Sleek Bill Review 2020: Free Invoicing software For Small Business

Sleek Bill Review
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Online Support




User Friendly


Ease of use


  • Unlimited documents
  • No branding on documents + A5 template
  • 100% GST compliant (with SEZ & UTGST)
  • Cess tax option (% + fixed)
  • Credit Notes
  • Advanced reports
  • 14 Days Free Trial


  • Free Plan have less features

Almost every professional and newbie has to face billing related tasks while doing online business. Even if you manage to run across excel or tally, constructing a fashionable invoice is still hard to get. Use Sleek Bill and find your invoice troubles fading away.

Let’s explore the host of features offered by this smart and sleek billing technique.

Key Features of Sleek Bill

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Advanced Options

Sleek Bill has been developed ground upwards for handling account exclusive queries. In its latest edition, you will even find the total being displayed in word counts.

Unlike the unison tone of its competitions, Sleek Bill displays your calculation in an unconventional manner. You can select the paper format, background colour and the information to be displayed on the final invoice. To further save on time, Sleek Bill comes with handy auto responders that learn your entries and provide instant fill up options.

>>Download Now No Credit Card or Info Needed


Sign up an account with Sleek Bill and it will regularly update you on client’s payment history, services and inventory. Luckily, it is flexible enough to operate with any number of businesses and manage their accounts for you.

sleek bill features

Complicated counting

For tackling the complicated parts like Excise, Tax and Retail invoices, you can always count on the list of calculative tools provided by Sleek Bill. Even microscopic aspects like total discount and per product discount can be summarized in the bill.


Create a new list, edit existing ones, import or export, the entire invoice remains open to change for matching the possible demands. The same level of multitude has also been introduced for the client lists, with complete editing and transferring options. In its latest edition Sleek, Bill can even generate the word count against the sum totals.


Sleek Bill owns a mobile database which is consistently upgraded with your activities. Sign in from any of the Windows system (XP to 10), and you will find all the previous entries right here. The soft copy of these invoices is downloadable in pdf formats, accessible on local drives and forwardable as emails.

Pro Forma/ Challan

Building pro forma is certainly a unique addition to the store for Sleek Bill. The option lets you declare commitment on your pro forma, against any respective product or service. Its advancements also include a fully supported challan and estimate building system.

The notes, challans or estimates are throughout customizable and come with invoice template assistance. However, the accessibility of each feature varies with the type of account you hold.

PayPal Integrated

Besides, a great hold on summing discounts, your invoice can include PayPal or custom link feature. Adding your PayPal id to the invoice is the best way to cut on time and ensure that the rightful person receives the payment. This option is present only in the paid versions.

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Signing up

If you can’t find your city while signing up, then utilize the ‘Add New’ function and type your location. It means Sleek Bill is a free and open source for invoicing jobs anywhere in the world.


Under its free download, you can generate up to 10 documents in a month with Sleek Bill branding on the issued formats. The set of advanced features stated above come with limited access for invoicing and includes only one design template. However, you still get to choose which column to show and measuring units in documents/ stocks.

Follow this link to download the free version of Sleek Bill.


A year’s license with Sleek Bill gets you an unlimited access to documents and a dedicated email support for the account. The invoice features are free of any Sleek Bill brandings, with broad options for templates and colour. Word count feature also unlocks with this package, along with an authorized signatory field.

For handling complicated tax, retail and excise invoices, the paid version blesses you with all the necessary calculative tools. On top of it, options for pro forma and note/ challan become applicable for use. At less than INR 1500, the entire bouquet of money handling tools becomes attainable.


The other package aka the Lifetime Premium License comes with some limited edition offers like unlimited future updates and add-ons. Once created, you can send its email directly from under the Sleek Bill account.

Priced at INR 2899, the lifetime package comes with another great bonus of password protection for billings.

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Creating an invoice or bill is something you wouldn’t wish to skip, but the absence of creative features across the common platforms makes it quite an upsetting task. Instead of being compelled by the circumstances, it’s better to try Sleek Bill. With a free trial option, getting known with its abilities has also turned even more feasible.

Follow this link to find your suitable plan and arrange better invoicing options.

>>Download Now No Credit Card or Info Needed

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    Agree with you, Sleek Bill have what needed for small business, only one drawback which can be ‎solved easily by Sleek Bill development team is that the application not supporting Unicode – ‎Urdu/Arabic and Farsi, Hope they can add this feature soon so we can buy it. ‎

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