Taskade Review 2023– Is it The Future of Real-time Collaboration for Remote Teams ? (Top Fatures & Pricing


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Taskade is a collaboration and productivity tool for people and teams that enables more effective cooperation. Consider it the ideal project management tool stripped of all the unnecessary jargon.

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  • Very cheap
  • Simple UI
  • Video chat is also great
  • Very organized todo list
  • Easy to use


  • There is no drawback as such


Price: $ 1

In this article, I’ll share an in-depth Taskade Review.

Working in a big company may be challenging, even more so if your team is dispersed. Because it takes time to invite all of the partners manually, planning and executing a project takes time.

Keeping track of each progress may be taxing since it entails many repetitive tasks. Often, you’re searching for a way to eliminate all of these hassles and streamline your business’s operations.

A task management application may assist you in this situation. It automates the whole project management process inside the organization, leading to increased inefficiencies. You don’t have to exert as much effort to keep track of the process since everything is recorded very easily in the database.

Taskade is an extremely simple but very powerful business software that allows online project management and team collaboration. Individuals and teams may plan, organize, and monitor work while maintaining real-time communication.

The Internet, PCs, mobile platforms, and Chrome Taskade apps provide users with a readily accessible task management solution that enables them to work more effectively and accomplish their objectives.

Working from home, collaborating online, and collaborating in groups are all being reimagined using Taskade’s software. The goal of Taskcade is straightforward: to help teams accomplish jobs more efficiently and intelligently.

Taskade is available on the following platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, and PC.

What is Taskade?

What is Taskade?

Taskade is a collaboration and productivity tool for people and teams that enables more effective cooperation. Consider it the ideal project management tool stripped of all the unnecessary jargon.

Taskade is a privately owned software business with operations in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and New York. 

It was established in 2017 by John Xie, CEO; Dionies Loire, Chief Product Officer; and Stan Chang, Chief Technology Officer. Taskade is a mashup of the terms task and cascade.

The goal of Taskade is to arrange the chaos of daily obligations into a hierarchical structure of cascading tasks and to empower users to convert a stream of task lists into a torrent of creativity.

Tips and Tricks for Taskade 

  •   They have smart formatting features that include drag and drop, adding notes, and much more. 
  •   You can bulk assign tasks and bulk adds due dates. 
  •   You can perform editing, chat, video, and screen share on the same page. 
  •   There are a lot of shortcut keys that you can mater
  •   See your project with persistent views. 
  •   You can quickly share for internal as well as external teams.
  •   Automatically let Taskade work on repetitive workflows and tasks. 
  •   Use hashtags.
  •   Use their chrome extension and sync cross-platform.
  •   Use the smart notifications and reminders. 

Major Benefits of Using Taskade

1. Going More Green:

Additionally, the “no commute” movement had some beneficial side effects.

Scientists from all around the globe are reporting a significant reduction in air pollutants as a result of our professional change. We seem to be on the right road, given the worldwide drive for sustainable corporate practices and increased societal awareness.

2. More Time on Our Hands:

Let us be honest. The majority of us will not miss our daily commute, traffic congestion, trip costs, or packed public transportation. We no longer have to worry about being late for work, missing a train, or leaving without breakfast.

Additionally, working from home enables us to spend more time with our family, an advantage that office employment does not offer. We can finally take a breather and carve out some time for the hobbies we’ve put off for far too long.

3. New Possibilities: 

Contrary to critics, the shift to remote work did not result in decreased productivity, engagement, creativity, or motivation… you get the picture. Indeed, it aided many companies in remaining fully functioning and empowered remote employees to reach their full potential.

To be sure, there is still plenty to learn and better, particularly in terms of organizing work from home and striking the appropriate work-life balance. However, we should be OK as long as the new style of working is promoted via a mix of opportunity and choice.


Major Features of Taskade

Taskade is distinguished by several characteristics that set it different from other productivity apps. Indeed, with its beautiful but basic UI that is extremely configurable, you may mistake it for a non-productivity tool.

Taskade increases team productivity while maintaining a sense of humor, and includes tools that keep members informed, organized, and productive.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, whether you’re working on a professional or personal project, Taskade has you covered. Here are a few important characteristics that set Taskade apart from the competition:

1. Hyperlinking & Crosslinking:

One of Taskade’s most remarkable features is its ability to link projects inside your workspace using the ‘@’ function. Thus, you can quickly locate and connect similar tasks, which saves you considerable time.

2.  Templates:


Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Taskade is the breadth of available templates. It includes templates for both formal and informal gatherings. Additionally, Taskade intends to offer premium templates for those of us who are tired of working with the same dull backdrop.

3. Viewing and Permissions for the Project:

It’s often difficult to keep track of the many projects and teams on which you’re working, which is why Taskade provides numerous perspectives.

In Taskade, you can choose between the ‘List View,’ ‘Board View,’ ‘Mind-Map View,’ and ‘Orchard View,’ depending on what works best for you. Additionally, you may give team members Viewer or Editor access depending on their position in a project. Additionally, this tool enables you to quickly add and delete individuals from projects.

4. Management and labeling of projects:

Management and labeling of projects

Another fantastic feature of Taskade is the ability to classify tasks according to their importance. Once a member is given a project, they get alerts and the deadline for completion. Additionally, jobs may be pinned and sorted by priority, ensuring that critical chores are never overlooked.

Each project may be assigned a To-do list and a completion deadline. Additionally, you may create unique task reminders and leave extra comments and files. Additionally, the designated members are notified when new notes, comments, or attachments are added to a project.

This ensures that members never miss a beat and are constantly kept informed about ongoing initiatives. Each team member’s calendar may also be seen by others, ensuring that everyone is aware of what each team member is working on.

How to use the Taskade calendar?

 5. Nesting System: 

Taskade enables you to segment teams according to their specialization and builds nesting structures for different types of work. Thus, if you have a design team and a development team, for example, you may divide them and maintain them in distinct subspaces.

You may invite members to subspaces and give them tasks based on their capabilities. Additionally, you may create shared areas for your whole team to engage.

Creating distinct channels for each team enables you to compartmentalize work and discussions and prevent misunderstanding.

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Taskade Review Pricing

Taskade Pricing

They have very simple pricing plans – 

  •   Free ($ 0 user per month): This will cost you nothing and includes unlimited subspaces, teams, collaborators, templates, projects, and tasks. 
  •   Unlimited ($ 5 per month): This includes 2-way calendar integration, checker role permission, bulk assign tools, version history, project history, repeat tasks, everything is free, and a lot more.
  •   Enterprise: This one is customizable and you will have to contact them for pricing.  

Why Choose Taskade?

  • You do not need any technical expertise to utilize the program. It’s straightforward to determine what each feature accomplishes.
  • The most intriguing aspect is that you may create your themes with Taskade. You can push the boundaries of your creativity indefinitely. Assists you in building your brand’s reputation and adhering to all regulatory requirements.
  • This application enables you to communicate with your colleagues if they get stuck. Additionally, this capability is very useful for novices. This allows students to develop a more precise understanding of the whole job since they can see it in three dimensions.
  • Any topic may be the subject of a venture. Assign due deadlines and conduct live conversations to further build collaboration. Additionally, media resources such as photos and videos may be transmitted.
  • Globally, as technology develops, people are becoming more linked. The world is shrinking as the technology divide closes. Today, you may collaborate with someone in a whole other time zone to complete a task


Taskade Pros and Cons 


  •   Very organized todo list
  •   Video chat is also great
  •   Great templates and workspace area
  •   Simple UI
  •   Very cheap


  •   None

Quick Links 

FAQs  | Taskade Review 

😱 Can I share Taskade projects with others?

Yes, you may share Taskade projects with others. If you want to share all of the projects you've made with someone, you may invite them straight to your workspace.

🤷‍♂️How many participants can a video chat have?

Each member of your team may join in a video chat. Yes, there is no restriction. However, if you want the highest video quality possible, please proceed with 10 participants per project. A workplace, on the other hand, has no such restriction.

💯What is a Taskade workspace?

Taskade allows you to create numerous projects. When several projects are combined in Taskade, a workspace is created. In essence, a workspace is a collection of various tasks. Additionally, subspaces may be created here to help keep things organized.

✅ Can Taskade help me increase my productivity?

Without a doubt, yeah! Taskade is all about professional and personal development and productivity, from planning to journaling templates. Taskade comes with over 100 free templates that you can use to help your business develop.

Conclusion | Taskade Review  2023 

The most appealing feature of Taskade is its simple, beautiful, and basic UI. And whether you are OCD or more relaxed, work in an office or remotely, like or despise creating lists, this software may win you over and make an excellent add-on.

You may create lists, manage tasks, plan processes, collaborate with team members, chat with them, or call them immediately. Indeed, it has all of the elements necessary to boost your team’s productivity.

We will not claim that Taskade is the finest collaboration tool available, but it is very enough for individuals, small businesses, and average-sized teams.

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