Teamz Blockchain Summit: Why Should You Attend It?

Blockchain is the future of digital age. Blockchain is surely going to work as an asset and is adopted by most of the ventures all around the globe. There are still confusions and questions about the Blockchain among the users. There are a number of conferences such as the ‘Teamz Blockchain Summit’ all around the globe.

Teamz Blockchain Summit

Date: 6th & 7th April 2019

Venue: Toranomon Hills, Tokyo, Japan

On April 6th and 7th, VC’s, funds, emerging projects, key talent, and executives from traditional finance throughout Asia and around the world will gather for one of the biggest blockchain events in Tokyo, Japan.
Teamz Blockchain Summit

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is a gathering that brings together the smartest minds and innovators in the blockchain. In addition to top talent, the summit will be joined by leading investors, VC’s, exchanges, funds, and the biggest media brands in the industry.

It’s expected that around 3000-5000 people will attend the two-day event. Guests come from all over the world and from all demographics. Many are crypto enthusiasts and many others are looking to learn more about the industry through our keynote speakers, panellists, exhibitors, and all our partners.

55 projects, 90 speakers, 100 investors, 100 media platforms, and 100+ industry professionals and talent will attend the event.

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