M3Server Review 2023: Ultimate Managed Hosting | Pros And Cons

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M3server is a VPS hosting server which has a kind of innovative approach in its own, it functions to provide a highly dedicated as well as a private VPS server with a very high capacity of and it also allows you to manage your VPS servers using the inhouse control panels.  It helps the personal bloggers to properly run an enterprise level hosting efficiently.

It provides a very short as well as an accurate support responses to the customers using it. It has over 10 data servers all over the globe including the regions of Missouri, California, Utah, Virginia, DC, Washington, London as well as Amsterdam.

Let us talk about some of the features provided by this VPS hosting server. Check out detailed M3 Server review in detail below with pros and cons.

m3server hosting review

VPS and Virtual SSD Servers

m3 server dashboard


M3 Server VPS hosting is named as the high performing server. It provides you with about four packages from which you can choose the one suiting you properly. These packages range from $20/month and are available till $100/month. The base level package provides you with about 30 GB of the disk space, 512 MB RAM, and about two CPU cores.

The most updated package comes with about 300 GP disk space. It provides you with about 4 GB of RAM and about four CPU cores. While, the SSD VPS hosting provided by the M3 Server provides you with about four different plans, starting from around 20 – 80 GB of SSD disk space.

m3 server VPS plans

The base level plan provides you with 512 MB RAM as well as two CPU cores, while the top most plan provides you with 6 GB of RAM and 6 CPU cores. All such plans cost you around $20 to $100 in a month. M3 Server provides you with a free setup, unlimited domains, 5TB transfer and an access to the admin control panel of M3 regardless of the plan you choose.

Well Managed Dedicated Server Hosting 

m3server dedicated plans

M3server starts its plans from $200/month till $779/month which provides a well-established as well as managed dedicated servers. The capacity of the server range from about 1 TB disk pace, a quad core CPU up to 8 TB disk space, 16 GB RAM, and dual six core CPU.

AdServer XS

The AdServer XS is just an advertisement server solution which allows the customers to monitor and host the performance of their own ad campaigns. It comes in 5 different distinguished packages ranging from $29/month and ends till $650/month. The package of the base level comes with over 3 million impressions, while the top most package includes over 300 million.

CDN Services

m3server cdn plans

The CDN services provided by the M3 Server host all the static images and some of the streaming videos as well. If you choose this hosting plan then the visitors shall come to your websites and would request a CDN cached content. In such a case, the CDN server provides with the content and the services cost you of about $80/month.

So, this was all about the plans and the different features provided by the M3 Server hosting server.

This server provides you with everything that you need to start a new website of your own on the VPS server. Let us list some of them

  1. It provides you with an Inhouse control panel which is quite easy to use as well.
  2. It provides you with a Setup in just few minutes.
  3. It lets you to install WordPress just while you are adding the domain.
  4. It provides you with a highly-dedicated IP.
  5. It has a very high class security as well as a fully secured backup service.
  6. It provides you with a completely free SSL from the Lets Encrypt system.

M3Server Dashboard Inside view

m3server services dashboard m3server services


M3 Server Cpanel Screenshot

M3 server cpanel M3 server cpanel

Why only M3server as the hosting server?

m3 server vps advanced plans

The M3 Server hosting functions in an entirely different manner and provides you many features and distinctive functions which you wouldn’t find in any other of the VPS hosting sever.

Although there are a number of different VPS server systems available but there is an extensive list of features which only the M3 Server provides you. So, let us talk about all the advantages of using the M3 Server over any other VPS server.

Pros of the M3server hosting server

  • It provides you with an easy to use as well as an affordable enterprise level hosting.
  • It provides you with the SSD servers to function.
  • It provides you with daily backups as well as the free domains.
  • It is completely reliable in all terms.
  • It provides you one-stop hosting solution while protecting all of your data.
  • It provides you with a completely transparent crystal clear user guidelines.

 Cons of using the M3server hosting server

  • It inhibits you from running the software that which interfaces with an internet relay chat networks.
  • It does not allow you to share any file as well and inhibits any peer to peer activity.

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Final verdict: Should You Buy M3 Server ? YES 

This VPS server is something unique which sets it apart from all other servers. Be it the free domain or the disk space or the multiple packages of the servers, it always functions in an extensively attractive manner.

It delivers all the services to the users at all ranges including the cheap ones and the top most expensive ones.

It can be used by a newbie as well as a veteran user and most importantly it is personal blogger friendly too which most of the servers today aren’t. In my opinion, it is the best server one could ever use with multiple advantages and just a few disadvantages.

It provides you with many servers which are all completely dedicated servers. Each of the server provided by the  M3 Server carefully monitored every time of the day. It provides you with fast as well as accurate responses to ensure proper satisfaction to the customers. One should for sure try M3 Server server to experience the perfection at every step.

I hope you like our detailed M3 Server review in detail and if you have their services please share your experience in the comments below !

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