OndeSoft Audible Converter Review 2023: What Is Audible Converter?

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Ease Of Use
Download speeds
Batch Conversion
User Interface


  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Allow extremely lengthy audiobooks.
  • Change codec, bitrate, sample rate, and channels.
  • Convert.aa/.aax files from Audible to.mp3 or.m4a/.m4b.


  • New in the market

Amazon creates and sells audiobooks via the Audible platform. You may buy them without a membership, or if you have a subscription, you can borrow them for streaming (covered in greater detail below).


Are you looking for an OndeSoft Audible Converter Review 2023, This article is for you

You may have heard of Audible, an Amazon company that provides audiobooks and other spoken-word content.

Like most people, you probably don’t have enough time to read books the traditional way. Audible lets you listen to books while driving, working out, or just taking a break.

But what if you want to listen to those books on your own time and not be restricted by Audible’s playback restrictions?

That’s where the OndeSoft Audible Converter comes in. With this powerful software, you can convert any Audible book into a format compatible with any audio player or device. That means you can now enjoy your favorite audiobooks anywhere and anytime.

What Is Audible?

Amazon creates and sells audiobooks via the Audible platform. You may buy them without a membership, or if you have a subscription, you can borrow them for streaming (covered in greater detail below).

OndeSoft Audible Converter Review

Do you have to pay for Audible books? In short, absolutely. The monthly rate for subscription models is fixed, although the purchase price of individual titles might vary significantly.

The Sherlock Holmes audiobook set narrated by Stephen Fry, for example, costs an astounding $82.77. However, some are far less expensive, and a few are free from the start.

Due to Audible’s size and popularity, most audiobooks are accessible via the site. Some are even exclusive to the platform. You are not restricted to audiobooks; Audible offers various media types, such as podcasts and music for meditation.

Major Features and Benefits of OndeSoft Audible Converter

Ondesoft Audible Converter for Windows can unlock Audible DRM Audiobooks and convert aa/aax audiobooks to lossless WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3, M4B, MP3, and M4A.

Excellent output quality and rapid conversion speed. Chapter information will be kept in the output M4A files, allowing you to resume listening from where you left off quickly.

  • User-friendly Audible Converter:

There is no need for the Audible app; download the audiobooks to your PC. Drag and drop them into the Ondesoft Audible Converter, then click the Convert button.

  • Convert AAX to M4B, MP3, and M4A:

Whether you choose MP3 or FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) for your audiobook files, you can effortlessly convert them using the Ondesoft Audible Converter.

As for the conversion format, they highly advise using lossless M4A because of its breakneck conversion speed and lossless sound quality and because, like aa/aax, it keeps chapter information. You are aware of the significance of the chapter in an audiobook with hundreds of hours. Additionally, the converted audiobook preserves all original information, which may be edited before conversion.

  • Speed and convenience at your fingertips: 

What components of converting an Audible DRM audiobook to a DRM-free format are you most worried about? The audiobook quality after converting and the rate of conversion, correct? Additionally, the Ondesoft Audible Converter is highly concerned with these two features. It can convert audible aa/aax audiobooks to lossless m4a format rapidly, converting many hundred hours of audiobooks in seconds.

  • Play Audible audiobook anywhere: 

Audible boasts the most extensive audiobook collection in the world. Even if you have bought and downloaded Audible audiobooks to your computer, you can only play them via the Audible or Apple Books app on Mac or the AudibleSync and iTunes apps on Windows 10. Convert aax files from Audible to mp3 and m4a. Then, you may play Audible audiobooks with any software, including QuickTime, VLC, and Windows Media Player.

How To Download and Install the OndeSoft Audible Converter?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of OndeSoft Audible Converter from here, and click on ‘Try it Free’ depending on your OS.

OndeSoft Audible Converter step1

Step – 2: A download will automatically start. Let it get downloaded completely. When it is completed, double-click on it.

OndeSoft Audible Converter step2

Step – 3: Choose the language of your choice and click on ‘OK.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step3

Step – 4: You can choose to browse and save the software anywhere you want and click on ‘Next.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step4

Step – 5: Again, click on ‘Next.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step5

Step – 6: Now click on ‘Install.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step6

Step – 7: When the installation is complete, click on ‘Finish.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step7

Step – 8: Click on ‘Buy Now.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step8

Step – 9: You will be directly taken to the Ondesoft Pricing Page. Scroll down and find the Ondesoft Audible Converter. Click on ‘Buy Now’ depending on your browser.

OndeSoft Audible Converter step9

Step – 10: Fill in the details and click on ‘Buy Now.’ Complete the payment.

OndeSoft Audible Converter step10

Step – 11: You will get an activation code after completing the payment. Fill this activation code here and click on ‘Activate.’

OndeSoft Audible Converter step11

Step – 12: There, you will see the dashboard. Start using it by simply dropping the music you want to work with. You can explore all their features now.

OndeSoft Audible Converter step12

OndeSoft Audible Converter Pros & Cons

OndeSoft Audible Converter Pros

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Allow extremely lengthy audiobooks.
  • Manage and maintain all meta-tag data, including chapter meta information.
  • Change codec, bitrate, sample rate, and channels.
  • Batch conversion allows you to convert an entire collection of audiobooks.
  • No app or authorization is required for Audible.
  • Divide a lengthy audiobook into chapters or by duration.
  • Super-fast lossless conversion.
  • Convert.aa/.aax files from Audible to.mp3 or.m4a/.m4b.

OndeSoft Audible Converter Cons

  • None

FAQs On OndeSoft Audible Converter Review

What is the OndeSoft Audible Converter conversion rate?

The conversion speed while converting to lossless m4a may approach 700x. The conversion time to other formats is 13x faster.

Will OndeSoft Audible Converter preserve the audiobook chapter?

Yes, please convert to m4a format to save audiobook chapters.

Can I use the OndeSoft Audible Converter to convert a 60-hour-long audiobook?

Audible audiobooks of any length may be converted using Ondesoft Audible Converter.

Do I need to install the audible app to use the OndeSoft Audible Converter to convert audiobooks?

No. You do not need the Audible app installed on your computer to convert Audible audiobooks using the Ondesoft Audible Converter.

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Conclusion: OndeSoft Audible Converter Review 2023

Overall, OndeSoft Audible Converter is a great program that does what it promises. It’s easy to use and can quickly convert Audible files into MP3s or other formats.

The only downside is that the trial version doesn’t allow batch conversion, so you must convert each file at a time. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable way to convert your Audible files.

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