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Ease of use
Outsmart Competition
Upload Variants


  • Automated Pricing Optimization
  • Algorithmic Split Testing
  • Great Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Powerful optimization tools for private label sellers on Amazon
  • Historical Data Reports
  • Reliable Tracking
  • Reduces manual work
  • performing Support via email if you run into any problems
  • Increase profits by about 20%
  • Find the right niche for your products


  • More pricing options needed
  • Live chat support not available
  • Splitly does not have a free trial offer

Splitly is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to optimise their Amazon product listings. ith a single click, Splitly will provide you with live, real-time data on how your products are performing in Amazon.

Price:$ 47

Looking for Splitly Review, we got you covered today. Please remember that Splitly is now shutting down and you will be redirected to Jungle Scout, which have all features of Splitly. 

Managing a FBA business is time-consuming and complex.

You’ve been selling on Amazon for a while and you know that the key to success is finding profitable products to sell. But getting in front of the competition is tough. They’ve been at it for months or years and they have a huge advantage.

You need the edge that Splitly provides. With the Splitly split testing feature, you can find profitable products in minutes!

Sellers who use Splitly are making 5x more than what they would without it.

In this post, we have featured Splitly Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, functionality and more.

Splilty Amazon FBA review

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Splitly reviews


That is the reason split testing on Amazon has turned out to be one of the keys to progress when offering items on the site.  On the off chance that you are into FBA, you should need to look at this Splitly audit to consider whether this item is useful for your Amazon business.

Detailed Splitly Review: Top Pros & Cons

Sellers want to sell their products. It’s hard to find an edge over other sellers because they’re all trying. But some tools can help make your Amazon FBA business a success. Splitly is one of these tools that has features that the other sellers don’t have. We will be the judge of how much it helps.

Splitly is a specialized Split testing tool that can be used on Amazon to improve your odds of success. Splitly works by isolating key variables and comparing different versions on the front page of listing in order to identify elements which give higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Splitly is incredibly easy to use, as everything is automated  after creating the experiment. Splitly has been made available for free for the first 25 days .

After that you will need one of their paid plans depending whether you want more than 10 experiments running at once or not. There is also another plan for smaller sellers looking to just have 1 experiment running at any given time . Splitly helps you make decisions with the highest possible degree of evidence. Splitly will automatically split test your images, headlines and bullets from the start. Splitly as a brand has been getting very popular in the last few months and is one of the best Split testing tools for Amazon sellers currently available .



Splitily logo review


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What is split testing?

You can improve your visibility on Amazon by doing this. You change your listings at odd hours, and you spend hours sieving through information from Seller Central Daily. You analyze the collated data for new patterns in spreadsheets and formulate new listings through calculations, manipulations, and guesswork.

There is another way to do this called “split-testing.” It experiments with certain alternatives to see which one gets the best response from the target clients.

There are many ways to attract buyers. You can test different content or infographics, and you can also test the prices. Split testing lets you know which mix of things will work best for your product – the ones that will make it more visible and attractive for buyers.

Splitly is an Amazon Split Testing Software.

Splitily review

Splitly is an A/B testing tool that is expected for acquiring measurements to squash your FBA rivals. With its propelled highlights of breaking down your business as without wanting to have a superior shot of making more deals and in becoming your FBA postings.

The tool will enable you to locate the most proper estimating for your items by split testing to perceive how your item valuing will influence your positioning and changes.

It accompanies a computerized highlight of cost streamlining agent for re-evaluating of your items. It is additionally simple to test your site page whether it functions admirably in making a deal on Amazon.

You can test a duplicate of your page by transferring pictures and messages and discover which one can deliver the best benefit on Amazon. Because of split testing you will have the capacity to experiment with the best duplicate that can help your changes and incomes.

splitily dashboard

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How Splitly benefit your Amazon business?

Amazon sellers spend a lot of time and money on making new content for their product, designing new images, and changing the prices. They might have wasted all this time if they were not split testing. Split testing is when you try different things to see which one is better. With a tool like Splitly, it is much easier to do split testing and you will be able to find out which one works best faster.

When you use Splitly, it does the testing for you. It does not require much work from the user. Unlike other tools that compare data and ask you where to change things, Splitly looks for ways to improve how your item is being sold on Amazon when you are not there.

Splitly helps you improve your Amazon ranking. It does this by testing different values of all the different elements of your listing and finding out which is best. Splitly also has a split-testing algorithm that helps you grow your sales profile on Amazon. It has other tools like this, too, to help you be successful.

splitly calculator

Features Of Splitly Review

Splitly has three helpful features.

Profit Peak helps you get higher profits with less work.  Split Testing helps you find the best selling price for your product, and Rank Tracking tools help you see how well your product is doing on Amazon. You can either have one, two or all of these features in one of the Splitly packages.

Profit Peak

Splitily profit peak

When you sell things, change is always happening. Sometimes the market changes and your product might not be as good as it once was. If you do not know when to change the price of your product or how to compromise, Splitly can help you by deciding for you when it is time to change your price.

Splitly helps you decide what price to set for your product. It is a product that helps you make the best decision on pricing. The function of Splitly is something that many people like and it also affects how the business runs each day. When you have completed Splitly tests, you can stop testing or continue testing for better results but don’t change the price without doing another test first.

For every item you should simply enter some key data and at that point let Profit Peak do the majority of the diligent work each and every day:

  • Turn On Profit Peak
  • Benefit Peak investigates new costs
  • Benefit Peak abuses the recently discovered ideal cost for most extreme benefits

splitily profit peak review

Split Testing

This feature automatically does your testing for you. It removes the need to do it yourself and saves time. You can put the old way of doing this to bed – and yourself, too!

The old-fashioned way is when you download Seller Central reports each day and spend lots of hours putting them into an Excel spreadsheet. This requires you to do calculations on your own and manually update your listings every day at midnight to suit the market.


Splitily review split testing

We found that Splitly is more accurate than manual examinations. You can use the A/B split testing option to adjust your listings based on data and get good results. With this option, you can do things like split test titles, headlines, keywords in the back end, and pricing. All you need to do is set up your original listings for A/B testing and then start the test through Splitly.


splitily split testing

This is how the system will work. When you start, it will be at midnight on Amazon.com. The system will come up with new variations of your listing over the next few days and send you a report that shows which one performs the best.

Once you know which variation has performed better than the original, Splitly’s AI will adapt your product listing and then just leave it for you to reap the benefits!

Split testting- splitily

Rank Tracking

Splitly helps you decide what price to set for your product. It is a product that helps you make the best decision on pricing. The function of Splitly is something that many people like and it also affects how the business runs each day. When you have completed Splitly tests, you can stop testing or continue testing for better results but don’t change the price without doing another test first.

When you use Splitly, it is easy to understand which optimization features affect your Amazon ranking. This makes it easier for you to do good marketing and keep your customers happy. If you use the most effective keywords, then Amazon will like how well you are doing too.

If you study your rankings charts, you can see when they go down and then figure out what caused them to go down. It is like a test to find out the best way to avoid that event in the future.


splitily rank tracking tool

Pros & Cons Of Splitly Reviews

The Pros

Splitly is a device that you can use with a specific end goal to get expectations on your FBA deals execution by utilizing diverse variations that you can’t do physically independent from anyone else.

The product is computerized and it gives an advantageous method for estimating how your site page will fill in as against your FBA rivals.

You will have the capacity to get a diagram which approach is best in advancing your items with the best evaluating and substance that will build your incomes.

The Cons

Splitly is only a test that you can do to your FBA deal pages however there is no assurance that its framework is precise and will yield solid outcomes.

Similarly as any instrument and programming that does not clarify in points of interest how their calculation functions the buyers should depend principally on the believability of the item and the general population behind its plans and highlights.

Pricing Plans Offered By Splitly

Splitly reviews

It’s possible that after reading about all the advantages of Splitly, you might want to try it. But be aware, it doesn’t come free. There are four different pricing plans for Splitly tools. The cheapest is the “Starter” plan which costs $47 per month and includes three concurrent tests, A/B tests and 100 keywords in US and European markets only.

The cheapest one is $97 and includes a feature called Profit Peak. The next plan, which costs $197, includes 25 concurrent tests and 1000 keywords. The most expensive plan is $497 and includes 5000 keywords and 100 keywords.

The most expensive Splitly plan, ‘Enterprise’, offers an amazing 5000 keywords and 100 keywords at the top-shelf cost of $497. The offered services on this plan are sufficient to serve the largest sellers on the Amazon marketspace conveniently.

How Much Control Do I Have While Using Splitly?

Splitly is a platform that reduces your involvement in the process of buying and selling. You do not need to worry because Splitly automatically learns and makes decisions for you. However, if you don’t trust the Profit Peak feature, then there is an option for maximum and minimum prices that will be helpful when making decisions.

Splitly A/B Tests

Splitly uses complex algorithms to automate the process of split testing. It does not just present the comparison data like most other software, but it also keeps a reliable record of all appraised variations and the associated values and information from split testing. On this foundation, sellers can develop more effective strategies to perfect their product listings. All these advantages are obtained without you having to lift a finger, figuratively speaking.

splitily review

How can Splitly Help Grow My Amazon FBA Business

Evaluating how well your Amazon listings are doing can be a tough job. You have to keep track of details in order to get an accurate picture of what is happening with your business.

With Splitly, you will also get features that make it easier for you to find out where you need to improve and optimize your product listing elements, so that you can better promote your business on Amazon.

splitly review

Splitly Reviews FAQs

🔥 What is Splitly Tool?

Basically, Splitly is a split-testing tool made for Amazon sellers. Splitly is a signal for simple and spending plan well-disposed shopping

🤔Which is better Splitly vs Listing Dojo?

No doubt, Spliltly offers great features compared to Listing Dojo. Also, the kind of functionality offered by this platform is praisable.

✅What about Splitly Coupon Code?

Yes! Now you can use our special Splitly Coupon Code that you can use to get up to 10% Off On Splitly.

Splitly Customer Reviews:

Splitly Reviews Amazon AB split testing tool

splitlity review promo coupon code

Is Splitly Worth It?

Splitly.com is a good software for Amazon sellers. It’s easy to use and can help you save time. It also helps with your listings so that they will make more money. But before you use it, think about what kind of seller you want to be: a part-time seller who wants some extra income or someone who wants to sell full-time?

And remember that Splitly will not work for everyone, only those who are willing to spend money on Amazon ads.

Conclusion: Splitly Review 2023 | Should You Go For It Or Not?

Amazon is the best place to sell products. It is a good idea to always stay on top of it. But there are now other ways to stay on top of competition. One way is Splitly, which helps you sell your product in many different ways so that it will be more popular and get more sales than before.

This might not work for people who like doing things manually, but Splitly can help them too by testing their product listing before they buy it for themselves or start selling it online.

The price range of Splitly makes it affordable for all different size businesses. I think that the Starter plan is not as good as the rest, but I really like how easy to use and understand Splitly is.

Hope you have liked our review about Splitly. If you have something to share about the Splitly, please share with us in the comment box. Show your love by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook..

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