Mads Management Academy Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money?


First off, I decided to give Mads’ Management academy a try after hearing lots of people rave about it at CMSEO and I had previously seen Matt Diggity mention it as one of his favorite purchases in 2023 – You can read more about that here:

I also managed to meet up with Mads at the CMSEO conference, which ended up with a cool video you can find here.

First a little about Mads, so you understand why we should listen to him when it comes to Management. 

Mads has worked as a management coach for 6+ years. He has coached people in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola and has worked with innumerable entrepreneurs in small to mid-sized companies. Mads also walks the talk so to speak, as he runs his own VA company with more than 80 employees, as well as a SaaS company, and his own SEO business. He employs people in SE Asia as well as in Europe and the States and is quite familiar with all the challenges of managing different cultures.

Mads Singer Management Consulting

A quick glance on Mads’ client list also shows some very recognizable names in the online industry; Matt Diggity from Leadspring, Kurt Philip from Convertica, and many other entrepreneurs in the online space, and they all have positive things to say about Mads’ work with their organizations.

Matt's Review

So, before I get into the details I wanted to outline what I got when joining his management academy: 

  • Access to Effective Management Mastery (Including future updates)
  • Access to closed FB Group (With many awesome people who talk management and are all trying to up their game)
  • 2 Hours free Coaching with Mads himself! 

Either of those 3 probably has enough value to justify the price, but I never complain about getting more than I ask for!

Mads Management Academy Review

Mads Management Academy Review 2023 – Effective Management Mastery

The Effective Management Mastery overview:

The content itself was around 4 hours worth of video and I did it all in one day – I will for sure have to rewatch a lot of it, since the videos are super packed with very specific actionable tips and lots of great mindset tweaks.

The course is split into 7 modules, and I’ll try and briefly go over what I learned in each module:

#1 Module: In the first module, Mads very thoroughly explains the DISC model, which is the personality model he bases a lot of his management philosophy around. This was a big eye-opener for me and taught me a lot about how people will react to different kinds of input, and how to approach each staff member individually based on their personality type.

DISC Profile Assessment Mads Singer

Mads really goes into depth with each personality type and talks about how DiSC helps you understand their mindset, motivations, priorities, and their strengths and weaknesses, and then goes on to discuss in which roles you want which personality types. At the end of the module, there is also a little bit about how to communicate effectively using the DiSC personalities, which was very helpful.

# Second Module: In the second module, Mads then explains his philosophy around One To Ones. How often to have them, the format, and how to deliver the feedback, again referring back to the different personality types we learned about in the first module. Mads also gives some easy to follow advice on management ratio, and talks about how different people learn most effectively.

Module - One to one

#3 Third Module: In the third module, Mads covers team meetings. Again, Mads provides a very easy to follow a structure for the team meetings, who should facilitate them, and what the agenda should be. He also talks about the purpose of team meetings, and how to deliver them.

Team Meetings

# Fourth Module: In the fourth module, Mads talks about delegation. I found this module to be the most important for me, as Mads talks about one of the biggest pain points in my business, and in many businesses – how to find more time. Without going into too much detail, I can say that any entrepreneur/business owner that wants to scale will find this module to be extremely valuable, and it certainly changed the way I delegate.

Delegation- Mads Management Academy Review

#5 Module: In the fifth module, Mads talks about goal setting for your employees, and how doing it the right way, can push people to perform better than they thought was possible – very inspiring, and quite a few takeaway points for me personally here.

Time Management- Mads Management Mastery Review

#6 Module: In the sixth module, Mads goes over how to give feedback effectively and cycling back to the DISC profiles, how it is a very individual assessment that should decide how you deliver the feedback.

Feedback- Mads Management Academy Review

#7 Module: In the seventh and last module, Mads spends quite a bit of time going through recruitment, with the philosophy that if you hire fantastic people, everything else in your business becomes easier, and Mads gives some pointers, both on where to find them, and how to interview them – the biggest takeaway for me, is to look at recruitment as a funnel!

Recuritment- Mads Management Academy Review

Pricing Plans Of Effective Management Strategy  Course

Mads Singers Review

What I Found After Going Through Mads Management Academy?

Overall, around 4hrs, packed with value from start to finish, and with enough food for thought to warrant going through it all several times.

Getting access to the Facebook group was also a treasure trove of value. Some of the top online entrepreneurs are in there, and none of them are afraid to ask for advice or share their best tips on how best to manage people. I was surprised to see some of the names in there, and even more to see how much they were willing to share – mindblowing! 

Mads Management Academy Facebook Group

It’s a really good community, and like always with masterminds, helping others is just as giving as getting help yourself – really love this group, great value.

After going through the training 3-4 times, I decided to book my free coaching call with Mads, and the value of that call was just crazy. We spent the first 30 min or so going over the course, and the questions I had from the various modules, which felt like a good way to make sure I had understood everything, before talking about how to apply it in my business.

Over the course of the rest of the call, Mads basically transformed my business. He helped me apply the lessons from the course, the understanding of the various personality types, and the actionable directions on how to do meetings in the business and helped me understand my role as CEO/ Owner of the business better. The best part is that this course comes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

30 Days Money Back Guaranatee

We probably spent at least half the time just talking about delegation, and my understanding of how and what to delegate (hint: everything) is now thousand-fold better than it was before. It will not be the last time I have a coaching session with Mads!

Mads Management Academy Reviews:

Mads Management Academy Review

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Final Verdict: Mads Management Academy Review 2023 | Should You Go For It??

When you buy Mads Management Academy Course, you get a value-packed 4 hours of great content, access to a private Facebook group with some of the sharpest online entrepreneurs, and 2 hours of coaching with Mads, AND you get all of this for only $997, which really is a bargain for all that value. 

I give this course, and Mads, my warmest recommendation. If you liked this post then you can just share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


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