MegaPush Review 2023: Is It Reliable Push Notification Ad Network ??

Being an affiliate implies staying aware of the most recent propensities which can happen each year. One that began a year ago and it’s returning from the demise following 5 years is pushing notices.

Push notification was quite dead back when I began advancing portable affiliate offers in 2013. I found out about how great it was nevertheless how everyone abhorred it so it wound up vanishing as it was extremely nosy as portable application warnings.

This time, nonetheless, they’re back with new guidelines and even enormous organizations like Google have gauges that work with gigantic sites, WordPress and generally through anchored SSL sites.

This pattern sort of began in 2017, however, this year it has been certain that a considerable measure of advertisement systems are adding web push notification to their arsenal stockpile to expand their income and contact more individuals while different sources have declined a bit.

Just by browsing my email I can rapidly observe something like 20 systems that sent me a notice of how they just as of late included push notifications and need me to test it.

Anyway there are a few systems that have been as of late propelled that concentrate totally in push notifications and today we will investigate MegaPush.

This system was propelled recently (2018) and I was reached by one of their supervisors (Mariam) to test it only a little while prior.

MegaPush Review

In the event that you’ve been tailing me for some time or even conversed with me in a meeting, you realize my center has been for the most part in pop and Facebook activity for the most recent years. Be that as it may, I needed to try driving warnings out as the activity appears to change over well and the way toward making efforts is fundamentally the same as running local promotions. Local is by all accounts like a blend of pop activity and local, both in quality and how it functions.

MegaPush Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

MegaPush Campaign Creation

Making a campaign is very direct. In case you’re acquainted with local or attachment promotions this will be fundamentally the same as. You’ll have to choose a battle name, input your following connection and afterward enter all the information like Title of the notice, a message topped at 45 characters and your 2 pictures (symbol and included the picture).

After that, there isn’t generally a lot to channel with the exception of nation, gadget and working framework. MegaPush will demonstrate to you the low, normal and high offer of the nation you’ve chosen continuously. Remember this offer appears in pennies.

Underneath that, you’ll discover other stuff like topping by spending plan or clicks and the feeds where the activity originates from which you will probably channel in the wake of running some movement to upgrade your campaigns.

To the extent, I realize MegaPush has 4 dynamic tokens accessible. I utilize them all aside from the {clickid} on the grounds that I don’t go back change information to the systems routinely.

The fundamental token you will utilize is the {feedid} token to improve the activity channels where you get movement and the offered token is extremely helpful and it tracks my expenses with Binom and I’ve seen the precision is above 95%.

Truly, the stage is OK, yet it is great to have different tokens like gadget and OS, which clearly can be followed with any outer tracker yet the information isn’t generally the equivalent. Geo is another token I’d jump at the chance to have accessible and additionally program.

Other than that, I made reference to the stage wasn’t immaculate in light of the fact that occasionally altering a campaigns resets the majority of the settings and in case you’re not mindful of it you may wind up with blended movement from a few OSes and gadgets. It’s justifiable for a stage that propelled for the current year. I trust they show signs of improvement in the end.

Fast Case Study – MegaPush

Alright so, at last, I tried a couple of battles to demonstrate to you how the movement functions.

In this screen capture I tried a portable CPL offer in a level 2 nation for a couple of days before it got delayed as the quality wasn’t backing up for the sponsor:

You can see the main day it didn’t get much movement yet the transformations were coming in and it was productive.

MegaPush Review- Traffic Category

The next days were greatly improved, with higher movement (I topped the financial plan a little as I was trying another offer) and still great changes coming in. The ROI of this offer in different sources like pop is typically well underneath half while push had 100-300% ROI.

In any case, as I made reference to that offer was stopped and I likewise tried another:

This time it was a work area clear offer for a European nation with high payout per lead. I didn’t change the offers at everything except after the third-day activity expanded despite the fact that ROI diminished at first when the volume went up.

I was trying 2 offers and 2 landers in this battle and at the end chosen the best offer.

Here are the feeds and how it’s demonstrated when you track them:

For this situation, feed2 was sending more activity than some other and productive. The first feed had less movement yet the ROI is very higher.

Feed14 in the other hand was stopped because of low execution. I’ll continue testing the offers to perceive how it goes, yet certainly, give this kind of movement a test.

From 6 campaigns I’ve tried so far just a single besieged totally. The rest either gotten transformations or were productive quick while they kept going. Likewise, remember this kind of activity resembles sending messages to a database. Since the activity isn’t natural with newcomers consistently, campaigns will pass on quicker and in the end, you’ll need to dispatch more battles or possibly prelaunch similar battles yet with various creatives and edges. This is the idea of this activity, so attempt to center around the nations with higher volumes accessible to keep the crusades running longer.

In any case, that is for this brisk contextual analysis.

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About MegaPush Stats:

MegaPush Review- Today's Stats

Advantages Of MegaPush

  • Moderation 24/7
  •  Daily free cases
  •  Simple and intuitive interface
  •  Referral program (3%)
  •  More than 12 million clicks per day
  • Traffic from all countries
  •  Detailed settings right for the target (OS/platform/country/browser/ISP)
  •  The system works according to the CPC model
  •  The minimum price is 0.001 $ per click

Conclusion: MegaPush Review 2023

MegaPush is one of the reliable advertising networks for delivering advertisement to users through push notifications. This platform gets more than 20 million clicks per day and traffic from all around the world, MegaPush is getting very popular with advertisers day by day.

We hope this post, suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your reviews about MegaPush right in the comment section below.

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  1. This is the worst media platform EVER! If it were not for the 3% referral commission you get from them you would not be promoting them.

    They have dropped their commissions from 5% to 3% and deducted the 2% difference from their referrer’s account retroactively… So, good luck with dealing with them in the future.

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