RetargetApp Review 2023: Sell More Upto 200% ROI (Worth It?)

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Ads Optimization


  • Easy campaign setup
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Functional and published Facebook page
  • Completed trial on either Shopify or BigCommerce
  • Integration with Kit
  • Slideshow in carousel ads
  • Ad overlays
  • Dynamic ad message auto-update


  • Product is new in the market

Price:$ 249

In this post, we share a detailed RetargetApp Review 2023 in order to tell you how to do Facebook retargeting – and much more – for your online store. So let’s get started here

RetargetApp Review 2023: How to automate your online ads?

Detailed RetargetApp Review

RetargetApp is an app that helps online stores create and monitor ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google in under 5 minutes/day. Facebook and Google retargeting automatization powered by RetargetApp is available for Shopify and BigCommerce users. Below is a detailed RetargetApp review.

RetargetApp Review- RetargetApp

How does it work? Facebook retargeting automatization for Shopify online store owners

RetargetApp was built specifically for online stores. When you install it and start your free trial, it automatically creates a product catalog with your store products and generates 11 different ad types shown across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail and Youtube, not to mention

Facebook’s Audience Network and Google Display Network – a vast selection of trusted apps and websites where your potential customers will see ads even if they are not huge fans of social networks.

RetargetApp doesn’t just stop at ad creation – it constantly monitors the ad results, optimizes the ads if necessary, provides you with ad performance reports, and offers a number of improvement suggestions if applicable.

Results of RetargetApp-powered ads can be verified 24/7 since you have access to the Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads account.

What ad tactics does RetargetApp offer?

Depending on how many people view products in your online store and how much you are ready to invest in online ads, you can launch and optimize up to 5 different advertising tactics:

The first and most basic campaign you can run with RetargetApp. Once you launch it, the app starts tracking your store visitors and takes note of people who viewed your product, but didn’t buy it. When these people go to Facebook, Instagram or Google, they see an ad with the exact product they viewed, followed by up to 10 similar products from your store. When they click on the ad, they are taken to the product page and can complete their purchase.

This tactic helps you deal efficiently with cart abandoners. It works pretty much like Retargeting, but specifically targets people who left at least one product in the cart in your online store – they are more likely to buy something from you, so they see more convincing ads. Often, these ads feature special offers like free shipping or a discount coupon.

RetargetApp does much more than just retargeting. Once you start running ads with the app, it tracks the shopping habits of people who come to your online store. Once enough data is tracked, the app starts promoting your best-selling products to a brand new audience of people who have never been to your store but behave very much like people who have bought from you before.

RetargetApp Review- Prospecting

Once the app is ready to run Prospecting for you, you receive an invitation inside the app:

This tactic helps you take advantage of the fact that, roughly, 2 out of 5 purchases in your store come from people who bought something from you before. If you start Cross-Sell ads with RetargetApp, the app will analyze your order history to see which products are normally bought together. It will then see, who bought one of these products and will show them ads with another product, new arrivals or your best-sellers to make sure that these people buy from you again.

RetargetApp Review- Cross Sell

If RetargetApp determines that you can benefit from a Cross-Sell campaign, you will get an email invitation:


Like Cross-Sell, this tactic is heavily based on your customers’ behavior. With Upsell, your potential customers see ads offering them a more expensive version of the product they viewed in your online store. As a result, you can increase your average order value.

What features are there in RetargetApp?

Regardless of the number of ad tactics you use, you have full access to all RetargetApp features, such as:

  • Bid optimization

The app dynamically changes bid – the portion of the daily budget you pay when your ad achieves a certain result like add to cart or purchase – depending on how well your ads are doing. This way you don’t overpay for ads because the app calculates the optimal ad cost and adjusts your bid accordingly

  • Daily budget recommendations

Very often you don’t know how much money you actually need to invest in ads and either spend too much or artificially limit your daily budget and miss out. Using the data from your online store and audience insights, RetargetApp provides you with the daily budget update recommendations:

RetargetApp Review- Daily Budget

  • Dynamic ad message auto-update

Your potential customers will see your ads more than once, so you don’t want them to develop the so-called “ad fatigue” – a feeling that your ads appear too often and are annoying. To keep your ads relevant and fresh, RetargetApp lets you enable automated ad message update – if you turn it on, your ad text will be changed by the app once every 14 days.

  • Ad overlays

You want your ads to be brighter and more noticeable than others. One way RetargetApp helps you do this is by adding colorful stickers a.k.a. overlays to each product that appears in the ad:

RetargetApp Review- Add Overlays

Overlays can feature your product price, free shipping offer or “Best price” phrase like the one shown above.

  • Slideshow in carousel ads

Animated ads attract more attention. If you haven’t invested in quality product videos yet, but have at least two images per product, RetargetApp can automatically generate slideshow ads for you. Here’s an example of how this can look:

RetargetApp Review- Carousel Ads

This works especially well if you offer color/fabric/ variations of your product.

Integration with Kit

Kit, a smart virtual assistant for Shopify store owners, lets you take all the key actions related to RetargetApp ads with the help of your phone. You can update your daily budget, resume your campaign and launch additional tactics via SMS or Facebook Messenger.

This is especially convenient since the app itself defines, which action is absolutely necessary on your side.

For example, if the app determines that you are missing out on potential clients because your current advertising budget is insufficient, it will calculate the required budget and offer you to change your current budget to the recommended one.

If you choose to apply it, you don’t need to go to the app itself – everything can be done via Messenger.

How much does RetargetApp cost? (FREE TRIAL)

RetargetApp charges a monthly fee based on how much you spend on ads with the ads. There are 6 different plans, each with unique features and tactics. The lowest plan is $19/month, and for each plan there is a specific set of features available. The scrollbar on RetargetApp website will give you a general idea on the cost, daily spend and features included in each of the plans:

RetargetApp Review- Pricing Plan

Before you start paying the fee, RetargetApp offers a 14-day free trial. It helps you evaluate the app and see if it works as you expected. The trial only starts when people actually start seeing your ads.

Does RetargetApp provide Customer Support?

Yes. Chat and e-mail support is available in English 7 days a week. A major upside is a fact that, since RetargetApp is Facebook and Google partner, their support handles all the communication with Facebook and Google support, too.

One of the features offered by RetargetApp is a personal success manager who monitors ad results, and, if necessary, sends improvement suggestions via chat and email.

Will RetargetApp work for my store?

RetargetApp doesn’t work for brand new stores. The app has a number of entry requirements, including:

  • At least 100 daily online store visitors
  • At least 1 product available in the online store
  • Functional and published Facebook page
  • Completed trial on either Shopify or BigCommerce

How do I get started with RetargetApp?

The easiest way to get started is to go to the RetargetApp website. There you can learn more about the features they offer, check out different pricing plans, and, when you are ready, click “Get Started”, choose your eCommerce platform and follow on-screen instructions,

Alternatively, you can find RetargetApp on:

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Conclusion: RetargetApp Review 2023 | Should You Go For It??

RetargetApp is an affordable, fully automated solution that can help you promote products from your online store on a variety of placements including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It combines data analysis with human expertise and actually helps online store owners drive sales.

Although it doesn’t work as well for new stores as it does for developed ones and some features are not available from day 1, RetargetApp is definitely worth a try – an average 500%-700% return on ad investment speaks for itself.

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