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Hi, everyone! Just want to tell you my story about starting relationships with Monstroid, maybe it will be useful for uses and developers in doubt.

So, let’s begin. I have purchased Monstroid WordPress theme from TemplateMonster these days.

Monstroid themes

A brief note for those who don’t know what is Monstroid. This is a new, really huge theme built on Cherry Framework 4.0 able to satisfy all your web design requirements. Click the link available in the previous sentence to know more about the framework, its developers will tell you all the details better than me.

However, what I like about the themes having Cherry 4 at their core is the simplicity of their customization, the backup feature, which is really cool, and an independent module structure, which allows using each plugin independently, out of the framework. Actually, TeplateMonster’s developers did a really good job with the fourth framework update. It’s safe to say that only the name from the previous release has been left untouched.

But let’s return to my purchase. As soon as I saw all this advertising all over the net, I decided that if even half of it is true, the theme should be a brilliant investment, especially what I need for my middle-size business site. So, I paid 79$, which is a reasonable price for such kind of project and started to check it out.

By the way, the company released 2 updates of Monstroid since its launch on the 22nd of July. This commands respect; the guys take care of their customers’ satisfaction and constantly improve their product.

Here is a list of pros I’ve already found in my Monstroid. It seems to me that more discoveries are waiting for me in the short run.

Monstroid UI

Monstroid is utterly universal; it can be used for designing any kind of website to present any kind of business online (from personal blog to the fully-functional e-Commerce project.) Monstroid includes a variety of child themes for various business niches and their number grows from month to month (+ up to 15 topics monthly).

You get your Monstroid with a single site license, but it’s not a problem to get additional 4 or 9 licenses that allow you to use this theme on 5 or 10 sites respectively.

A pack of 145 ready-made designs is included into the pack. Each page layout is thoroughly drawn and offers multiple variations with different structures, blocks, UI elements ad more.

Monstroid is extremely easy to install with their installation wizard. This is an innovative solution which you can use to install all theme components in a few clicks. Theme files are downloaded from the cloud. Press the ‘Next’ button, even a child can do this. After the plugin installation and pasting the license key, it does everything automatically. It’s great that you can check only the plugins and tools you need for your work and not to turn your website into a storehouse for unnecessary things you’ll never call to memory.

With multiple style options feature you can choose between one of four layouts: masonry, flat, grid, masonry flat.

You can use the main theme for building a professional WooCommerce store. Monstroid is delivered with a variety of ready-made product pages. Customize the menu, upload your content and sell online. All child themes are also WooCommerce ready, so you can choose one of them for your store if it fits your concept better.

Monstroid store

Monstroid has been developed both for DIY guys and developers.

Monstroid DIY  steps

Let me recap some of the features that will surely turn the attention of the latter.

Monstroid themes from templatemonster shortcodes

Shortcode Templater, Static Area Builder, Dynamic CSS, СSS minifier and so on…

The following tools are oriented on DIY guys. They are: 100+ Exclusive shortcodes, Multiple Sliders, 50+ Royalty-Free Graphics, Full Social Integration and others.

I decided not to explain what these instruments do I use for, you’d better read about them yourself in the extensive Monstroid text and video documentation.

Monstroid themes features

In addition to the exclusive extensions and numerous helpful features, Monstroid offers 23 powerful plugins for each and every customer’s requirement.

Monstroid Themes Motoporess editor

It’s time to wrap up, but at the end of this short review I can’t help mentioning the free 24/7 lifetime support and updates you get after buying Monstroid. From my point of view, it’s a serious benefit over the competitors as not all web design companies can boast such customer’s service offered for free as long as they need it.Monstroid price

Monstroid themes affiliate

If my blog post has sparked your interest towards Monstroid, click here and know more about this amazing project.

P.S. Yes, I am happy with my Monstroid!

Monstroid price

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  1. Informative article. True that Monstroid is one of the prominent frameworks available with WordPress Web Content Management System (CMS). No doubt that WordPress already have abilities that help enterprises to build strong and consistent web application all with the minimum efforts and cost, however any system needs continuous enhancements and adding Monstroid is a great plus. Monstroid is specifically a design tool that helps a CMS development company to build websites with any possible content, style and complexity without the need to write a single line of code. This Multipurpose theme allows to build a site for any business type with its inbuilt visual content editor. There are dozens of shortcodes for Monstroid users that can be modified further with Shortcode editors which is capable of changing shortcode attributes and elements loading order. This retina enabled, responsive theme is ready to be used with WooCommerce, making monstroid a go to theme for website developers.
    WordPress certainly has other frameworks like Genesis and Themify which works similar to Monstroid, however Monstroid with its strong content editing capabilities is surely a good option.

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