Orangedox Review 2023: Is It The Best Document Protection and Tracking Platform?


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Orangedox is a Dropbox and Google Drive Document Protection plugin program that allows users to save, track, alter, and share documents in the cloud. It aids the tracking of papers by sales, marketing, and compliance departments.

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  • Easy to use - Orangedox offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to get up and running quickly.
  • Secure storage - All documents are stored in a secure cloud environment, ensuring your files are safe from any outside threats.
  • Automated workflow - Orangedox automates certain workflows, such as document approval and tracking, to save you time and effort.
  • Integrations - Orangedox integrates with a number of popular applications to make your workflow more efficient.


  • Limited customization - While Orangedox offers a range of customization options for documents, the overall experience is limited in comparison to other similar services.


Price: $

Looking for Orangedox Review, you are at the right place.

Cybersecurity will be the most significant challenge for businesses in 2020, especially with the advent of the Internet of Things and mobile devices that are tied to critical company data.

According to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, a data breach costs an average of $148 PER RECORD. Knowing this, you may appreciate the value of document security software. 

It’s not as difficult as you would believe to keep your documents safe. You may safely protect critical documents behind strong passwords and impregnable encryption with a few document security technologies.

Keeping this in mind, today we are giving you a comprehensive review of Orangedox, which is one of the most trusted and affordable document protection tools available in the market right now.


What Is Orangedox?

Orangedox Review

Orangedox is a Dropbox and Google Drive Document Protection plugin program that allows users to save, track, alter, and share documents in the cloud. It aids the tracking of papers by sales, marketing, and compliance departments.

It provides sales document analytics on shared Dropbox and Google Drive files and folders, as well as page-by-page viewership information, workflow integration, and Gmail attachment monitoring. Businesses can use OrangedoxDropbox to create a branded site for their clients.

What Can You Do With Orangedox?

The number of engagements on your documents that you send out into the online world may be simply tracked with Orangedox. All of your documents will be branded and tagged individually, allowing you to keep track of who accesses them. This can help you add security measures to these papers to prevent anyone you don’t want to see from seeing them.

This is particularly useful because you can better safeguard your information from prying eyes and establish restrictions on your documents. If you like, you can increase their level of protection.

The advantages can come when you want to send your documents as attachments via email and don’t know who else will be able to access them except the person for whom they were meant.

Tools & Features

Orangedox has capabilities such as sales and email tracking, email marketing campaign tracking, compliance, and data rooms, auto document sync, viewership metrics, tracking social media and site engagement, and more.

Secure Document Sharing

Orangedox - Secure Document Sharing

You can grant controlled access to your papers, guaranteeing that no one other than those you grant access to can see them. This allows you to ensure that only the designated recipients receive your documents.

No passwords are necessary because the Secure Document Sharing technology checks each recipient’s device before granting access. You can also keep track of when your receiver views or downloads your shared documents, down to the pages they’ve looked at and how long they spent doing so.

Secure Data Rooms

Orangedox - Secure Data Rooms

With our Secure Document Sharing technology, which stops access from being forwarded to others, this feature ensures that your data room remains secure. There are no passwords required. You may build data rooms where you can keep track of who has read your papers and have full control over who has accessed them in a completely secure environment, ensuring that your data isn’t misused.

Your Documents are will be immediately synced with your data room from your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage, allowing you to simply update, add, or remove files from your cloud folder.

Furthermore, when it comes to document access, you have the option of disabling or enabling access for participants in real-time, ensuring that only the appropriate people have access.

Document Tracking

Orangedox - Document Tracking

Orangedox allows you to track individual document access and see who has viewed or downloaded your documents, as well as what they’ve viewed and when. Not only that, but you can also keep track of which pages of your documents are viewed and for how long.

You may also distribute your marketing materials on the web, including PDFs, audio, video, office docs, Google docs, and other formats. 

Seamless Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

This integration allows you to share your Google Drive and Dropbox data with others, as long as the information you share is labeled and tracked. Assuring the security of your data at all times. As a result, after you’ve shared it, you’ll be able to track it at all times.

Gmail Attachment Protection & Tracking

You can effortlessly attach, monitor, and track your email attachments without ever leaving Gmail because your Gmail attachments are automatically synced and protected. You may also change the access settings for your attachments at any moment, even after they’ve been delivered. The document tracking tool will also tell you when and for how long each attached file or folder was viewed. All the way down to the amount of time spent on each page.

Publish by Orangedox

Orangedox also has a fantastic “Publish” tool for all the passionate and dedicated content creators out there, which allows them to go viral by putting their work online in only a few clicks. There are no limitations on what you can create; as long as it adheres to Orangedox’s publishing regulations, the company will publish it.

You can preserve control of your work with this function. Prevent downloading by enforcing a password or download code, which you can revoke at any moment. You may also see and download the works that your audience likes on social media and messaging apps.

YouAs previously said you can quickly Publish from your Cloud storage because all of your documents on Orangedox are properly synchronized with Google Drive and Dropbox. Even after you’ve published, Orangedox will sync any changes you’ve made.

The best thing here is that this feature is absolutely free and you can publish as much content as you want without any restrictions or limits, and without paying a single extra penny.

How Much Does Orangedox Cost?

Orangedox - Pricing

Orangedox is a comprehensive document management and tracking system for people from all areas of life. Customers have praised the company’s efforts, and things have been running smoothly as a result.

Customers will be pleased to learn that Orangedox has a variety of price plans from which to pick based on their present requirements. Orangedox’s costs are reasonable, given that it is primarily targeted at individuals and small businesses.

Personal Publishing

Price: FREE

The personal plan is free to use and allows creators to publish their work online and track usage across all platforms.  Plus it allows creators to keep control over their work, with features like passwords, download codes, and the ability to prevent downloading altogether.

professional personal

Price: $15 per month

The professional personal plan has many advantages, including the ability to track and share your documents, as well as securely share your documents as often as you like using the Google Drive and Dropbox connection. Allowing you to sync your data across many platforms.


Price: $45 per month

The business strategy picks up the monetary incentive and allows users to create the brand or tag that they place on your papers before you share them online using their secure data room alternatives. Because of these extra features, the Business plan is the most popular of all the price levels.


Price: $120 per month

Business professionals that want complete control over their document monitoring and sharing should choose the Team plan. They can also add more persons to their accounts to handle the papers by unlocking further team management options.

Free Trial

If you are not sure whether you should purchase a paid package, then Orangedox also gives you the option to try out their tools with their free trial. The free trial period lasts up to 14 days, and you can use various Orangedox services. You won’t have to add in your billing or credit card information to make use of the trial period, either. 

Why Should You Try Orangedox?

Orangedox is a document protection platform that ensures that any documents you share or papers you submit will be tracked and protected against spying by third parties. You may relax knowing that you can see when and by whom your paper has been opened and viewed.

This can help you keep your files safe, and it’s all because of Orangedox’s cutting-edge protection technology. So keep your documents safe and secure, and don’t let anyone else use Orangedox to gain access to them.

Who Is Orangedox Suitable For?

Salespeople that need to provide marketing materials to customers will love Orangedox. Finance and compliance experts that need to create a secure data room with exact tracking numbers from Dropbox or Google Drive may find it beneficial. To protect their work, users can use a secure password or download a code. You may also use Orangedox to add your logo to the papers you share, making everything look more professional. You can also use visual previews of the relevant content in the right order to lead your clients through your task.

Why Do We Recommend Using Orangedox?

Orangedox keeps its word on document security and tracking. This one-of-a-kind feature comes with a fully functional user interface and a guarantee of assisting you in achieving optimum compliance and protection. Without having to worry about your files falling into the wrong hands, you may simply communicate confidential information with relevant sources.

File sharing has gotten much easier and more efficient thanks to Orangedox’s Google Drive and Dropbox integration. You can effortlessly share your information over the internet and expect it to reach the appropriate and authorized recipients. You can also track its movements because you’ll be notified every time it’s seen or downloaded, right down to which parts of the document were viewed and when. Everything will be studied and meticulously cataloged for you to peruse.

Additionally, getting outstanding and secure sales and auditing reps, as well as financial and compliance specialists that seek to employ Orangedox’s capabilities, is a bonus. Its secure data rooms function even verifies which authorized users have correctly seen the files among the permitted participants.

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Conclusion: Orangedox Review 2023

Orangedox is a full-featured Document Management System aimed at startups and small businesses. Orangedox specializes in providing end-to-end Web App solutions.

Compliance Tracking is available in one place with this online Document Management solution. These capabilities are combined into a single platform allowing customers to control their data and security settings without the fear of data theft.

Users may quickly share their information and limit the number of people who have access to it. Without user authorization, no unauthorized parties will be able to access it.

Even then, all of their data file activities, such as viewing and downloading, would be recorded and transmitted back to the sender.

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