SysTools Mac Excel Converter Review 2024: (Why 9 Stars)

After using multiple tools and manual methods to export Excel Contacts to different file formats, I came to know SysTools Mac Excel Contacts Converter is the best way to do so. In this post, I’m going to show an in-depth insight into this Excel Contacts Converter tool. So, let’s dig deeper to know what this software is and how this can help you too.

Performance and usability are decisive criteria for the acceptance of software. Especially in this computerized era, digital solutions are no longer used if they do not meet the end-user requirements to accomplish the desired operations. One such user requirements is the conversion of contacts saved in Excel files into various file formats because most of the applications do not allow to import contacts from Excel files directly. To access these contacts from different email clients, applications, or from a variety of platforms one needs to convert Excel Contact file into different file types.

So, if you are the one who’s having the same issue but not getting an appropriate solution, then today I would like to introduce you to SysTools Excel Contacts Converter, which is one of the most downloaded and best-rated tools. It allows the conversion of Excel file contacts into multiple file formats and comprises so many amazing features that make this conversion process even easier for both technical and non-technical users.

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SysTools Mac Excel Converter Review

SysTools Mac Excel Converter Review In A Nutshell:

I’m a Mac machine user and its been so long since I’m looking for a suitable solution to convert mac Excel Contacts into vCard and other file formats. But, when I came across Excel Contacts Converter for the first time, I found it amazing as it converted all my Excel Contacts into selected file formats in a single go.

This is a powerful software that even allows the conversion of multiple Excel Contact files at once. It is designed in such a way that its user interface is intuitive and highly-responsive.

Mac Excel Contacts Converter Review- Mac Excel Contacts Converter

The best thing about this software is it supports converting the Excel files created by any email client, application, or platform. Moreover, you can export your Excel file contacts into a single file, or can create individual files for each contact stored within the Excel file.

In order to understand this software in a better way, let’s go ahead and check what Excel file types this tool supports and what are the supported export file formats.

Supported File Types

Input Files

Since there are several Excel file types among which Mac Excel Contacts Converter supports the conversion from following Excel file extensions:

  1. XLS: Convert Excel 2007 prior versions .xls file contacts
  2. XLSX: Export contacts from Excel files generated by MS Excel 2007 and later
  3. XLSM: Advanced version of the XLS format, a macro-enabled file for MS Excel is also supported

Output Files

You can convert and export your Excel file contacts into the following file formats:

  1. PDF: Export Excel file contacts into Portable Document Format and open Excel Contacts from Adobe Reader and other PDF reader applications independently. The exported PDF Contact file can be accessed with all types of OS X including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and others.
  2. vCard: VCF (Virtual Contact File) or vCard is a standard file format to save contacts and supports thousands of applications, email clients, and devices like iPhone, Android, MS Outlook, Linux, Windows, Gmail, etc. The software converts Excel Contacts to vCard and makes them accessible from all these platforms.
  3. PST: The Excel File Contacts also can be exported into PST, which is the proprietary file format of MS Outlook. Later, you can import and read these PST file contacts from all the versions of Windows Outlook including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000. Besides, the PST Contacts also can be imported to Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011.
  4. TXT: The software exports Excel Contacts into “textfile” (text file) along with entire contact information. The exported .txt files comprise contact details in plain text and make contacts readable and editable with all the Text File Editors like Notepad++, Notepad, Sublime Text, Atom, etc.
  5. MSG: The MSG file extension is a single email or contact file supported by MS Outlook, SeaMonkey, eM Client, Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. The software allows to export Excel file contacts into separate .msg files and each file comprises entire contact information of an individual in separate contact fields.
  6. HTML: All the XLS / XLSX/ XLSM Contacts can also be converted into HTML file format. After conversion, the resultant HTML contact file can be accessed with various Web Browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, and others.

Advanced Software Features

  • It exports Excel Contacts into PDF, vCard, PST, HTML, TXT, and MSG file
  • It allows to map Excel Contact Fields with selected export file type manually
  • It can map all Excel Contact Fields with selected file type automatically at once
  • It exports Excel Contacts into 3 vCard versions: vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, vCard 4.0
  • It creates two different vCard files for different OS X: Mac vCard, Windows vCard
  • It allows creating separate PDF and vCard files for each contact saved in Excel file
  • It can export Excel contacts to TXT, PDF, HTML with or without column mapping
  • It allows to include or exclude selected Excel columns while doing manual mapping
  • It provides an option to add and export a single or multiple Excel Contact Files once
  • It supports all the latest versions of Mac OS X including macOS X 10.15 (Catalina)

More About Mac Excel Contacts Converter

Technology is growing day-by-day but still, there are very few methods or tools available in the online marketplace that allows to convert Excel File Contacts into various file formats on Mac OS X.

However, Mac Excel Contacts Converter is developed after considering all such user requirements and it works accurately to convert Excel Contacts into 6 different file formats even without losing a single bit of contact information.

Some of the handy features offered by Mac Excel Contacts Converter are as follows:

  • 6 File Export Options

You can convert your Excel XLS, XLSX, XLSM file contacts into 6 different file formats: vCard (.vcf), PDF, PST, MSG, TXT, and HTML along with entire contact details.

  • Manual Column Mapping

Using this Mac Excel Contacts Converter you can match desired Excel Contact Fields with respective output file fields. Furthermore, you can include or exclude the fields you don’t want to export into the output file.

  •   Auto-Map Feature for Mapping

The software provides an auto-map feature to map all the Excel Columns with respective resultant file columns at once. However, this feature only works well if the first line of Excel Contact File is leveled for Contact Fields like Name, Phone, Address, etc.

  • Create 2 Types of vCard

You might be familiar with the fact that Mac OS X supports more vCard Contact Fields rather than Windows OS X. That is why the software allows to export Excel Contacts into 2 different types of vCard files Mac vCard and Windows card. So, you can choose the vCard type as per the OS X you are going to use it further.

  • Batch Export Excel Contacts

In case if you are having multiple Excel files comprising contacts then, no need to worry. Because this tool provides Add File(s) option to add one or multiple Excel files into the software and exports all of them into selected export file types at once without any kind of data loss.

How to Use Mac Excel Contacts Converter?

To get started with Excel file contacts conversion using this software first, you need to download this software and then install it on your Mac machine. Then, launch the tool and follow the guidelines given below:

Step 1: Click on Add File(s) button. Add Excel XLS / XLSX / XLSM contact file to the software

Click On Add File

Step 2: Select vCard (VCF) / PDF / PST / MSG / TXT / HTML file format as the export option

Select Vcard

Step 3: Now, select the Excel file and start mapping Excel Columns with output file type columns

Exel Coloum

Note: If your Excel file comprises multiple contact fields, then you can use its Auto-Map feature to map all the columns at once.

Auto Map Features

Step 4: Select a destination location to save the output file and hit the Convert button

Select Destination Location

Customer Support & Data Security

SysTools provides 24*7 technical support for all the technical questions where you need to contact a representative. One can contact their support team through various means of communication like Live Chat, Skype, Email, or sending a ticket to the company. Besides, the personal data that customers provide through the SysTools website will be incorporated into a secured place and that’s the responsibility of the company.

Costs Mac Exel Contacts Converter?

Mac Excel Contacts Converter is currently available in 3 different pricing plans as per end-users’ requirements: Free DEMO Version, Full Version, and Bundle Offer. It is highly recommended to test the Free DEMO Version before purchasing the Licensed Version.

Mac Excel Contacts Converter – Pricing Plan

Discount Coupon Availability

SysTools provides several discount deals, coupon codes, and good promo offers occasionally.

Coupon Code: – JBLOG10OFF 

Why Choose SysTools Over Other Companies?

  • SysTools understands this fact well that once their customers not treated well, two seconds later they will continue to choose someone else without taking them into account. So, the customer is important for them.
  • SysTools is not like the companies that raise bureaucracy and barriers during their customer service. Their customer support is fast and user friendly. Their communication walls are very smooth.
  • SysTools continuously provides solutions to the latest technology complications. Their software and services are completely tested, 100% working, and guaranteed.

👉🏻How many Excel files or contacts can be converted at once using this tool?

There’s no such limitation on the number of Excel files or contacts. You can add multiple Excel Contact Files and convert unlimited contacts in a single go.

👉🏻Am I allowed to map Excel Contact Fields with exported file columns?

Of course, yes. The Mac Excel Contacts Converter allows to map Excel file columns with selected file contact fields. Moreover, it also provides the Auto-Map feature to map all the Excel Contact Fields automatically at once.

👉🏻What are the export options provided by this software?

You can export Excel Contacts into PST, PDF, vCard, MSG, TXT, and HTML file formats.

Mac Exel Contacts Converter

Pros Cons
Unlimited Excel Contacts conversion Free Version exports only First 10 Contacts / Excel File
Allows to export 50+ contact fields
Various Excel File Types Supported
Create different vCards for different OS X
Supports all latest versions of Mac OS X
Make Excel Contacts accessible with several platforms
Free DEMO Version available
Free update for 1 year
24/7 customer support
30-days Money Back Policy
Free Support Service

Mac Excel Contacts Converter & Testimonials?

Mac Excel Contacts Converter - Testimonials

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Conclusion: SysTools Mac Excel Converter Review 2024

Whenever you need to convert your Excel file contacts into any of the given file formats SysTools Mac Excel Contacts Converter is the best pick for you.

This is safe, secure, easy-to-use, and highly reliable. So, go ahead and pick this software to perform unlimited Excel Contacts Conversion on Mac OS X.

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