Interview with Mike Navarini, owner of Premium Domain Branding Agency

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As a part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have experienced, multimillionaire domain name seller dashing Mike Navarini who is making his living  out of his kick-ass domain business where they sell “.com” business names to entrepreneurs who need to brand their ideas with a premium domain and logo design. Mike will share how he entered into domain name business and made millions out of it. I am sure this interview will blow your mind and you will love to be like him. He is living king size, the picture below is example of  it

 Mike Navarini owner of  Domain Branding Agency Namerific

1) First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. I and my readers are very pretty glad to have you . Please tell us about yourself and your educational background?

My name is Mike Navarini. I’m a no-nonsense internet entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve created and run various businesses on and offline since I was a teenager. Following two years working in corporate America (management consulting) after college (UCLA Economics/Political Science Class of 06′), I started running online marketing campaigns on Yahoo!  At the time, it wasn’t too difficult to make money online. In fact, my first day in the space I was profitable (thanks to a friend who gave me some great tips).

Nowadays, due to competition and other variables, it’s not so easy — but with a little time, investment & effort, I believe that anyone with basic computer skills can generate a livable income using the internet.  Once things are really moving, you can focus on building web assets and start living the kind of lifestyle most people dream about (no joke).   One of the keys to success online is branding yourself correctly to attract and retain clients.

You do this buy positioning yourself with the right ‘online real estate.’  You may now have thought of it this way, but a domain name is literally digital real estate and it makes sense to invest in high value real estate that is positioned to bring in business.  Your domain is literally the first thing that customers will notice about your online presence.  Having a catchy, memorable, easy to spell domain that expresses the core of your company’s value is imperative to letting your clients know you are a serious company that they will want to do business with.

Since it is difficult nowadays to find available ‘.com’ domains that are available to register, my company, provides an easy, quick, and affordable solution for entrepreneurs to find a great name for their next big business idea.

2) Any suggestion you would like to give on domain name buying. As having cheesy domain sometimes attract clients & advertisers to buy domains?

Yeah, sure! A funny name that is catchy is always good.  Look at Yahoo, Bing, Pepsi, etc.These are invented words that are catchy and fun.  They are easy to spell and remember.  They are entirely unique and also a bit strange in a way. Some of the most popular domains on our website are invented words that are perfect to create an entirely fresh brand.

3) How did you entered into this premium domain business services?

I have been buying domains since I was a teenager for personal websites.  I realized domains had value when I heard of domains being sold for millions of dollars, so I got more and more serious about domaining when I was still young.  I also realized that you can buy expensive domains and hold them for a while, and sell them for an even higher price in the future… Domains seem to keep going up in value, year after year, so its always a good time to invest.

4) Dont you think this domain is very risky , how you secure your future with this domain business?

Domain investment is not risky, if you know what you are doing.  As long as you are buying domains that have inherent high value, they will always be worth something.  Sometimes a single letter or character can make a domain worthless or worth millions.

5) Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name?

Make sure it is easy to spell.  Make sure it is short (less than 3 syllables is a good rule).  Make sure it is the best spelling it can be (think of all the possible variations and pick the best one).  Make sure it sounds good when spoken.

6) 3 tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name ?

Think about what your company wants to express itself as, and buy a domain accordingly.  The name cant hint about what your company does.  Don’t rush – buying a domain can take several days to a week of research.  Get expert advice – feel free to contact a brand expert at Namerific for tips and guidance.

7) How do you find right buyer for  your domain. What research you do  to find buyers? receives thousands of visitors per day via search engines, ads, and word of mouth.  We are one of the top places entrepreneurs go to find a great name for their idea.

8) What is the most expensive domain you acquired and sell in your life ?

The most expensive domain?  I cannot tell you as I had to sign privacy statements from the buyer, but the domain was in the $XX,XXX range.

9) Who gave you the idea of domain buying and selling. This  business is not everyone game right ?

I first read articles about domains being sold for millions of dollars when I was young.  This is where the idea came from.

10) What other business do  you have beside domain selling and buying ?

The Namerific branding agency is accompanied by its sister companies, (an ad network) and others in the advertising and marketing niche.

11) What do you think  is the price ?

If it would have been that would make it more premium.  However the value of your domain is in the current traffic and traction you have from branding under that domain, so it is probably worth a lot of money regardless of the extra letters.

I hope you enjoy this interview with mutli-millionaire domain king MikeIf you have any questions about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

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