Who on the earth does not want his or her blog to look smart? If you are fond of customization in blogs you are at the right page. ThemeLab app can change the entire look of your blog very easily, perfectly, and quickly without making any changes in the outlay of your blog.

ThemeLab Review

There must be numerous of apps to perform such tasks, but today here for you to review best app currently in the market to customize your blog. You have a freedom to experiment any clean and professional theme through this application.  It’s called ThemeLab. ThemeLab was originally founded by Leland Fiegel, who is a web developer and has interest in blogging.

Starting with ThemeLab

ThemeLab   Premium WordPress Themes that Work

ThemeLab is a famous site for WordPress to add a theme subject run by Syed Balkhi, who overtook this product from Leland Fiegel. This takeover was done in 2013; it is a valuable resource for all the bloggers and website owners as we all know that downloading themes from poor sites or Google can be harmful for our blogs.

In just couple of years they have turned an unorganized forum into a Commercial Theme Shop.  As WordPress users, we all know the themes have become too complicated in last few years. As just to add more graphics, more short codes, more designing the theme developers today have forgotten most important feature, usability.

ThemeLab Review

ThemeLab Features

ThemeLab Review

If you are a photographer or a photography addict then this app is what you need. ThemeLab comes with beautiful styles and professionally designed WordPress themes specific to your requirements. One of the most important features of this application is its user friendliness; it is very easy to use making it the most desirable choice for a newbie.

Here is a video about the app by Colby Gracie

They build a theme for the new bloggers giving them a hassle free blogging experience, these themes are very responsive and work fine on mobile phones as well as tablets, so it does not matter what device you are using the phone, iPad, or Computer  this app is going to give you strong response on all the platforms. The deep code structure of this app is designed in such a way that it gives you best SEO experience.

ThemeLab ReviewThemeLab follows all the WordPress practices and gives you a safe environment to work on. It also ensures that your website is fast and safe. Customers are considered gods when it comes to online marketing, so ThemeLab believe in a 24x7x365 support which is always at your desk and all other help you are in need of.


themelab pricingThemeLab starts from $69 in which you have an option of only one theme one site. ThemeLab customer support team will work side-by-side with you and help you get started. You also get future automatic updates, all the tutorials and videos; also you will get a 20% discount on your future purchases.
The most popular pro plan comes with $199 which gives you access to all the themes and a priority support, it gives you free access to all new themes with video tutorials and updates. In $349 you get access to all the themes, unlimited sites, videos and tutorials.

What is special in this plan is that you get lifetime support & updates. ThemeLab’s price is very pocket friendly compared to other market players of theme designing. The plans are all based on a single purchase.

No big or long duration contacts are actually required. They give heavy discounts on future purchases if you buy their premium plan. There is no subscriber limit paid for the themes and sites you are using through premium account.  What really keeps ThemeLab above the market competitors is that ThemeLab is giving personal tailor made Themes and unlimited support , updates and access, which keep your blog every time fresh and attractive.

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ThemeLab Conclusion


ThemeLab is a super duper Theme design, product; this can be said very convincingly after going through all the features of the product. This comes up with fantastic themes which give your blog or campaign a big boost. It comes with very user friendly instructions. There are various plans from $69 to $349/ one time purchase you can choose depending on your budget.

ThemeLab is the easiest and quickest product today to make your blog look attractive. The consistency and excellent customer support is what will make you passionate while using this product. If you are really looking for customizing your blog with some outstanding themes this is a must buy product for you, as it offers the beautiful collection of advance and usable themes. All of the themes at ThemeLab will be fast, secure and user friendly. The vision of ThemeLab is to make bloat free themes that don’t irritate you with unwanted options and to work out of the box to give easy customization.

Here is a video review of ThemeLabs by Emperor Ire

ThemeLab-App Review-Customization For Unjailbroken Devices

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