ProProfs Help Desk Review 2023: Discount Coupon Upto 50% Off

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It is an all-in-one customer support tool that simplifies the entire ticket management process substantially.  

This tool comes with a number of basic and advanced features that equip agents to cater to customer questions accurately and instantly.

ProProfs Help Desk is ideal for small to large startups and companies belonging to any industry as it offers general features that can be customized according to your business easily. 

Not only that, but the tool also comes with a smart reporting feature that simplifies tracking individual agent performance and customer satisfaction rates.

A winner of multiple awards from platforms like CrozDesk and Compare Camp, ProProfs Help Desk offers multiple pricing plans with a 15-day free trial, ensuring you choose a plan that best suits your requirements. 

ProProfs Help Desk Coupon Codes 2023: Get Upto 50 % Off

ProProfs Help Desk Review - Pricing Plan

In-Depth ProProfs Help Desk Review

ProProfs Help Desk is a robust help desk software that enables you to streamline the entire customer support process. Right from when a customer tries to get in touch with a support agent to resolve their queries, everything can be tracked through this software.

All you have to do is sync your current customer-facing email to this software, and you are good to go. If you don’t have an email that is dedicated to your customer requests, then you can create a new email and start using this software solely for your customer requests.

ProProfs Help Desk Review - ProProfs Help Desk

Having one platform with one centralized view for all your teams simplifies the process of resolving your customers’ issues instantly. 

Instead of taking days or weeks to get back to your customer’s problem, with a tool like ProProfs Help Desk, you can reply to your customers easily and with accurate solutions too. 

This tool comes with a shared inbox that helps your agents to categorize, prioritize, and collaborate on customer tickets easily. This way, it becomes incredibly effortless for agents to resolve customer issues in no time. 

Here are the major benefits of ProProfs Help Desk explained in detail. 


Overview of ProProfs Help Desk Features & Benefits

Centralized Dashboard

ProProfs Help desk provides a central platform where all customer-facing inboxes such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and more, are brought together. This ensures that agents don’t have to go from pillar to post to search for customer queries, as all support tickets are displayed on a single platform.  

ProProfs Help Desk Review - Centralized Dashboard

This shared inbox allows your support team to assign tickets to different individuals and teams, based on their expertise. Also, when all tickets are consolidated on a single platform, the chances of a customer issue going unaddressed, are bleak. 

Also, as your support staff expands, you can keep adding new users to your help desk using this tool, to ensure that no one is overburdened with work. 

Once all tickets are consolidated in the shared inbox, agents select the required tickets and prioritize them as high, low, or normal, based on how important and urgent they are. Besides prioritizing, the tool also makes it possible for agents to allot labels to different tickets, separate the important ones. 

Also, for those tickets that are unassigned, or agents are yet to decide on who will take them up, the status can be kept as Open or Close. When all tickets are given a set status, it becomes easier for agents to organize tickets, and address them based on urgency. 

Agent Collaboration

The best aspect of ProProfs Help Desk is that it allows all your agents to work in collaboration with one another, and it is possible because of the stellar features offered by this tool. 

Adding new agents and assigning them different roles, such as Staff, Manager, Admin, or Super Admin, is a breeze with this tool. You can even assign users to multiple teams – support, sales, billing, etc., to clearly define which tickets they will be responsible for. 

Agents can also drop comments on tickets or add internal notes to give reminders or suggestions on how to handle a particular customer issue. This system of adding notes, comments, and labels to tickets, breeds collaboration among users and makes ticket management effortless. 

Child tickets, another feature of this tool, drive team collaboration. Agents can break down complex tickets into child tickets, and further allocate them to different individuals and teams. This process makes sure that even major customer issues that require collective efforts of multiple agents are resolved accurately and on time.  

Accurate & Instant Ticket Resolution

Talk about accurate and instant answers, and the one thing that comes to mind is canned responses. This feature offered by ProProfs Help Desk allows agents to keep repetitive queries at bay, and at the same time, resolve them at the earliest. 

ProProfs Help Desk Review - Ticket Resolution

Canned responses are nothing but predefined messages that agents can search every time a repeated or common customer request arises. This saves valuable time and effort, which agents can utilize elsewhere. 

Also, when agents think that a particular question is quite common among customers, but there is no canned response for it. In such a situation, they can even create new canned responses and use them every time that query arises. 

Besides canned responses, ProProfs Help Desk also supports automated email notifications that can be sent to both customers and agents, in case of new ticket creation, new notification on a particular ticket, ticket assignment notification, and much more. 

Performance Reports

With ProProfs Help Desk, you can track the performance of your agents easily. 

The tool’s insightful performance report gives a sneak-peek into the number of new tickets generated, the total number of replied tickets, pending responses from agents, the average rating of agents, total open tickets, and total rated tickets. 

ProProfs Help Desk Review - Performance Reports

These metrics help you gauge the overall performance of individual agents, as well as teams.  

Besides this, you can also access details like ticket frequency, customer ratings, first response time report, and more. 

Leverage these reports to learn how productive your agents are and whether they are able to provide customers with the answers they seek.  

In-House Integrations

ProProfs Help Desk works well with sibling tools like ProProfs Knowledge Base, Chat, and Survey Maker. These in-house integrations ensure that you are able to provide a seamless experience to your customers. 

The tool’s integration with knowledge base software helps agents find relevant self-help articles and share them with customers. This is best for repeated customer questions. Also, empowering customers with self-help decreases incoming customer requests, especially those that don’t require technical assistance. This reduces the workload of agents to a large extent.  

ProProfs Help Desk Review - Integrations

ProProfs Help Desk and ProProfs Chat integration work great when it comes to building a strong agent-customer bond. Customers get the option to ask questions directly from agents, even when they are offline. When agents aren’t able to resolve tickets via chat, they can instantly convert them into tickets and assign them to experts. This minimizes response time, as agents can connect with customers via chat or even on-call while addressing issues. 

Next is – the ProProfs Help Desk and ProProfs Survey Maker integration. This combination of two powerful tools is of tremendous value when it comes to knowing what customers feel about their experiences, evaluating agent performance, and much more. The integration allows you to share real-time surveys with customers and enable them to rate their service experience instantly. You can even create Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to capture customer feedback and understand what they liked and what they didn’t about their interactions with agents. 

What Problems Will ProProfs Help Desk Solve?

  • Streamline Communication

As an organization grows, its client base expands. This has a direct impact on the incoming customer support tickets, as these increase manifold. To handle these tickets and ensure that communication with customers and agents doesn’t suffer, you need a tool that can consolidate all customer-facing inboxes at a central location. 

ProProfs Help Desk ensures that regardless of the number of support tickets generated, the communication remains seamless and fuss-free. It provides a centralized dashboard where all customer-facing inboxes belonging to different divisions such as sales, billing, support, etc., are brought together. This eases the ticket management process, as agents are able to assign tickets to relevant experts, and teams. 

The tool also allows users to add comments, prioritize tickets, bookmark and filter them, to avoid confusion, and to improve communication in the support team. Say bye to individual email scrolling and browsing tasks, as ProProfs brings all emails on to one screen. 

Users can add notes to tickets to remind agents of important tickets or to provide them suggestions if any. All in all, ProProfs Help Desk provides you with everything your support staff needs for smooth communication and faster ticket resolution. 

  • Automating Repeated Tasks

Most of the time, agents are busy working on issues that are not so serious or have been generated ample times in the past. They are also engaged in reaching out to colleagues via email or call to inform them about a customer request that needs immediate attention. There are a lot of other tasks that form a part of this list, and play a key role in lowering the productivity of agents. 

ProProfs Help Desk is a savior in such situations. The powerful features it comprises help in automating various tasks that agents have to perform on a daily basis. Your support staff can send canned responses to customers for commonly-asked queries. This reduces a great deal of time and effort that’s otherwise lost in crafting different responses every time similar queries come up. 

They can even share automatic email notifications to customers as well as fellow agents to keep them informed on new ticket creation, agent response on a ticket, customer response on a ticket, internal notes, ticket assignment, and much more. This saves agents from calling or emailing each customer or fellow agent separately regarding the status and progress of tickets. 

  • Improving Team Collaboration

It’s only when agents work as a team that the customer support function runs efficiently. ProProfs Help Desk ensures that regardless of the amount of workload, agents have, they continue working in collaboration. 

It allows agents to prioritize tickets as High, Low, and Normal, based on how serious these issues are. They can add notes to tickets and inform others about the urgency of a particular issue, give advice to colleagues, or inform them about something related to the ticket. 

The shared inbox allows all agents to see who is working on what, which tickets are 

Pending, check customer history, and assign unallotted tickets to specific agents. In fact, complex tickets can be broken down into several child tickets, and agents can route them to experts or relevant teams for a quick resolution. They can select tickets and label them so that everyone in the team knows which customer issues are important and which aren’t. 

All of this combined ensures that customer issues are addressed promptly. 

ProProfs Help Desk Pricing Plans | ProProfs Coupon Code

To assist new business owners run their support processes smoothly, we’ve got three plans along with a 15-day free trial. Check out the pricing plan here.

ProProfs Help Desk Review - Pricing Plan

Forever Free: Free for one agent

  • 100 tickets/month 
  • Email support 
  • Private notes 
  • Ticket labels 
  • Ticket history

Essentials: $10/user/month

  • Unlimited tickets 
  • Ticket ratings 
  • Reports 
  • Email, Phone, and live chat support 
  • Branding 
  • 3 shared inboxes

Premium: $15/user/month

  • Unlimited inboxes
  • Unlimited teams
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Powerful integrations
  • API & Single Sign-On
  • Vault
  • Onboarding & success manage

Our plans are customizable as per the growing needs of our customers. They are designed to fit the changing needs and requirements of our customers. We recommend you to first opt for our free trial version to get a basic understanding of how the tool works and how it can help you in customer support. 

ProProfs Help Desk Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly simple and easy to understand UI
  • Shared Inbox for streamlined customer support
  • Easy agent collaboration with comments, notes, and labels.
  • Prioritize tickets easily and resolve them as per the urgency
  • Split complex tickets into child tickets and give accurate solutions to customers
  • Track customer tickets from start to finish
  • Enable customers to answer their questions themselves with self-help
  • Monitor agent performance via smart reports


  • Limited Integrations
  • Social integrations are missing
  • No mobile apps

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Conclusion: ProProfs Help Desk Coupon Code 2023

ProProfs Help Desk is an effective tool that helps you manage all support requests in one place. As a shared inbox, it ensures that agents never miss out on support requests and provide a solution before the due date arrives.

It’s an all-in-one customer support tool that equips your agents with the right capabilities to handle customer requests and address them on time. 

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