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Welcome to our first SEO News roundup for the SEO and the Digital Marketing Trends that took place in the month of May 2019. We are almost mid-way to the year and there have been a lot of changes in the SEO trend since then.

Last month was a huge one for SEO in 2019 and saw tremendous changes. Each month will have some updates, some ups, and downs for the SEO industry.  Miss this roundup and you might find yourself left in the dust.

You will probably feel great after reading out the experts view on my blog on various SEO topics. However, Google has also announced many changes this year and SEO is certainly going to change this year. A lot of things go wrong both sides and the main concern was the Google Search Console for almost all of us. We are going to talk about now what went wrong and is it fixed or going to come back in the near future.

BloggersIdeas SEO News Roundup: May 2019


 Let us have a look at what happened this month in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry.

At the beginning of this month, a lot of us were granted what they wished for. The manual action option was removed from the Google Search Console due to some bugs. Some of us felt relieved as the manual actions are somewhat annoying.

This was first brought into notice by Marie Haynes!!

However, the traffic seemed to be missing when the manual action was missing and that was a major concern.  Instead of being relieved from the penalty, the site owners seemed to do anything about the traffic and search results here and soon it was discovered that the manual action bug was fixed.

SEO news roundup 2019

So, if you think you have got over the penalty, go check the Search Console and see if its back.


In early April, there was a major bug detected with the Google Search Console Reports and Performance. Usually, when you log in to the Google Search Console, you will get the reports as for two-day. This bug was very rare and a major concern for the SEO where the site owners were unable to get the reports from April 7th-April 25th. This bug was finally fixed after a three-week delay.

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SEOs and site owners were having a hard time understanding if any traffic loses were due to the bug or to other factors that they can try to work on and fix. However, Google has stated that the main reports are back on the track while the backlinks report still needs to be updated.

Google released its first ever SEO Myth Buster episode on YouTube this may. Google’s Webmaster Analyst Martin Splitt spilled the beans on top 3 SEO factors to focus on this year. The #1 factor that he mentioned was the content. True, Content is still the king in SEO and it would help you rank better. He also laid more emphasis on the content quality rather than the quantity.

The second big thing is the MetaData. Martin said that “Make sure that you have meta tags that describe your content, so have a meta description because that gives you the possibility to have a little snippet in the search results that let people find out which of the many results might be the ones that help them the best.”

The third factor he stated was the performance of the site. Google will overlook a poor performance and eventually rank a better performing site so that the users get quick results. Watch the complete episode here:


Schemas are now considered important by Google as a ranking factor as it helps Google to see what webpages are related to one another. With the poor markup, you are probably losing it out from the others in the search results.

Yoast released the update in which it offered error-free schema markup. To keep the schema markups connected and well implemented, the Yoast has added it to even the free version. In the new update, you will see all the eight entities related to each other. This increases your chance of showing up in the search results.

Yoast seo roundup

Also, in its latest update, Yoast lets webmasters include an image, avatar or logo in the structured data graph and adds a new filter that can be used to disable link indexation. It will only support the sites with WordPress 5.2 or above.



Moz has started its own SEO certification course that will focus on topics such as basic fundamentals, keyword strategies, on-page optimization, link building, and reporting strategies. After the completion of these modules, you will have a proper understanding of SEO, SERPs, local as well as the technical SEO.

moz seo exams roundup

You will receive a badge after the completion of the final exam that you can use on your LinkedIn profile. However, it is valid for only one year.


Our Choice for the Best Tools: May 2019

In our monthly roundup, we will also choose our most favorite tools for SEO, Outreach and other tasks. Let’s have a look at this month’s favorite.

Best SEO Tools:


Best Tool for Finding Contact Information

  • Google Sheets
  • BuzzStream


Best Tools for Outreach Management


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