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We all know that if we can select the right keyword, then half the battle is won. But, it is also true that the right keywords are painstakingly difficult to find. It is time consuming and even then, there is no guarantee that you will be getting the perfect combination.

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is one of the most favorite platforms of all the internet marketers. It is easy to grab the attention of the customers because it is an audio video format where customers hang out almost all throughout the day.

With 1 billion visitors every month, YouTube is definitely the most popular platform, but in order to rank your videos on top you have to do your research on keywords extensively.

Magic YouTube Xtractor Review 2014

A perfect Tool to Help you with Keywords

Here is detailed image by image procedure to find keywords:

Step One: Get General Keywords

Open Magic YouTube Xtractor:


Then add your keywords.


Magic YTX collects all the keywords and phrases for you automatically.


And note the following:


Step Two: we get the Competition in YouTube:


Then you can see your keywords and competition:


Step Three: Export to Excel

Once you have the data, your next step is to prioritize your keywords.


A dialogue box opens. Name your file and save it somewhere you can find it later. Then Excel starts up. You can also save it as a Comma-Delineated text file.


This is how you set up your ‘Sort’.

Sort first by YouTube Competition (Smallest to Largest), then by Monthly Searches (Largest to Smallest).


This will show your best keywords first.

As you can see Magic YouTube Xtractor is fast and powerful. And like any tool, it gets faster and easier with practice. But we want to cut your learning time to the bare minimum since we know you want to find the best keywords, not spend time running searches.

Now that you have been looking for that perfect keyword which will help you gain an extra edge over your competitors, wouldn’t that be great if you could lay your hands on a tool which would do the work for you.

Magic YouTube Xtractor is the name of the tool that will be of great use to you because of the following reasons –

  • Harvesting keywords
  • Look for YouTube competition
  • In order to sort competition, export of files are carried out with this tool

YouTube competition will help you to pick up the best keyword and then based on that keyword you can come up with a video which will promote your product. Be it any video search or simple content search, keyword plays an important role in the ranking.

Therefore, when you are opting for any keyword, then it becomes very important that you go through the list of the keywords that the tool brings up in the search result and opt for the most popular one.

Actually the benefit of this tool is that it does all the research and hand – pick the keywords for you at one place so that you don’t have to wander around online to search for the best one.

Check this video

Separate Tabs for Every Function

It has easy to use user interface therefore, you will find it quite easy to go through all the tabs starting from –

  • Load Keywords
  • Harvest keywords
  • Get Competition
  • Export to Excel

These are some of the important tabs that are put to use in order to get what you have been looking for and that is the keyword for your product. When you would click on the tab harvest keyword it will ask you to enter a seed keyword, based on which it will do its entire search.

Either you can opt for an expensive way of compiling a video shoot and upload it to gain customers or you can spend less but enjoy effective marketing strategy using the powerful keywords.

If you are a small business you would definitely opt for the second option but even the big businesses can save a big amount through this amazing tool called the Magic YouTube Xtractor.

It is not a magic instead a lot of research is done by this tool to come up with keywords that are doesn’t get much competition but has the ability to draw huge traffic.

So, when you use these keywords you will get more leads, good number of views and traffic, moreover, you will also see an increase in your sale.

Various options at your perusal

There are various options for you to sort the keywords that you have in front of you, either you can sort it by the smallest YouTube competition to the larger one and if required you can also sort it by monthly searches.

This tool is quite fast too, so, you don’t have to wait for long to get the list of the favorable keywords. Another important thing is that it will sign you through AdWords while searching for the keywords.

If you go through the YouTube algorithm, then you will see that there are several pointers that the tool easily takes care of single handedly like the channel age, video age, transcription, annotations, viewer retention, uploaded video number, video views, etc.

This tool comes up with keywords, keeping all these points in mind and that is the reason it helps you in getting to page one of search results within a short span of time.

When you are opting for this Magic YouTube Xtractor, you must remember –

  • It works for YouTube only and you cannot use this for Google search at all
  • It requires proxies too
  • It makes use of Google AdWords only for digging in the keywords

Simple usage of the tool

Even a novice will be able to use this tool without any trouble because the best keywords are literally a few clicks away. Moreover, you can get to the top within a few moments and that really do happen a lot with the users who have been using this tool for their benefit.

You will get this tool at an introductory price of $97 and this is the price for a lifetime plan as of now. In order to give you a walk through the usage of the tool, 7 videos are included in the plan. After you go through these professional videos, you will be a pro in using this already simple tool.

When you will order this tool, you will get some more tools for free which are worth hundreds of dollars. You will get the Special Report to Get More Customers which are worth $97, YouTube Marketing Mind Map worth $37 and Marketing Guide to YouTube worth $37.

Check out these testimonials from various folks over the world

Magic YouTube Xtractor Testimonials 1

Magic YouTube Xtractor Testimonials 2

Magic YouTube Xtractor Testimonials

Wrap Up

Magic YouTube Xtractor price

If you are still in two minds, then look at the name that is the brain behind this tool. He is none other than Alexander Krulik who has already given us some of the amazing internet marketing tools already.

Now, you must not have any second thoughts regarding the tool and its application because you can be rest assured about its performance. Many users have reached from page 10 to page one within a month so, you see it is that effective. Therefore, it is time to grab your copy now.


Magic YouTube Xtractor review prices

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