Expire documents even after distribution
  • Apply dynamic watermarks to viewed and/or printed documents to display individual user information and discourage photocopying.
  • Keep your document security intact by revoking documents and users at any stage.

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Total PDF Protection

Locklizard uses numerous security frameworks approved by the US Government to offer power packed security to its users. Thus you can be at peace that your documents are safe both at rest and on the go. These security frameworks include

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Public key technology
  • Device locking
  • IP restrictions
  • DRM controls

Plans & Pricing

Locklizard offers a 15 day free trial for all of the products and services they have in store for you. All you need to do is fill in the verification form on their official website. They create an evaluation license unique to your organization and enables you to protect PDF documents and try out all the  product add-on as well.

Visit the Locklizard official website for more information regarding their software, features, plans, pricing and more.

Conclusion: LockLizard Review

There are indeed very few document security services in the market that offer the high end security tools that Locklizard does. Security frameworks approved by the US Government ensure power packed security to all your personal and professional documents whenever and wherever.

Locklizard’s security features are not just limited to securing stored documents, but also allow you to secure your documents against piracy, gain revenue from selling your ebooks, and share documents securely using powerful controls like BYOD and more.

Altogether, if you are looking for the best DRM security solution for your sellable or confidential documents, then Locklizard is for you.

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