ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon 2023: Exclusive 40% OFF

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Do you own a retail price and looking to automate your shop? Do you need a more automated retail marketing app that targets the customer through the messenger? ShopMessage can be that company what you are searching for.

ShopMessage is a remarketing app which does not sends the spammy emails to your customer but connects it with your Facebook messenger and targets your customer by using the messenger. 90% of potential customers leave the cart abandoned which definitely leaves an impact on your sales.

Brands use this automation tool to re-target the lost customers by sending the personalized messages on messenger. It has been found that sending the personalized message through Facebook brings more conversion than email as it is usually turned down by the customers.

ShopMessage offers the best Discount coupon and promo codes which cuts off your price but remains the same with the features. In this post, we have featured ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon 2023. Let’s get started here.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon 2023

How to use ShopMessage Coupon Codes?

  1. Click on Get Started and fill all the details about ad set the password and Start Your Free Trial.
  2. After starting the free trial, you will have to connect the Facebook page that you desire to connect with your ShopMessage.
  3. Next step is to connect your site. If you own a website in any of the platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and WordPress. If you want to install the other platform, then paste the code of that E-Commerce platform and set up your Widget.
  4. Once you have chosen the desired app, you can install the ShopMessage on your E-Commerce platform.
  5. After the free trial is over, you will e need to enter the card details and in the checkout process, paste the coupon code in the empty field. In other cases, you just click on the link below and it will show just the reduced prices of your plan.

ShopMessage Review with Discount Coupon Codes March 2023

ShopMessenger is just like another message automated flow platform for the E-Commerce users. It allows you to reach the customer freely at all the points which save up your time and help you target even more.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Marketing Automation Tool

The main objective of this automated messenger bot is to remind the customers about the abandoned cart, introduce new visitors or even introduce the new product that has been introduced.

ShopMessage tracks every user’s shopping behaviour on your e-commerce site, including which products they viewed, what’s in their cart, and their purchases. Merchants can use these events to trigger personalized events based on specific criteria.



ShopMessage is not just known for the abandoned cart reminders but also for the automated flows. The automated flow is a system that triggers when the criteria that you have set meets the customer’s requirements.

  • Personalized Messages

Send personalized messages and at the right time. For ex., when customer orders the product, set the rule to send a welcome and order confirmation message. The customer can see the images of the actual product that they have viewed or you can even recommend something different.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Add Personalized Message

Create a sense of urgency among the customers such as offering the limited time deals to the customers so as to engage more customers.

  • Deliver it to the Customers

The problem with re-marketing using the email is that you are not sure if the messages have been read or not. On the other hand, the Facebook messenger opens up with a pop-up and push notification. It has been found that the open rate of the Facebook messages is 80% as compared to the email.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Deliver To Your Customer

Thus the messages are delivered right to the customers without the trouble of going to the spam. So, this platform converts all your conversations into potential customers.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard for this automated Facebook messenger is quite intuitive and works well with all kinds of users. In the dashboard, you can choose the right sequence for your messages. Set the first reminder and enter the discount code if any. You can also set the criteria for sending the messages.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Intuitive Dashboard

Similarly, you can set another reminder of sending the message and this way, your conversion rate increases to 40%. Check in the dashboard that how much revenue is generated and which reminder or which message brings more revenue to you.

  • Create Segmentation

This is the most important aspect while targeting your audience. Create the segmentation or set the filters when you are targeting the customers.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Segmentation

For instance, if you wish to reach the customers in the age limit 18-36 year-old located in New York, set the rules and create your personalized messages for them. Similarly, you can also target the customers who you want to wish the birthday.

Create more engagements and get more customers by creating certain quizzes and various giveaways or unique games.

  • Turn-On Notifications

Get more conversion when you enable the notifications button. If a customer has chosen the product which is out of stock, you can ask your customers to subscribe to the notifications so that they are notified when the product is back to the stock.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Notifications

This does not let your customers lose you. ShopMessage sends the automated messages to the customer when the product is back to stock or if they need another recommended product.

  • Send Automated Replies

This is the need of the hour!! Your customers prefer to use chat rather than using the call and this is where the quick messenger helps.

The Facebook messenger is as quick and responsive as the live chat feature in the websites. If a customer has some questions while browsing your site, they can send direct messages to the Facebook messenger and get the replies within minutes.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Automated Reply

Set the automated replies for some questions such as asking for the size chart or price for the specific product so that your potential customer gets converted quickly into sales.

  • Create Recommendations

Set the recommended products or create the upsells in line to increase the success ratio of sales up to 30%. While the customer is browsing your site, they will receive the message through Facebook about the recommended products or the best alternative for these products. Similarly, you can create the Upsells after ordering a particular product.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Create Recommendations

You can either use the ShopMessage recommendation engine or even use the recommendation existing service provider out of your choices.

  • Add Coupons

Attract more customers and drive more sales by creating the Discount coupon codes for a particular product. Once your customer has chosen the product, they will be notified about the Discount coupons and the code will be sent through the messenger which they can use during the checkout process.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Add Discount Buttons

These discount coupon codes are the best way to get more traffic and get more conversions instead.

ShopMessage Customer Support

The customer support team for the ShopMessage is really helpful and a dynamic one. It tackles the issue well and realizes the customer value. You can either send the email to the team about the issue or any questions.

The best part about its Customer support is the live chat option. You can contact the creators directly using the chat option on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.  There are various resources available on the website which helps you solve various issues and get answers to many questions.

ShopMessage Pricing

ShopMessage gives a 14-day free trial to the customers. If you are not willing to spend initially, then you can start for free and get a 14-day free trial for the same.

After the free trial is over, you can choose any one out of the three plans. ShopMessage is offering the Discount up to 40% for the Cyber Monday. Get your Discount before it gets over.

ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon- Add Discount Buttons

Standard Plan ($9/Month)

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • 250 recipients per month can be added
  • Email & Chat Support

Professional Plan: ($99/Month)

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • 3,000 recipients per month
  • Email & Chat Support
  • $25 extra for 1,000 additional recipients

Enterprise Plan

  • Customized Pricing
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Custom Integrations with any platform
  • Email, Chat & Phone Support

Pros and Cons of ShopMessage Messenger


  • Better ROI: Increase your ROI by sending the messages through the Facebook messenger instead of using the email which usually goes into the spam or is left unread.
  • Segment Audiences: Segment your Audience & Send Personalised messages to the customers that you only wish to target by narrowing your search filters.
  • Sync your Subscribers: Successfully sync your subscribers using the many chat feature which syncs all your subscribers and sends them the message through the Facebook messenger.
  • Smart Send Customers: Message Customers when they are most likely to purchase the product.
  • Setup Automated answers for your customers
  • 30-day Free Trial
  • Affordable pricing plan with Discount coupon codes


  • Facebook Ad Campaigns are not supported
  • Facebook Post “Comments to Message Subscriber” not available.

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Conclusion: ShopMessage Review With Discount Coupon Codes March 2023

With the ShopMessage, you can increase your ROI and the abandoned cart may be recovered quickly with just a click.

Start sending the automated messages to the customers instead of sending the long emails and notify them through messenger so that you get noticed.

Use their service for 30-days for free and get your money back If not satisfied.  This was my detailed review for the ShopMessage messenger with the Discount coupon codes.

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