SkySilk Review 2023: Is It The Best Free VPS Provider?? READ Before Buy

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A powerful and reliable Virtual Private Server (VPS) plays a crucial role in setting up your online business with customizable tools and functionalities. A VPS is today’s one of that cheapest and most reliable sources for providing power for whatever you need to host in the cloud. Although, most VPS services providers in the market today offer premium services which are paid. The remaining free VPS services are not powerful enough to deliver the idea to the fullest, there is one relatively new platform that is offering such services for free.

By “FREE” I don’t mean limited trials or little to no computing power. I mean that you get unlimited access to their VPS and related tools and services absolutely for free. The name of this new platform is SkySilk.  In this post, we have featured SKySilk Review 2023 that includes all the detailed insights about SKySilk pricing, features, support and functionality and many more aspects.

SKySilk Review 2023: Is It A Reliable VPS Provider?

What is SkySilk?

SkySilk is an online platform that offers effective and reliable managed cloud services like hosting a website, running programs, or cloud storage services to online business and website owners. SkySilk is currently in beta stage and is hence offering their premium services for free. This is arguably the best way to try out a premium VPS service free of charge and to also see if this kind of service is right for you.

SkySilk Review- Managed Cloud Services

SkySilk is currently in beta and their services are currently free until the beta stage is over, which means they’re going to offer the lowest possible prices and best possible services to attract more and more users to use their platform and services. You can set up as many containers as you like with their normal package for no cost whatsoever.

Features and specifications

The amount of powerful VPS tools that SkySilk offers for free is arguably as good as the features you will get with other similar paid services in the market today. The SkySilk tools are sufficient for most websites and applications.

SkySilk the best 100% SSD storage with a state of the art triple-replicated backups to make sure storage or data loss is never an issue for you. The system performs scheduled Backups for free in the beta stage.

SkySilk supports quite a few apps and OS’s that is sure to suffice the requirements of cross-platform users. The service has been designed in a way that it supports numerous open-Source apps and over 40+ Prebuilt Linux OS Distros.

The settings and plans are pretty flexible and a joy to play with. Users can preset plans & custom configurations starting at $5 per month. This package is available in addition to 1 Free plan per account.

Furthermore, SkySilk has developed a unique Rewards Loyalty Program to keep their customers engaged in addition to support to a suite of articles and guides that give you access to information on how to set up and use their VPS’s from scratch. This surely makes your work quite easy and saves you some valuable time.

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SkySilk user experience

Coming to the Interface and Functionality, SkySilk’s platform is very intuitive and easy to use even for a person who’s not overly familiar with VPS. 

The overall interface of  SkySilk from login to setup is pretty straightforward and its easy to optimize for the configuration and price that you want. The dashboard is pretty clean and organized. You will surely find every required option at your fingertips, thanks to this neat design. The well-organized layout of the dashboard gets you access to the right amount of information you need for setting up a VPS in as simple as a few clicks.

Support Services

When it comes to technical and customer support, SkySilk already has one of the best support teams in its field. The support team is prompt and skilled enough to guide you through numerous technical support queries almost right away with an answer that is easy to understand and follow.

 SkySilk Review- Cloud Support

Their knowledge base is another big plus for the support services as they offer users a number of support articles already written, which you can access just by using the search function. I tested the genuineness of the articles by posting a few technical setup questions which got all covered by their articles.

Even with just the services they have in store in this early developmental stage, I can certainly conclude that SkySilk is fully prepared to handle customers and that their knowledge base contains quite a few guides that are perfect for any beginner.

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Plans and pricing

As per the current updates I have, SkySilk is currently free to use, except for their already existing premium plan. 


Here is a quick glimpse of what their current plans and available features are.

As per some industry sources, SkySilk may adjust prices and make a few changes prior to going out of beta. You can get unlimited VPS for just $5 a month as of now. For the available packages, you would be capped at 200mb/s, that allows for ample testing and playing around with their many apps and OS’s. Their pricing structure is nice but I would definitely like to see some more detail since this pricing table may not be complete.

On the basis of the information available about their pricing, I would just state that its a really good value for the type of VPS service that you’re getting.

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Conclusion: SkySilk Review 2023 

I have been personally testing SkySilk for a few months now and I’m pretty impressed with their interface, support, and most of all its current free VPS service. The good thing about the service is that it is not a clunky service that’s hard to use. SkySilk has put a lot of effort into their design but has still managed to not overdo anything, making it very flexible with the ability to customize the exact computing specs you need. Since it is a free beta phase, you could actually save a substantial amount of money.

The features on SkySilk will probably have a price in the future, but it’s currently free to use, except for their already existing premium plan. But they might as well decide to maintain their free plan afterward which will be of great value to you unless you’re running something that requires more computing power.

I’ve been doing lots of research on free VPS services and I can confidently conclude that SkySilk is probably the best free VPS service you’re going to get on the market right now.


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  1. Got our account suspended for no reason, and now our website is offline, we can’t even login to skysilk cus of suspension and they have no support (noone answering on phone, discord, social media or even tickets).
    If you want to kill your business – go to SkySilk.

    We still can’t get an answer from SkySilk, someone just delete all our tickets (like ticket 14558 and 14546). And we can’t even change hosting cus our site saved on SkySilk and we can’t login on our account because of suspension.
    Now it’s 3rd day from our first ticket.
    Our website is

  2. I guess the free plan for SkySilk is over. Now the plan starts at $1 per month. However I am planning to give them a try and figure out if they are really worth or not.
    Anyway, thanks for the article 🙂

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