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In recent years, Businesses have been escalating from ground level to the online level at a rapid rate. Hence, making Advertising is an essential aspect of the same. The rapid growth of online has been Advertising a lot easier and affordable in the recent years. There are many online advertising platforms in the market, but the two platforms that clearly stand out from the crowd are Perfect Audience and AdRoll .

The central aspect of online advertising is Retargeting. For instance, there might be times when online clients want to purchase something, and they look out on several websites for their requirements. This is a chain pattern as it takes a massive deal for a client actually to BUY the product. How would you make them visit on your website and choose for the products and services that you have to offer? This is where Redirecting comes to the picture. 

Retargeting is often a type of advertising strategy that is, of course, paid. This means, flashing your website’s product advertisement which your clients were interested in, over different websites and platforms on the web. It is highly likely that they would keep seeing your products advertisement on almost all the webpage they visit.

Perfect Audience vs AdRoll: OVERVIEW

Perfect Audience: Overview

Perfect Audience is a Redirecting platform that lets the businesses online get back their customers and visitors by showing the product advertisements that they seem to be interested in.

Perfect Audience-Overview

Ad banners can do this redirection across the websites they visit, or their social media handles such as Facebook home page, twitter or even Instagram.

All this is done to channelize the business online and target the clients who have shown interest in the products before.

AdRoll: Overview

AdRoll is also one of the leading Redirecting or online marketing platforms. This helps the marketing and business firms to get back to their clients who once showed interest in the products and services these firms offer, to channelize their business reach. 



AdRoll helps businesses to reach their visitors anywhere around the web, thus helping you in making the visitors redirect back and continue with their purchase.

Specifications Perfect Audience AdRoll
General Information Perfect Audience is a Redirecting platform that helps the online businesses get back their visitors by showing the product advertisements that they seem to be interested in. AdRoll is also one of the leading Redirecting or online marketing platforms. This helps the marketing and business firms to get back to their clients who might have shown interest in the products and services these firm offer.
Pricing plans The pricing is as follows:

  • Essential: $9 per month
  • Growth: $19 per month
  • Advanced: $499 per month
The pricing is as follows:

  • Essential: $9 per month
  • Growth: $19 per month
  • Advanced: $499 per month
Pricing Model
  • One-time payment
  • Yearly payment
  • Monthly payment
  • Monthly payment
  • One time payment
Free Trial Yes, for 2 weeks Yes, available
List of Features
  • Cross Device Targeting
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent Billing
  • Powerful Targeting
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Best Customer Support
  • Flexible Retargeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Rule based tag manager
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Clear Analytics
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexibility to users
  • Best Customer Support
  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible work environment
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Liquid ads
  • Spotify
  • Accenture
  • Slack
  • Twilio
  • Upwork
  • Twilio Sendgrid
  • Rollbar
  • Mail Gun
  • Binary.cpm
  • Backspace
Language Supported           English             English
Available Devices
  • Web-based
  • Web-based
Available Support             Email               Email
Company Size
  • Small companies
  • Medium companies
  • Large companies
  • Small companies
  • Medium companies
  • Large companies
  • Fast Spring
  • Stitch
  • Adobe Target
  • Medium companies
  • Fast Spring
  • Stitch
  • Adobe Target
Smart Score 9.1 9.7
User Satisfaction 100% 100%

Perfect Audience vs AdRoll: Key Features 

Perfect Audience: Key Features

Rule-based Tag Manager: Install a solitary following code. Make sections for each conduct you care about. 

Change Tracking: Track snap and view transformations, deal esteem, request ID and significantly more. 

Income Tracking: Pass in income esteems and analyze them against everyday advertisement spend. 

Change and Revenue Tracking: Measure the effect of advertisement perspectives and snaps on transformations, income and the sky’s the limit from there. 

Amazing Targeting: In the news channel and past. Ideal for mindfulness. 

Straightforward Billing: See each dollar go through with detail solicitations sent to your inbox. 

Convenience: The most effortless retargeting arrangement. Steady deals without the issue. 

Point by point Analytics: Key details like snap, transformations and income refreshed like clockwork

Cross-Device Targeting: Arrive at your guests across the work area, versatile and tablet, utilizing our Identity Graph

Adaptable Retargeting Window: React promptly or after some time to coordinate your business cycle 

Top-notch Customer Support: It is an expansion of your promoting group, prepared and ready to help when required bring back lost clients. 

Configuration crusades in minutes:  Simple to utilize stage makes it simple to set up retargeting efforts. 

Gainfully get more deals: Drive deals and transformations on autopilot. I assist you with catching all the easy pickings and bring lost clients back for a deal. Our publicists produce $8-10 in deals for each $1 spent. 

Reveal new promoting channels: See where your promotions perform best, and where your guests hang out on the web. So, I will give you straightforwardness on where your promotion is served and where they are changing over. Get more astute about your showcasing. 

Reach past Google: Flawless Audience is a top-notch continuous offering stage that serves your promotions across Google, OpenX, Rubicon, and each other top system. We guarantee that your retargeting efforts are on the best and most straightforward systems.

AdRoll: Key Features

Client, Role, and Access Management: Award admittance to choose information, highlights, objects, and so forth depending on the clients, job, gatherings, and so on. 

Programming interface/Integrations: Application Programming Interface – Specification for how the application speaks with another programming, for example, other promotion workers, DSPs, DMPs, and so forth. 

Custom Reports: Ready to make custom reports to oblige detailed measurements and critical execution markers. 

Execution and Reliability:  Programming is reliably accessible (uptime) and permits clients to finish errands rapidly because they are not trusting that the product will react to a move they made. 

Undertaking: Scalability Gives highlights to permit scaling to huge associations. 

Customization Capability:  Permits heads to modify to accommodate their exceptional cycle. Incorporates capacity to make custom objects, fields, rules, computations, and perspectives. 

Work process Capability: Computerizes a cycle that requires a progression of steps that commonly require mediation by a few distinct clients. Overseers can compose rules to figure out who and when a client needs to finish a stage. Likewise incorporates warning of clients when they have to make a move. 

Internationalization of your Business:  Empowers clients to make and oversee crusades with similar substance in different dialects and monetary standards. Advertisers can put promotions on sites from around the globe. 

Fraud Protection: Cautions advertiser of the presentation of specific missions.

CRM Integration enabling: Incorporates with CRM programming, which can help give setting to your mailing records. 

Online Media Integration: Incorporates with Social Media stages, which can help grow your span. 

Web-based business Integration: Coordinates with internet business stages, which can interface straightforwardly to your online store.

Email and Mobile Preview: Ensure supporters consider email to be expected. View imitated inboxes of significant email suppliers and cell phones (e.g., iOS, Android) to determine delivering issues. 

Oversee Email Lists: Rundown, the executive’s instruments, incorporate bringing in and keeping up endorser information. Oversee list division, profile property, the executives, and conveyance status—endorsers self-oversee inclinations. 

Show Functionality: Generally speaking item usefulness for show publicizing. 

Ensures greater Reach: Sum and nature of stock accomplice destinations on which advertisements can be put. 

Brand Protection: Guarantees advertiser’s promotions are put on decent sites that won’t harm brand picture or notoriety. 

Spending Pacing: Permits advertiser to set every day or week by week crusade spending that the promotion cut off utilizations to make reasonable offers. 

Rich Media Capabilities: Supports rich media shows and video promotions that include client association. 

Global Targeting: Ready to tailor promotions dependent on shopper general district, state or assigned market territory (DMA).

Crowd Segmentation: Convey specific promotions to explicit crowds. 

Revenue Tracking: Highlights to follow taps on transformations on retargeting advertisements.

Perfect Audience vs AdRoll: Performance-based Analysis

Perfect Audience: Performance

Connect is an essential feature in Perfect Audience, which makes it unique from other redirecting platforms over the web. It lets the businesses create the connection profiles for their firms and products, and can choose the websites they wish to partner with, unlike AdRoll, which does not have the feature of choosing. This partnering helps in the redirection of visitors.  

Also, It is a helpful platform for beginners who are immature in terms of online advertising.

AdRoll: Performance

AdRoll has a lot more inventory base than Perfect Audience. Its source includes Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook etc. among 30+ inventories which make it stand out from other redirecting platforms. But, this also has a negative aspect to it as businesses cannot regulate as to on which sites do they actually want to advertise their products and which site is to be left. Not having control over this can be a setback at times.

Perfect Audience vs AdRoll: Security Related Issues

Perfect Audience: Security Issue

Perfect Audience takes proper safety efforts to ensure against unapproved admittance to and unapproved change, exposure or potentially decimation of information. This incorporates the vital physical, electronic and administrative strategies to ensure information trustworthiness, access and use. Any information put away on Perfect Audience workers is treated as classified and isn’t accessible to the general population. Immaculate Audience has an inner security strategy regarding the classification of a client and other information, restricting access just to those representatives who we sensibly accept need to know such data to play out their occupations.

AdRoll: Security Issue

AdRoll deals with invalid traffic so you can concentrate on your missions. Over 99% of invalid traffic is gotten through AdRoll’s proactive arrangements before it can have any considerable effect, guaranteeing that they have the suitable checks set up to pre-channel dubious publishers’. 

Any spaces recognized as well springs of invalid traffic are forever blocked. The channel frameworks are set up that clean information as it comes in.

These frameworks are routinely upgraded to perceive the most recent dangers, proactively square invalid traffic, and protect the uprightness of your information. Computerized checks distinguish and square invalid traffic. Our calculations search for designs through IP sifting, timestamp correlations, and snap repetition to recognize cases of invalid traffic. 

All discoveries are utilized to strengthen our proactive frameworks so that I can keep on giving you the best insurance against invalid traffic.

Perfect Audience vs AdRoll: Price Structure

Perfect Audience: Pricing

It offers a free trial plan with a free to use $100 credit.

Perfect Audience-Pricing

And after that, the billing is done according to your usage and customizations as there is no fixed plan for the pricing rates.

AdRoll: Pricing

AdRoll has four plans to choose from, which are as follows:

Starter Plan

  • $0 per month.
  • Build your business
  • No contracts required

Essential Plan

  • $9 per month
  • Find customers for your business
  • Free 30-day trial

Growth Plan

  • $19 per month
  • Find your competitors
  • Free 30-day trial

Advanced Plan

  • $499 per month
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Marketing models
  • Revenue management
  • Revenue tracking



Perfect Audience vs AdRoll: Customer Service/ Support

It is essential to have a solid client care group to deal with the client and their questions. Each product or stage needs to have a steady group that can be accessible with their assistance for the guests whenever they need it. 

Perfect Audience: Customer Support

Perfect Audience offers the client care support through emails. Be that as it may, it has outstanding amongst other client care administrations in the market, among different contenders. They have a unique group that helps their clients at whatever point they need them.

Perfect Audience-Customer Support

Perfect Audience offers more choices and a more nitty-gritty cycle. In case you’re searching for granular records and division for various measures, Perfect Audience will be further developed for your necessities. Flawless Audience additionally permits clients to share records on the stage — without utilizing email and hazard losing individual data. It additionally offers greater adaptability with promoting, such as giving a UTM boundary manufacturer instrument that encourages you to construct and track crusades.

AdRoll: Customer Support

AdRoll is said to be the best and most popularly used platform around the globe. AdRoll likewise gives the email client assistance administration and has an amazing client care administration. It is supposed to have one of the best client support facilities.

AdRoll-Customer Support

Also, to access some additional features, you are required to go to the support team to fix the issues for you.

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Conclusion: Perfect Audience vs AdRoll 2023

If you want to expand your business online and for that, you are going for online advertising services; you need Redirecting services as well.

Retargeting has presented another type of information-driven personalization to change over easy-going website visitors into faithful purchasers. Advertisements can transform important client information into effective publicizing techniques—progressively. They are gathering anonymous data on client conduct and expectation assists with guaranteeing that brands can change over more possibilities by drawing in them with the privilege of imaginative and informing. 

So, when going for the retargeting platforms, first choose which type of retargeting you need to investigate with your item. In case you don’t know, help advise your choice by perusing the primary blog entry of this arrangement, Ad Retargeting: Making it Work for Your Company. You can likewise put together your choice concerning recorded information about advanced missions that your organization ran before.


Remember that, similar to some other apparatus, you have to test various ones to realize which will work best for your particular items or administrations. 

I have inspected every conceivable component that can assist you in finding the best one. I have looked at its highlights, bolster administration, execution, and security administrations. 

As we’ve seen, the two stages have their qualities, so I will suggest you attempting the free preliminary for both Perfect Audience and AdRoll.

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