The Symbiosis in Business and Marketing : What You Need To Know

Digital marketing wouldn’t be where it’s at without businesses desiring to get online, and vice versa. I would say that, often, digital marketing is more important than the actual business. Why? Because in a world where people have direct access to purchase items from China, it makes all the difference in differentiation. That’s where marketing comes into play.
Modern business concept

Marketing online isn’t only about exposing the brand.

It’s about captivating an audience.

Here’s How the Two Work in Unison

Let’s say I have a “boring” product like nail trimmers.

Not too exciting, huh?

You’d be hard-pressed to gain traction in an industry already dominated by businesses present for 100+ years or the flood of cheap, Chinese competitors. But… there’s always a possibility.

A combination of a good product and social media marketing services allows penetration into this market – and any market, really – because it creates an experience.

Social Media

Since anyone can hit “buy” and have it delivered to their door within days, it makes it quite difficult to make this a lasting experience. Social media is this bridge. Social media lets the company and its followers engage, explore content, and start a dialog.

If we look at our example of nail clippers – the company could:

·  Hold a contest for people to show off their nails

·  Create and share content about personal hygiene and maintenance

·  Service customers through open platforms and discussion

It turns a mundane experience into something someone is likely to partake in.

Yes, even something as boring as nail clippers.

It Goes Further than That

A great product or service means nothing if it’s not presented in front of would-be buyers.

I don’t care how great you think your offer is… If I don’t know it exists then what good is it?

Digital marketing puts the offer out there.

digital marketing

Across channels like:

·  Search listings

·  Content

·  Display Ads

·  Referrals

·  Videos

… and so many other marketing channels.

The marketing channels are symbiotic in nature, too!

Content pushed through the company blog becomes fuel for campaigns on social channels like Facebook or Instagram. Feedback from followers, in turn, gives the company fresh ideas for new projects. Every effort delivers actionable data to test in areas like PPC, CPA, SMM, SEO, and more.

What all this does is drip the offer to the marketplace.

Before long there’s interest and (hopefully) if the product is great then it takes off.

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Marketing and business are quite a fun pair.

It’s knowing that every effort you make toward the business operations feeds into the potential marketing campaigns. It’s knowing that every marketing campaign could improve business profits.

business improvement - digital marketing

It’s also a playground for learning exciting, new things.

There are dozens of channels to explore and each has their myriad of tools.

·  Social? Start an IG account, learn the basics, then scale it with Combin.

·  SEO? Find your best pages, maximize the technical SEO, and build links.

·  Ads? Facebook, Google, and native ads are wonderful.

Do you get the gist?

For every new action, you want to explore there is an equal number of fun things to learn. It’s like a rabbit hole of learning possibilities. The best part is how it makes improvements to the business.

Here’s What I’d Do

I wouldn’t risk the main site just yet…

online marketing

Instead, I’d start a few off-shoot projects leveraging a small subset of the current customers to promote something exclusive. It would be a new site, new marketing campaign, and new community. What’s learned through this is then later applied to the main business.

It gives you an experimental environment to grow. To learn how marketing and business are symbiotic on all fronts.

If it can be done with nail clippers… you sure can bet it’ll work with whatever you’re promoting!

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    Great article !!! Thanx for sharing. It has provided me with all essential details about business and marketing that are available of late.


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