ManageWP Review 2023: Best Plugin to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

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ManageWP is a “complete WordPress administration comfort” for WordPress clients who need to securely and productively oversee various sites. Whether you’ve got two WordPress locales to oversee or 500, ManageWP can help you continue everything upgraded, moved down, secure, and significantly more. All from one dashboard.

So here is the detailed ManageWP Review 2018 which explain how to use this plugin effectively to manage your WordPress sites.

ManageWP Review

ManageWP is one of the better ways to manage WordPress websites.  Just monitor and maintain multiple WordPress websites right from one dashboard.

Right with one click you can run all of the updates along with creating your first backup just for free.  And here you can also automate your workflow and start saving your time and efforts.

Everything you need to  automate your workflow:

  • Maintain:  Just automate all of your daily tasks with one click login and bulk update for all of your websites.
  • Secure:  You can also secure your data with reliable backups along with protecting your website with regular security checks.
  • Monitor: Just stay on top of the things along with monitoring your website with  Uptime Monitor, SEO and Google Analytics.
  • Collaborate: You can also use collaborate tool for your teams and clients.  And it’s just one click Switch between the accounts.
  • Client care: You can take your client care right to a new level with their client reports and white label tools.
  • Benchmark:  you can also optimize your website performance and speed right with their performance check.

ManageWP Review – Manage WordPress Sites from One Dashboard


Features of ManageWP:

  • Backups: Incremental, reliable backups comes with off-site storage along with the capability of running an hourly cycle.
  • Clone / Migrate: Just clone your website to a Staging area, migrate to a new host or simply clone right to an existing site.
  • Uptime monitor: Just get notification right when your website goes down so you can get online back right before anyone else notices.
  • Safe updates: Here safe updates will automatically create a restore point for you and it will make updating safer than ever before.
  • Performance check:  With this feature, you will have an insight into what is currently happening on your website and how your website is actually performing on the web.
  • Client reports: Here you can easily keep your client informed all time with the professional client reports.
  • White Label: Here this feature will allow you to rebrand their tools and make them your own and you can also hide them in entirely.
  • Google Analytics:  Also connect all the Google accounts you need to connect to Google Analytics right on one dashboard.
  • SEO: You can also keep track of how your keyword ranking changes along with finding your competitors. And with this feature, you can easily manage all the SEO related task for your website.
  • Maintenance mode:  Here this feature will allow you to let your visitor know that you are currently working on your website or you are currently updating or fixing the existing problem of your website.
  • Two-factor authentication: Here this feature will really keep you safe from hackers who are willing to gain access to your site right with the means of brute force attack.
  • Manage plugins and themes: With this feature, you can easily manage, update, ignore. bulk install or simply deactivate a theme or plugin in a super easy way.
  • Template builder: Just create your own WordPress website template by using the template builder.  and you can also use any existing backup right as a start point for the template creation:

So you have got the key features of MangaeWP.  I hope now you are able to get all the insights of this amazing tool so-called  ManageWP.

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Creating a ManageWP Account

ManageWP Review- signup

To begin simply head over to the ManageWP Estimating and Arrangements page where you can pick the arrangement that best fits your needs. In this sample, I’ll be showing on a Business Account equipped for dealing with 10 sites.

ManageWP Review- website add

ManageWP Review- website add

When you’ve made your account and effectively logged in, you’ll discover a ManageWP dashboard that resembles the one beneath. Clearly, the first thing you’ll need to do is include a few sites. First and foremost, however, you have to introduce the free ManageWP Laborer Plugin on any site you’d like to include.

Installing the ManageWP Plugin

ManageWP Review- site add

The snappiest and most effortless approach to introducing the ManageWP Specialist Plugin is just by setting off to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New what’s more hunt down it there.  On the off chance that you write in “ManageWP” it will be the first result (as seen beneath) and you should simply click “Install Now”.

In the wake of enacting the plugin, you will perceive the above cautioning. Essentially this is simply cautioning you that it is a security danger to introduce this plugin and afterward NOT add it to your ManageWP account. So once this plugin is enacted, its best to finish the methodology of adding it to your ManageWP record immediately.

Adding Websites to Managewp

ManageWP Review- site add

Since you’ve installed and actuated the ManageWP Laborer Plugin on your WordPress sites you can rapidly and effectively add them to ManageWP. Start by clicking the “Include Your First Site” catch in the ManageWP Dashboard.

You’ll see a pop-up that resembles this. Enter the asked for illumination and click the “add site” catch.

Simple as that! You now have remote access to the whole back-end of that specific WordPress site from your ManageWP Dashboard. In the event that you have a generally little measure of sites still to include simply rehash that process a couple times (url and administrator username + “add site”) until you’re carried out. In the event that you have a bigger number of sites to include, take after the just as straightforward directions in the “Bulk Add or Export Websites” segment placed in the sidebar.

Managewp Dashboard Overview

ManageWP Review- site dash board inside view Manage wp site dash board

The ManageWP administration would be unfathomably valuable if everything it did was permit you to remotely get to the back-end of different WordPress sites from one area. Thankfully it does that as well as a ton all the more as well. Starting with the Devices segment of the ManageWP sidebar and working through peculiarity and area, we’ll investigate exactly how much ManageWP brings to the table.

On the Dashboard page, which is the first choice under Apparatuses, you are able to audit upgrades and details on all or a separated gathering of sites. In the outline sub-area, you are advised as to which plugins need to be upgraded, what number of remarks you have, if those remarks are spam, and a great deal more. You can likewise upgrade topics and plugins right from that subsection.

There’s likewise a sub-segment for review site insights (online visits), an alternate for reinforcement errands (which you can plan), an alternate for late posts, lastly one for uptime observing.

Next under the Tools section in the ManageWP sidebar is the Include Site page. Seeing as we officially secured how-to include an individual site we can skirt that and proceed onward to Posts, Pages, Links, Comments, Plugins & Themes, and Users – which all have an amazingly comparable client interface.

You’ll recognize two tabs: Manage and Add New. Under the oversee tab you can choose which sites you’d like to oversee posts on. When one or a gathering of sites is chosen you can move down to pursuit posts by decisive word or date and/or presentation posts by status (distributed, pending, and so on.). At the point when prepared click “Show posts” and the outcomes will show up beneath. You can then alter and roll out improvements to those posts much the same as you would in the event that you were in that site’s administrator segment.

On the off chance that you need to make a just took the ribbon off new post you can do that effortlessly as well. Just click over to the Include New tab and make a post like you typically would. At the point when completed you can choose which site or locales you’d like the post to be distributed to. This feature is truly extraordinary for multi-site declarations.

Monitor Your WordPress Website Uptime

managewp backup Uptime ManageWP Review
Proceeding onward to Reinforcements. When you click on the Reinforcements choice in the Devices area of the sidebar you will be brought to a clear reinforcements file. Click “Add New” and a popup like the one beneath will show up.

Here you can make tweaked (and mechanized) reinforcement errands for the greater part of your different WordPress sites. At the point when completed simply click “Save Settings” and let ManageWP deal with the rest.

How to Clone a WordPress Website

manage wp clone 1 manage wp clone 1


Under the next option in the Tools section of the sidebar we find the Install/Clone WordPress feature. In this area, you can choose a WordPress site to clone, migrate, or re-install an instant establishment. The better focuses are secured in a straightforward and exhaustive feature exercise connected to at the highest point of the page.

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managewp support

Here are the some of the testimonials from the experts who had used ManageWp.

managewp testimonials

Pricing :

Just start small and plan big as here with ManageWP let you manage a bunch of websites just for free. Here if you really want to make your life easier then you should go for the premium add-ons. As here ManageWP keeps the cost affordable and here it provides the flexible pricing model.  

Free for the unlimited websites, forever!

Here you can also get started with the free tier as it is packed with the awesome features. Here you don’t have to hassle for the set up here and there will be no hidden fees. You will also get 24/7 customer support. It has a lightning fast dashboard that can perform well right with hundreds of website.

You will also get free monthly backup here and many more things in a row.  Here ManageWP will take care of everything so you have to sit back and relax.


Managewp Premium add ons Managewp Premium add ons

ManageWP pricing plans


Final Thoughts: ManageWP Review

Overall ManageWP is the best tool to manage all WordPress site with just a lick button and quite simply it is the best tool for the many WordPress blogs. What are your thoughts about using this plugin have you tried ManageWP plugin, please share your experience. I hope you like our review of ManageWP.

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