ScrapeBox Review 2022 : All in one SEO Link Building Tool

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According to studies, revenue of E-commerce is more than 12$ trillion worldwide and believe me or not SEO is the backbone of this Trillion dollar industry. SEO is the life blood of every Internet Business. If you are an Internet Marketer, blogger, or owner of an E-Commerce Website you know the importance of good SEO.

You cannot expect a single person landing on your website without a good Search Engine Optimization. Major issue with masses is that most of us don’t know much about Search Engine Optimisation.

That’s why lot of website owners hire SEO experts which cost us thousands of dollars. Not everyone can afford paying so much money to SEO experts. But what if I told you that you improve your SEO and increase traffic on your website as well as your revenue without paying bucket load of money?

Yeah, you read it right I am going to tell you about a tool which can improve your websites SEO and increase the traffic and sales of your website.

The Name of this amazing tool is ScrapeBox


It is an automated tool which finds blogs to comment on, and automatically comments along with your website URL. It also generates backlinks to your website and lets you create thousands of these backlinks in less than an hour. And we all know how important Backlinking is when it comes to good Search Engine Optimization. And that’s not all; SCRAPEBOX has all the powerful features which can help you build your business online.

Let me brief you about the various impeccable features of ScrapeBox.

Here is the list of various features which will help you to increase traffic on your website and make the amount of money you wanted.

Harvest Keywords

This I would say is the most useful and best feature of ScrapeBox. Now you don’t have hunt for famous keywords while doing research. This feature will help you get a long list of popular keywords within minutes. It has multiple sources for keyword harvesting


Harvest Blogs and Websites

With the help of these keywords you can go on the websites which are related to your website and blog. You can check their credibility and determine the source of your backlink. And which will help you to win over your competitors. You are able to harvest URL’s from search engines such as Lycos, Ask, Blekko, Excite, Rambler, IXQuick, TalkTalk, DogPile, YouTube just to name a few along with the major engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.

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Multiple Proxies

This feature of ScrapeBox will save your IP from getting banned. You will have to paste or import in Proxy List through which ScrapeBox will perform all its function like Harvesting, Comment posting, Pinging and Page rank checking. This will protect your real IP from getting exposed and maintain your anonymity.
Ping Mode and Referrals
Ping Mode is a feature through which you can send referrals and the best thing is that it leaves your Website as the referrer on other websites. This is a really great thing this will result in significant increase on your website and views on your articles. You can ping hundreds or thousands of URL’s.


Trackback Poster

No other SEO tool can post trackbacks faster than ScrapeBox. You can post thousands of Trackbacks within minutes. With this feature you can get back links to your website, it helps in generating tons of traffic as it only targets on high traffic blogs related to your niche


Analysis tool

This tool present in ScrapeBox will help you to analyse your competitors and your backlinks. You can get the details of your competitor’s backlinks; find out rank of the page and best pages and contents to comment on. I always use this tool to compare mine and my competitor’s statistics which help me plan strategy.


Automated Blog Commenting

Imagine going on tons of websites related to your niche and commenting on their articles. Sounds time taking and annoying right? But doesn’t worry ScrapeBox will save you the trouble. It will target tons websites related to your niche with quality traffic and automatically posts comments. This will generate your target traffic to your website.


Though there are few issues like you have to pay extra for proxies and the automated commenting is not a recommended way to increase traffic for your website. But these are that big issue compared to benefits you get from this tool.

These amazing features of ScrapeBox will give you a cutting edge over your competitors. ScrapeBox has helped me a lot in growing my business, and deliver the standard of work my client desired. This automatic tool really decreased my work load when it comes to SEO.  I just have to click a button or two and this masterpiece of a tool does all the work for me. Traffic and my revenue from my websites increased remarkably when I started using ScrapeBox. I strongly recommend ScrapeBox to every internet marketer, website and blog owner. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in hiring a SEO expert. If you have this tool you don’t need anyone’s help.

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You can buy SCRAPEBOX From here

ScrapeBox costs 197$ but right now they are offering discount you can grab it just for 97$. So make use of this offer before it ends.

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Frequntly Asked Questions: 

👉On a single license how many PC's can be used?

Only one PC can be used. ScrapeBox is a single PC license.

👉Is ScrapeBox a monthly or yearly subscription?

No it’s a one-time payment for a lifetime license.

👉What languages does ScrapeBox support?

ScrapeBox supports the UTF-8, Unicode and ANSI character sets, so it supports languages such as English, German, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese.

👉After i purchase, how do i receive the software?

You will receive an email within a few minutes with the download link and activation instructions. PayPal also offers a “Return to Merchant” link after payment on their website, which you can click to return to the download page. Please double check your spam or junk mail folder if the email did not arrive.

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  4. Best reviewing, it is on time for me because I need this tool for to SEO for my site.


    • Sent multiple emails which were initially dealt with through sarcasm. We were attempting to transfer our license (software) to another computer. We spend days emailing details about our previous purchase in order to simply transfer our paid for license to another computer. They ignored multiple requests for assistance. We felt as if they were simply dismissing our simple requests and concerns. Do not do business with this firm as there are multiple other companies that essentially do the same thing

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