Ringba Review 2023 – Advanced Call Tracking & Routing Software

Ringba as unique as its name is an advanced call tracking and routing platform basically designed to give one the complete control over the call marketing and undoubtedly improves your return on investment as well. By using this software, you will be able to track the sources of your calls and get all the information about the callers generated from online marketing. That’s not all, it also does control the call flow into your contact center and run an entire pay per call network distinctly.

Ringba Review - Enterprise Call Tracking Software.

It is a versatile platform that can be used to manage different call streams, also use cases and applications at the same time.

Ringba Review

Benefits of using Ringba

  • It is extremely useful in tracking the source of the inbound calls.
  • It also gives the detailed information about the users.
  • It not only optimizes but improves advertising ROI as well.
  • It also creates new ways to generate business opportunities in the marketplace even for small businesses.
  • It reduces wastage in opportunities.
  • It manages call flow for various locations, anywhere in the world.

Ringba is useful for:

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks need the best tracking and technology to power their businesses.

Ringba Review - Ringba benefits

Ringba provides Affiliate and Pay Per Call networks with the fastest and the most vigorous tracking and reporting platforms available nowadays. Understanding what it takes to run a successful network and on the basis of the experience to build reports for affiliates that gives them significant optimization and data, increasing their ability to drive profitable campaigns.

Call Center

To manage a call center is a tough task. Ringba was designed with certain specifications. Keeping these important factors and challenges in mind, allowing for dynamic routing plans for the campaigns based on the schedules, concurrency, volume caps, productivity, and the vital one which is performance.

The system alone can monitor groups of agents across numerous campaigns making sure to never overload a particular team and gives the flexibility to adjust the concurrency in real-time. Equip the team leaders and floor managers today with the ability to help maximize the revenues and stop wasting calls now.  

By using the number placement tags on the websites and landing pages for publishers, from static numbers and dynamic number pools, Ringba will track and attribute calls to any and all available data giving a rich understanding of the users and traffic sources as well. The data collection process is extremely simple, automated, and entirely configurable to the specifications.

eCommerce Vendors

A customer’s journey through the online store tells a lot more about their intent than anything else. Using Ringba’s tool with features incorporating dynamic number pooling and tracking options, one can follow their customers throughout their entire lifecycle from initial touch points to after sale follow-ups as well.

Ringba Review - Real Time Tracking

By seeing where your customers call for support or help, or when they call to buy, can optimize your store for maximum profitability — driving sales calls while reducing customer services.

Large Businesses

As the business grows, operational complexity lowers margins and increases the likelihood that sales opportunities are missed. By using Ringba platform to track the marketing environment one can receive complete performance based analytics and oversight into all of the marketing campaigns driving your growth and the performance of the marketing team.

Without visibility into metrics across the board, and the ability to drill into each segment and team member’s performance analysis too. Without visibility into metrics across the board, and the ability to drill into each segment and team member’s performance analysis too.

Small Businesses

With limited resources managing the performances of advertising spend is equally important than any other measure. Using Ringba to keep a track of calls from sources like the local Google listing, Yellow Page listing, Facebook, Twitter, Website, eCommerce store, email marketing and what not.

Ringba Review - Automated Routing

One of the biggest mistakes made by small businesses is thinking they’re not big enough to properly track their marketing efforts properly or sometimes they do not have proper access to the tools for so and in that case, Ringba is the solution to all the problems.

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By placing unique numbers in all of the channels and tracking the number of clients gained. Ringba is also one of the brilliant ways to reduce the overhead by using many tools, such as IVR and voicemail features to act as a cloud based and answering service after hours.

Common terminology

Some of the common and important terms mentioned below are associated with the features and services offered by Ringba and the related call marketing terminology that one may experience while working with the team or generally in the industry. These are

  • ACL – Average Call Length
  • Allocate Numbers
  • Blocked Call
  • Call Duration
  • Call Length
  • Call Logs
  • Caller ID
  • Campaign_ID
  • CTR – Click Through Rate
  • Failed to Connect
  • Hold Time
  • Inbound Call
  • Inbound Number
  • Missed Number Pool
  • Number Lock
  • Number Pool
  • Outbound Call
  • Phone Number
  • Recording
  • ROI – Return on Investment
  • Target Number
  • Target_ID
  • TCL – Total Call Length
  • TFN – Telephone Number
  • Time to Call
  • Time to Connect
  • Toll Free
  • Welcome Message
  • Whisper Message

and many more…

Ringba Pricing

Ringda offers a wide variety in terms of pricing for a wide range of users, a versatile platform.

Ringba Review - Ringba Pricing

One can choose any plan according to the requirement and business need.

Final Thoughts:

So, give Ringba a chance and explore the versatility of the platform in terms of features and usage. From my side, Ringba is a thumbs up!


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