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Ease of use
Inventory Syncing


  • Easily create and publish listings for all major marketplaces
  • Import products and use data mapping to list out to Amazon, Walmart and eBay
  • Streamline order shipping with SellerActive full FBA integration
  • Set thresholds to protect from overselling and out-of-stocks
  • Bulk Marketplace Listing
  • Multichannel Inventory Syncing
  • Automated repricing software
  • Full FBA integration


  • More pricing options needed
  • No live chat support

Price:$ 69

It’s a cloud platform for inventory and fulfillment solutions that enables multi-channel e-commerce channel providers to streamline and grow their business. In this post, we are going to share about SellerActive Review.

SellerActive is a comprehensive, cloud-based, order management and inventory management software for multi-channel e-commerce providers. It’s an automated e-commerce platform that enables businesses to optimize e-commerce to maximize productivity across each channel.

The solution offers a range of digital tools that simplify the synchronized sending, sending and processing of the most popular e-commerce markets such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and others.

SellerActive enables sellers to seamlessly integrate and manage orders to make business faster and easier across all channels.

It offers a unique web interface that allows e-commerce providers to easily upload, edit, and index their holdings. In combination with business intelligence and powerful SEO tools, management saves time and gives the online provider total control over their business.

SellerActive Review With Discount Coupon 2023: Get 20% Off Now

SellerActive Review With Discount Coupon- Plans and Pricing

Detailed SellerActive Review

SellerActive is a multi-channel management platform that enables e-commerce companies to increase the reach of their products. Easily create a centralized product catalog, consolidate new offerings in multiple channels, and use automated pricing to set pricing rules that collect the cashier on average 72% of the time.

Supported by a team of e-commerce experts, LiveActive can help automate your manual tasks, expand your online presence, and grow your business.


SellerActive’s all-in-one inventory management gives online marketers the freedom to grow their businesses. Our multi-channel inventory and order management software streamlines processes such as smarter automated price adjustments, synchronized ads across multiple markets, and faster, lower-cost orders.

Sell more and maximize your margins with SellerActive experienced sales experts to grow your business at every turn.

Overview of the benefits of the active seller

SellerActive is a robust inventory management application that enables retailers to modernize and grow their e-commerce business. The solution gives you insightful and real-time insights into the company’s inventory. So you can climb the heights without having to worry about being out of stock or overselling.

It holds your hand at every stage of the process, allowing you to maximize your efficiency to achieve and sell more.

The software offers powerful price optimization features that not only allow you to use more shopping carts but also increase your margins.

You can create a conditional pricing strategy or always based on algorithms, sales speed, and rules. Self-learning price verification algorithms detect and exploit the weaknesses of your competitors.

This allows SellerActive to make dynamic and continuous price changes to provide an optimized list for each distribution channel. In addition, the integration of PriceIntelligence offers you a comprehensive insight into the competitive pricing strategy.

SellerActive provides a complete and easy-to-use dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere on a computer or tablet.

The control panel simplifies online inventory control, giving you the visibility and the power to easily manage products.

It allows you to synchronize multichannel inventory and reduce the limits of online sales. SellerActive also provides intelligent real-time e-commerce analytics that helps you make informed business decisions. It provides interesting business data that keeps you agile, competitive and informed about sales results.

SellerActive has another advantage: the automated management of multi-channel controls. The platform simplifies order processing, saving you time, money, and business development.


It offers dominant order consolidation, integrated shipping software, direct shipping tools, and multi-channel integration capabilities for greater compliance efficiency.

Improve the reach of your e-commerce and sell more with SellerActive, a comprehensive inventory management platform for online marketers. SellerActive offers a wide range of features, including inventory management, order management, multi-channel price verification, and Amazon’s smart inventory, all bundled on a powerful platform.

Retailers also have access to SellerActive’s industry-leading customer training team for training and support.

Although the software offers a variety of functions, some features are still missing, such as Smart reprint, inventory optimization, and product categorization.

In today’s market, where more and more companies are entering multichannel retailing, these characteristics are very important as they enable faster and more sustainable growth.

The innovative SellerActive platform provides one-stop shopping for product management, quoting, list creation, order management and more. Start by creating a central product catalog in SellerActive and using it to easily create multi-platform lists. Eliminate the tedious guess to create quotes for each market and let SellerActive do the job.

We help you to massively load new offers and quickly solve specific market problems.

Are you trying to stay one step ahead of your competitors? Use SellerActive’s automatic value verification technology to set dynamic and continuously updated pricing rules that capture the purchase chart on average 72% of the time.

SellerActive automates the tedious tasks of inventory management, orders and price changes. Whatever the channel, SellerActive seeks to eliminate the frustration of online sellers.


The intuitive user interface, SEO tools, and strategic intelligence reduce administrative overhead and increase revenue. Product highlights include:

  • Control multi-channel inventory: Manage your inventory in third-party markets (Amazon, eBay, etc.) with a single web interface
  • Multichannel Order Management: Simplify, streamline and automate compliance regardless of channel.
  • Automated market-based reprogramming: SellerActive Price Intelligence automatically repairs in three simple steps: set a goal, set a minimum / maximum price, set your target competitor. PriceIntelligence does the rest.
  • Optimized Workflow: Includes easy-to-use tools that increase your efficiency, including bulk data loading, multi-format export, custom package list design, and more.
  • Integrated Shipping: With one scan and one click, you can instantly find and buy the lowest shipping rates of all major suppliers.
  • Customer Service: Each SellerActive customer receives a personal agent for customer success, available by phone or online.

Overview of SellerActive Features

  • Algorithmic reprogramming
  • Rule-based reprogramming
  • Reprogramming by speed
  • Synchronize multi-channel inventory
  • SEO tools
  • Intelligent analysis of e-commerce.
  • Multichannel integrations
  • Dropshipping tools
  • Integrated shipping software
  • FBA integrations
  • Amazon’s advanced reprogramming
  • Private label tools


Core Features


  • Management of outstanding orders
  • customer management
  • catalog management
  • inventory management
  • Order of entry
  • order tracking
  • Recurring orders
  • sales management
  • Special order management
  • storage integration


  • Hosted cloud


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Help instructions
  • video guide
  • blogs


  • small
  • The half
  • large


– User-friendly dashboard and user experience: Online inventory control is now easy for Internet marketers of all levels. SellerActive is a comprehensive sales management platform, whether you have experience as an e-commerce manager or have started at an early stage.

– Intelligent shipping and distribution management: SellerActive’s all-in-one control panel lets you automatically send sales from all listed e-commerce platforms and find the best distribution rates based on list price comparisons.

– Competitor Focus and Product Perspectives: Integrating PriceIntelligence ™ gives you complete visibility into your competitors’ pricing strategies and informs you about changes to competitor product lists.

– Integrate Multiple E-commerce Platforms: Manage all sales from Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Newegg, Sears and more with a single app.

– Continuous updates for the user: SellerActive is committed to making your user experience perfect and efficient every day. Your comments and reviews will be carefully reviewed and any system updates you suggest will be considered.

– Technical Support: To benefit from SellerActive’s online tools and resources, you get free application support.

SellerActive Pros and Cons


  • Very simple and easy to use, it does not take long to feel comfortable
  • Getting started is easy and the support on board is very good with many training opportunities.
  • Excellent integration, excellent customer service, excellent education, and help. Fast answer Many options and tools.
  • Ease of Use If I have a question, I can talk to someone and they will help you immediately. I have the answer to every question.
  • The technical support team is very polite and fast.
  • The platform theoretically offers many interesting features.
  • Excellent integration, excellent customer service, excellent education, and help. Fast answer Many options and tools.
  • We love the ability to set up filters and download inventory in a user-friendly format that allows us to process a large number of lists in minutes.


  • I would like to see a column in which the prices are displayed.
  • I can not think of anything serious, it might be better to pay for the user.


SellerActive can be integrated into the following commercial systems and applications:

  • Fast books
  • QuickBooks Online
  • BigCommerce
  • 3dcart
  • moorings
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Yahoo small business
  • willpower


Pricing: How Much Does SellerActive Cost?

Try SellerActive for 30 days for free. No credit card required. Simply continue with the right plan for your business after the test.

SellerActive Review With Discount Coupon- Plans and Pricing

Easy at $ 299 / month

The base level applies to companies with a monthly income of less than $ 25,000. Enterprises have access to inventory and order management capabilities, including unlimited price reductions, market and shopping basket integrations, reports, and more.

  • $ 3000000 GMV ready for multiple markets
  • Live support
  • Detailed implementation process
  • System and Business Training.
  • Multichannel consolidation
  • Compliance software integrations

Pro plan at $ 499 / month

The occupational level is for companies with a monthly income of less than $ 50,000. Enterprises have access to inventory and order management capabilities, including unlimited price discounting, market and shopping cart integrations, API access, and more.

  • Everything in basic knowledge
  • 600000GMV

Elite plan at $ 899 / month

The elite level applies to companies with a monthly income of less than $ 100,000. Enterprises have access to inventory and order management capabilities, including unlimited price discounting, market and shopping cart integrations, API access, and more.

  • Everything in basic knowledge
  • 1,200,000 GMV

Preferential plan at $ 1,250 / month

  • Everything in basic knowledge
  • $ 2.5 million

Platinum Plan at $ 1,600 / month

  • Everything in basic knowledge
  • 5,000,000 GMV

Enterprise @ personalized price

  • Everything in basic knowledge
  • More than $ 5 million

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Conclusion: SellerActive Review With Discount Coupon 2023

SellerActive channel management platform enables online marketers to automate lengthy processes and take their time to grow their businesses. Our software streamlines processes such as automated and intelligent review of synchronized product lists in various markets such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and eBay, including the creation of new lists.

You will now receive all the information on this incredible website “SellerActive “Review. Share your Review about SellerActive in the comment section. Have you ever used SellerActive for your business?

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