Money Robot Review 2024 Tutorial ($67/mo 7 days Free) [Updated]

Being a digital marketer I am always on a lookout for tools and software which can help me deliver quality work to my clients. I keep going through blogs, newsletters, forums dedicated to new technologies.

Recently I came across Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot

It is an automated SEO tool created by Softtechsrl. It has been creating buzz in the market lately with people claiming it to be easy to use yet very effective SEO tool and one of the best tools to generate traffic to your website and get it ranked on the first page of Google.

Money Robot Review

Money Robot Review 2024 Tutorial ($497 Lifetime License) [Updated]

I didn’t believe it in the start as there are a lot of people who are paid to write good things about a product. So I went on their website and downloaded their 7-day free trial.

Money Robot

To be honest I didn’t really expect much from this software as there are lots of similar tools present in the market which I have been using for a long time. Still, all the hype got me curious enough to give Money Robot Submitter a shot. It’s smooth and slick interface blew my mind. After using software with so complex interface in which they bundle everything on the user, I never thought an interface can be so simple and easy. I literally had to do nothing. I was able to finish my campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Money Robot Submitter FAQs

➡️ What is Money Robot Submitter? SEO Software?

It is an automated SEO tool created by Softtechsrl. It has been creating buzz in the market lately with people claiming it to be easy to use yet very effective SEO tool and one of the best tools to generate traffic to your website and get it ranked on the first page of Google.

📌What are the Money Robot Alternatives?

Here I would like to say, Money Robot Submitter is a reliable SEO tool that you should definitely give a try. Other Money Robot their other tools but they aren’t able to match the kind of feature and functionality this tool offers.

✅ How much does Money Robot Submitter Cost?

The basic plans basically comes at $67 and the lifetime plan mainly comes at $497 Onetime payment.

Developers at Softtechsrl did a pretty awesome job in keeping it simple and so easy that even a technical noob can use this software. Needless to say, I was hooked on Money Robot Submitter. I recommended Money Robot Submitter to my fellow Digital Marketers and like me, they were all pretty impressed and fascinated by this outstanding tool.

Money Robot

That is why I am writing this article so that more and more people can benefit from Money Robot Tool

Anyone can use Money Robot Seo Software website owners, Media companies, SEO Companies, Big corporations.

If you are a Digital Marketer or a blogger or a Digital Enthusiast you must be familiar with the importance of backlinks in getting your page ranked on top. The feature which make this Seo tool unique and different from others is that it supports infinite Website platforms. It lets you submit backlinks and content to platforms with support built right in:

  Social Network Posts
• Wiki Articles
Web Directories
Social Bookmarking
• Press Release
Article Directories
Web 2.0 Profiles
Forum Profiles
• Web 2.0 Blogs

Money Robot Submitter Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Money Robot

After creating backlinks it keeps tracking your live backlinks, related texts and information. Money Robot Submitter servers are always hunting for the websites that can provide quality backlinks to your website, when it finds one it automatically submits your content on that website. You no longer have to sit in front of your computer for hours and search for websites, Money Robot Submitter team will send you a new list of quality websites everyday where you can submit your content automatically.

Just like Backlinking, link building is also important. But the problem is that it consumes a lot of time also it is little complex. In fact 80 percent of companies engaged in SEO are spending more than $1,000 a month on link building But Money Robot Submitter has made Link building process really easy and completely automated.

I remember spending hours submitting links. But with Money Robot I was able to form numerous links and submit it within minutes. It also gives me an option to build my own SEO link building campaign. It literally made my work easy and saved a lot of time. No I can use the time I saved on getting new projects.

The submission process of money robot is pretty amazing. You don’t have to do anything it creates accounts on various websites automatically even the activation of e-mails. Its multiple thread features helps it finish the job very quickly.

In this image you can see how to insert the decaptcha username and password :

Money-Robot-Tutorial Captcha breaker

Here you can see an image where you can view all details needed to start a campaign :


There are some spectacular features in Money Robot Submitter which add stars to its glory

Moneyrobot how to use it

Money Robot Tutorial how to use it

Captcha Solving

This free feature available in Money Robot submitter solves all simple captcha like photo captcha, text captcha, and calculation captcha. And for the complex captcha, it offers you support. Their artificial intelligence software uses Internet Explorer, Firefox or chrome to stimulate real human activity and can easily pass any robot detection mechanism.

Article Spinning

This is one of the best additional features. The reason I say this is that you can produce as much articles as you want. It has built-in rewriter which can re-write any articles in n number of ways. You don’t have to be concerned about your content being duplicate. If you buy a similar tool it will cost you around 100$-200$ but it is integrated in Money Robot submitter.

 Money Robot

Some Videos Tutorials for Money Robot Submitter

Here are some videos are for SEO experts they will help you starting campaigns. See these tutorials and you can learn how to use this tool.

Please install Adobe Flash Player to View These Videos Below

Generic Keywords

Move accounts

Create Category

Video ranking campaign creation process

Video ranking views and likes


Re-use same accounts

Clone campaign

Importing accounts

Add no link

Image adding

Web profile creation

Customer Support

Good customer Service is a foundation of any good business. And creators of Money Robot Submitter have followed this policy. Their customer support service is impeccable. They are always available on Skype, yahoo, E-mail and via ticket system available on forum. I have interacted with Nick from customer support team who taught me some good Seo tricks.

Over To You : Money Robot Review 2024 Tutorial

I can say Money Robot Submitter is a future of SEO software. It is really simple, easy and fast. I have been using this tool for a while and it has reduced my workload 50% which has helped me in the growth of my business. You don’t need to be a tech geek in order to work with this software. You really don’t have to do much when you have Money Robot Submitter installed. It does all the work for you. This automated tool is a boon for every E-Business.

You can expect high quality work within seconds from Money Robot Submitter. It is the answer for all the problems related to SEO. I strongly recommend this tool to everyone. If you want to check it for yourself you can download the trial version of Money Robot from here. Try this 7- day free trial and if you like which you will you can buy it from their website. There is multiple payment option from per month to lifetime.


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  1. I was quite alien to Money Robot until I used the 07 days trial. It helped a lot learning the software before putting my money on the line. Compare to what other offers MR works really great + this article just made the things to be get done quite easier. Thank you for this article. No match! Keep up the good work and please post similar stuff.

  2. Article is having a very good information particularly who are new to SEO can gain knowledge

  3. I am new to SEO. I have used Money Robot on the 7 day free trial and it spins the articles a little funny. Is there any way you can get penalized from Google for a spun article? Is it safe to for long term SEO on the Web 2.0 blogs to put a backlink to your primary site or should you use a buffer site? And is it safe to do 100 web 2.0 blog submits in one sitting or should you space them out over time?
    Thanks for your help.
    PS: Am I worrying about it too much?

  4. I ve used Money Robot for the last 3 months. It seems to have huge amounts of unsuccessful posts. Doesnt work correctly and its unstable. I tried to give it a chance with any upcoming update, but this never happened. I dont recommend it. There are other tools out there that give much better results.

  5. Nice Article. I was really looking for such tools. Thanks allot to share

  6. this is very helpful as I am already using Backlinksindexer before but never really see that point of it. But now I’m back and is ready to put my suite back in page1 so I was searching if this indexing system will really help me. Id give it another try though. Thanks for this article.

  7. Hi Jessee,

    Can you please suggest me a good software to automate SEO campaigns for Directory Submissions, SBM Submissions, Article Submissions etc..?

  8. Jessee R,
    Is Money Robot only for tier 1?
    Does Money Robot replace RankerX and/or GSA SER?

  9. Money robot software is an amazing software, I purchased the monthly subscription 2 months ago and my rankings get improved constantly , I finally like to check my daily website statistics because I notice improvements almost every day 🙂 , I like also that the software is getting updates almost daily 🙂

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