People Creating Fake Profiles, Misleading & Conning Common Masses

Hi Bloggers, Today I am going to discuss very important thing about fake profiles in SEO. Yes, you heard it right; I am observing that people are creating fake profiles for sake of SEO & other spamming activities.

I am really disturbed to see that many guys are doing these unacceptable stuffs to get fake traffic on their blogs or websites. They are creating fake females/males profile to get high traffic on their respective blogs.

Fake Profiles Spamming


I myself observed there are many fake profiles on Facebook who are sending guest post request for my blog, they are using Girl’s names to attract me. I had checked their profile and found that they are fake and had plenty of promotional links on their profiles. I can clearly see that they are on Facebook for sake of fake traffic & Other SEO work. They are misleading other bloggers and enticing them with attractive female names. This is very disgusting to say that they all do just for getting good traffic and to improve alexa ranking. Is this a Right way to do that. You are creating fake profiles and want traffic from them. Common Bloggers Dont do that , Dont be so Hungry for traffic.

I would urge all bloggers never to follow this practice, as they are totally black hat methods in blogging and you will not get benefited by these in anyway. For short period of time these techniques will help you in traffic boost but not for long period of time, so stop doing these unethical practices. It will not help you in anyway. In turn people will know that you are here for spamming and other suspicious activities.

These spamming techniques are hated by Search Engines and after knowing about dubious activities, Search Engines frowned badly on spammers who spam social media and other platforms.

So why these fake profiles are created lets see below mentioned points:

People create Fake(pretended) profiles for

  • Phishing attacks
  • Email Spoofing
  • Fake Traffic For Blogs or websites
  • To increase Alexa Ranking
  • To Get personal Photos ( pretend ladies for ladies -If pretend ladies created relations bw Real ladies ,they can collect personal Photos,other things)
  • To get a lot of guests for there blogs/Website ( Newbies )
  • To sell product or service
  • For fun,Time passing
  • For cheating teens and minors.
  • For harassing females and torturing them. To con people out of money by getting them into a deal or an online relationship.
  •  To lead fake lives! Honestly, some people like to think they’re better than others, so they create a fake profile to make people think this.

How to detect Them

Profile image: Perpetually be suspicious of profiles that includes photos of skilled models. Most of the pretend profiles, particularly that of females, have just one profile image which too a gorgeous or sexy (ahem) picture!

Many Males: Their friends list can contain males largely (Well, that’s not their fault, gender issue ). It can be around 1000s or perhaps over that.

Always Check when Did They Joined? If they have several friends on their list and have solely been on the Social Network (Eg. Facebook, Pinterest, G+) a short quantity of time, it’s seemingly to be a pretend one.

Tag Me! He/she would be labelled in a lot of cartoon photos than his/her own image.

Apps Requests: If he/she is in your friend list, then I am sure you’ll get lot of applications or like requests from them. I got several requests like that. Infact I hate this a lot. These requests usually annoy me.

Facebook Albums: Most of the pretend profiles photos are open to everybody. Well, not a promising tip, however it can be worthy. Many fake profiles contain plenty of images however they’d not have tags indicating different profiles. They will additionally contain very tiny pics.

Full Detailed Profile: If a profile is protracted and elaborate, then you’ll be able to take care that it’s a true person. Fake Profile creators won’t have time to make long and fascinating profiles. They are just here for fun nothing else.

So please stop spamming and do blogging in ethical way , never indulge yourself in spamming. Don’t spam SEO and never use fake profile as a medium to increase traffic. These are all unethical practices and never help any bloggers. If you want to be top bloggers then you should never involved yourself in these deceiving tactics.

Never Ever Do this and Be a Real Blogger and share love with other bloggers by having real relationships. Don’t use fake Girl’s Name, Respect womanhood Please. I respect Girls and I urge you all to respect them too.

If you any Suggestions and advice please share it here in comments below.

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  1. Agnes

    I also notice that. Bloody scammers. Tsk.

  2. Julie Roy

    Woah this site is astounding i love mastering your content. Continue the great function! You know, many people are usually hunting around in this facts, you may enable them to significantly. People do create fake profiles & gain fake traffic.

  3. Hey Jitendra

    WOW thanks for the amazing piece of information. I have seen many fake profile with 10k , 20k followers on Facebook. People don’t pay attention that they are following a fake profile. Too many male friends and different profile pics are the common ways to identify the Fake profile.

    Although I don’t FB too much and only add known people or at least original ones. Once again thank you for the nice information.

    Keep up the good work. Would love to read more from you 🙂

    • Hmmm I am glad that Ashi U liked it very much, Yeah fake profiles r very annoying for me, I hate people who create fake profiles for sake of promotion.

  4. Ankur Upadhyay

    ya, this has been a problem these days. You will find them everywhere, not only on social networking sites. Nice article. Tips you shared for detecting them definitely works..

  5. Ishant Gupta

    This is really useful article and i have also found this type of spamming activities when i connect to my facebook account people asking me for click this link and w8 for 2 minutes and i realized they guys want to overcome their bounce rate and get genuine traffic. This is illegal/black hat seo technique.

  6. Nashua Indigo

    when there is social media, there will be tons of fake profiles .. the world these days is all about me me and me and nobody else. I will never be a part of this kind of attention. Even if you have no followers, people will read your tweets anyway.


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