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The world around us is changing day by day with the aim to focus more on business and money making. The world around us is changing, with new technology helping to create more connectivity than ever before. For most of the sectors, TechNova: Customer Care will be organised this year.

TechNova Connected Customer: Why Should You Attend It?

Date: 20 June 2019

Venue: The Crystal, London

Connected Customer will be organised on 20th June this year with decision-makers and senior leaders across financial services, utilities, retail, travel, hospitality, transport, technology and more gathering together.

TechNova Connected Customer

This event will look across all sectors to explore how connected technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is changing the expectations around customer experience and marketing and how to react and succeed.

The event will have three stages:

  • How will you interact with the customer?
  • How will your customer view you?
  • How will you understand your customer?


  • Matthew Trott, (Chief Technology Officer), Bulb
  • Merel Goedknegt, (Programmatic Lead, EMEA),
  • Dan Moross, (Director, Customer Experience), MOO
  • Elisa Pogliano, Director, Digital and Omnichannel Europe, Mattel
  • Kate Gerova, Director, Digital Marketing – Exhibition, Curzon Cinemas
  • Libby Andrews, Director, Marketing, Pho

Check the full list of speakers on the website…

TechNova has built an agenda with these same change-makers who’ve disrupted their industries, and the organisations who’ve forged new paths in struggling sectors.

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