Sitey Review 2020: Professional Website Builder Tool

Sitey Review
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  • Very impressive website editor
  • Free domain and hosting


  • Sitey domain and advertising in the footer for basic pack

I was looking to build a website and found that Sitey is the ideal tool to start out in the website building world and it doesn’t matter whether we are building our own website or we just want to learn about building a website because their friendly interface is specially built for those who need guidance.

Sitey review homepage

The drag ‘n’ drop editor is very helpful when it comes to building a website from scratch as the editor has just a point and click interface which allows us to put elements and modules wherever we like and we can choose from hundreds of templates which Sitey provides us so that we can start building our website and also customize it our self and we can also turn a blog template into a shop, or a shop website into a blog website.

Sitey also has a social integration and a massive photo collection which will really help us in customizing our website and in case we are stuck while building our website they assign us an agent to help us out and if that was not sufficient enough we have placed a call to their agent.

Sitey review conclusion

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Features of Sitey Website builder


Sitey review dashboard
Sitey marketplace view

sitey review marketplace view



SEO tool Centre


sitey review - seo tool center



Website Stats

Sitey review Stats website


Sitey review templates

Sitey has an enormous variety of templates for our website and each and every template is designed around a business, person or movement and we can edit their thousands of their templates thus designing a website with Sitey is easy as all of the templates make it very easy for us to create a professional looking website for whatever need we have.

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Sitey review editor

Sitey’s website editor is one of the best features they have as it has a very simple experience and also offers many different helpful features. The editing space is surrounded by a tool bar and side bar offering navigation, tools and helpful information and also giving us ideas on how to make the site as aesthetically pleasing as possible and it still manages not to mess up the workspace so that it is clear to us for using it.

All in the entire editor is very impressive as the Sitey website editor is filled with useful features and also maintains extreme usability for a beginner the biggest draw to this editor is the ability to save and publish the site straight from the editor is very and the editor takes care of all of the extra work which publishing can we also have the ability to view from a mobile platform which is extremely handy as many mobile users will not revisit a site if it is not easy to navigate or is accessible we can say that even a beginner could produce fantastic results easily with this editor.

Sitey review Features

Sitey review customer service

If we ever encounter any obstacle while using the service Sitey will help us out as the editor has an intelligent feature that recognizes if we are stuck with a difficulty and then offers us custom tips on how to overcome the problems and proceed forward with the site and in the bottom left of the editing screen is a link to the blog which opens up doors to a Sitey community in where we can not only get help from others but also get great tips on how to make our website look much better and the response time from the Sitey team are highly satisfying and billing enquiries are dealt as soon as possible.

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Sitey review pricing


For $ 9.94per month we get domain, hosting, ad credits and removal of ads


This is their most popular service and for $ 14.94 per month we get domain, hosting, ad credits and removal of ads, SEO help and mobile site


This is the most expensive plan and for $ 22.44 per month we get domain, hosting, ad credits, removal of ads, SEO help, mobile site, email assist and priority assist.

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With this I can say that Sitey is one of the best website builders which we can use for building our website no matter for what purpose as we can edit the website to our needs and specifications with their wide variety of tools and services they provide with the plans as they have one of the best value for money website builders available and even though their starting plan is priced at $6.95 a month it is crammed with very much impressive and also a free account option is available to us at first but the only drawback with this is that it comes with a Sitey domain and advertising in the footer but the pro account which is available for a couple extra dollars a month which in my opinion is worth it if we wish to take our website to the next level because it offers us more space and bandwidth.

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  1. Lucie

    Sitey have great templates quite alright, but their customer service and billing support team is nothing to write home about. I send emails no replies, and then I call the international numbers, and no help either. Thinking of closing my account because it is frustrating to have a problem, and no one to resolve that problem.

  2. Carol Hansen

    Sites is great for building site but I wish I never switched to them. Their customer service is terrible. You will never speak with someone unless you are trying give them money or get your money back. Everything else is handled via chat or endless tech issue tickets that are never resolved in the time they promise to fix them. Not worth the hassle.

  3. Carol Hansen

    Sitey is great for building site but I wish I never switched to them. Their customer service is terrible. You will never speak with someone unless you are trying give them money or get your money back. Everything else is handled via chat or endless tech issue tickets that are never resolved in the time they promise to fix them. Not worth the hassle.

  4. Georgina

    I also have problems with Sitey customer support. I recently asked why my website was slow to load the homepage, and the reply was “we’ve looked and it’s not slow. If there’s anything else I can help you with ..” Not good enough. Why not ask me more about the problem I’m experiencing? Any time I’ve had an issue , I get generic answers.

    The features of the blog have been improved – you can now put pictures within the posts, but it took a lot of effort to get anyone to actually understand what the issue was, and very frustrating to always have to repeat yourself. After saying I would leave, they did refund me half of the cost. However, I do worry that the effort I’m putting into my website is all for nothing because I don’t trust it to work effectively.

    Another issue is image links – they don’t open. I asked for advice and the reply was ‘they work fine’. The text links do – but not the image inks – it’s like no one is actually reading and understanding what I’m asking!

    I am looking for a different company to build my website now, but it seems daunting as I’d have to do all the design work again.

    The benefits of Sitey is that the editor is good to use, and it is cheap. I suppose you get what you pay for.


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