MoboRobo : The New Way of Smartphone Management

More than often, you need a PC-based tool to manage your Smartphone, regardless its platform! In some brands, we can find viable solutions such as Apple iTunes, Samsung Kies etc. However, if you’ve Smartphones manufactured by a number of other brands, you cannot find an official tool to manage your Smartphone using PC.

Even if you’ve found one, it might not be rich in terms of features and productivity. But, things have changed, developers now know, what users want, and MoboRobo is here to help you manage your Smartphone, be it based on Android or iOS, through PC.

And, here we are with a detailed review of this wonderful tool, which is a sort of blessing for each Smartphone user, who finds the Smartphone screen insufficient to manage processes at least in some situations. In addition, the latest update of MoboRobo has brought some useful features to this tool, which we will cover. So, shall we start the review of MoboRobo – an essential tool for Smartphone users and vendors?

A Preface to MoboRobo

Understanding MoboRobo is simple if you have used tools like Samsung Kies or more probably Apple iTunes. Though we can consider MoboRobo as iTunes for Android, MoboRobo offers much more features when compare to those of iTunes, Kies or any other official tool for Smartphones. Simply put, MoboRobo is a Smartphone management tool for Windows-based computers, which lets you manage your iPhone or Android Smartphones using the big screen of PC.

As we said, when compared with other tools, MoboRobo consists of a number of features, and we will explore those features now. Since there is plethora of features in MoboRobo, we are listing out prominent features only.

MoboRobo Main Screen Dashboard

Application Management and Mobo Store

You know about other Smartphone management tools available in market! Superb features in app management part are what make MoboRobo exceptional. There is a special section in MoboRobo meant to manage apps in your device as well as to install new applications from Mobo Store, an exclusive application store from same developers.

When it comes to managing applications, both system applications and user-installed applications, you have several options, such as changing path of installation (SD card to phone memory and vice versa), uninstalling apps massively, etc.You can also find an app updater in MoboRobo that lets you update all your applications using internet connection of PC.

MoboRobo App Management

And, above all of these, the in-built app store from Mobo developers will let you download applications using PC in a matter of seconds. In this way, you can cut down 3G internet usage in your device, especially if you have an internet connection with good speed at home. Likewise, you can download games as well. The feature is very useful for you if you are a Smartphone vendor, as you can use MoboRobo to install multiple applications using the store or APK files.

Contact & Message Management

Just like that of application, there is a special tab in MoboRobo to manage data in your device such as contacts, SMS, and calls. Among these, the option to manage contacts is perhaps the most useful one; it will help you manage your contacts with ease, especially if the number is huge.

You can export or import your contacts, create contacts and edit existing ones etc. On the other hand, when it comes to the case of message management, you can view all messages in devices, be notified when there is a new message, and reply to messages from your PC itself.

Simply put, you don’t have to lean to check out your messages when you have it connected to your PC via MoboRobo. Similarly, when we consider case of calls, you can check out call log of device, prompt to create calls, answer calls (in speaker mode) etc using PC itself.

Messages Management

Media & Theme Management

Just like the case of application management and data management, there are options to manage media files as well as themes. For the purpose of managing themes, however, you have to install MoboLive – an Android launcher from the same developer that has hundreds of impressive features including changeable themes – in your device.

You can download favourite themes from the provided store, and install it in your device instantly. Similarly, there are special sections to message pictures, videos, ringtones and music. For three of these, there are specific stores, from which it is possible for you to get trending wallpapers, videos and ringtones. Obviously, these features make MoboRobo nice, when we view it in appearance-minded users’ perspective.

Mobo Theme Center

UI & Bottom Line

While talking about User Interface, we should not avoid the brief and effective dashboard of MoboRobo. This helps it to give users a brief view on their device, including details such as remaining battery, space consumption, rooted or not, etc.

When it comes to verdict, MoboRobo CANNOT disappoint us! According to our experience, MoboRobo is one of the superb tools every Smartphone user should check out.

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