Do you Recognize These Top 5 Mistakes you are Making in Blogging?

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In today’s world blogging has turned out to be an important online marketing strategy for almost every business.  Most internet users like doing business with websites that have useful information to pass on.

The search engines give tremendous importance to those websites that have content which will prove useful to the users.

There are several benefits to blogging but in spite of that, there are people who make some of the silliest mistakes. So now I am going to share some vital tips that will help you gain awareness and identify the kind of mistakes you make while blogging.

Top 5 Mistakes you are Making in Blogging

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1) Say no to plagiarism

Firstly do not copy material from other websites; plagiarism does not go down very well with anyone. Besides when you are taking the trouble to write a blog you might as well offer something new to the people. There may be customers who are looking for a product review which will help them decide on whether they should purchase the product or not.

You see if you now copy content from another website you will end up losing clients as people will lose confidence in you.

The moral of the story is that you simply cannot take the easy way out and you have to take the pain in developing original content for the website. Presenting original material will give you the chance to prove yourself as an expert in this field.

Learn to take your readers by surprise and so try to include confessions, facts, statistics, arguments or even controversy. However take care not to exaggerate the information that is provided by you.

Try to include a nice introduction to the blog you may use a quotation that works like a charm in attracting readers to your blog. A good introduction will help your readers connect with the article instantly.

2) Understand what readers want


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Never neglect your audience; this is one of the gravest mistakes that people tend to make and the results are anything but pretty. Make sure that you always write stuff that is relevant to your business.

Do not write anything that might mislead the audience; if that happens you can forget about sales. To retain your audience you need to identify them. You must study what they search for. Once you have identified your audience you are ready to share your knowledge with them in form of blogs.

If you include a good question into your audience that will not only grasp the attention of the reader but also form a bond; this is very necessary.

3) Keep trying new things 

Sometimes being successful means that you stop trying out new things; well in this case if you do not keep updating your blog every now or then people will get tired of seeing the same old stuff and eventually shift their attention to other websites.

You have the power to stop that from happening. All you have to do is play out things better and have post date so that you can get people to return to your website to read your blogs.

Prepare a schedule in such a way that you can at least put out 4 blogs in a month. If you publish new blogs frequently then you can expect more people to return to your website more often.

The method of storytelling can be very useful in communicating with the readers. So remember to be descriptive and to the point. Structure your thoughts well so that you are able to say meaningful things through your blog.  Do not for get to add a dash of humour to your articles as it will make it fun for your readers.

Check out this video:Top Five Blogging Mistakes To Avoid By Koozai

4) Write sensibly 

When you write a blog you obviously want the content to make sense to the people that read it. So pay special attention to the spelling and grammar. If you neglect this it will actually put off the readers and they will never return to read another word let alone a sentence. This is something I follow on a daily basis hope these tips help you.

5) Maintain a flow and coherent thoughts

Maintain a flow and coherent thoughts

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Another common mistake that people tend to make is scatter ideas throughout the body of the blog; do not do this as this causes a lot of confusion in the minds of the readers.

So try to break down the blog into paragraphs and discuss separate ideas in each different paragraph. Roleplay is another technique that you can use. You can describe a scenario that a reader can relate to. Make sure to use simple language so that the reader has no trouble understanding.

Some other valuable tips to avoid mistakes while writing blogs 

The introduction to the blog should welcome the readers and help them move along. Do not test the reader’s attention by too much exposition. You must provide good amount of attention to the reader.

Try to focus on the content of your blog at all times; remember that you want your point of view to be heard through the content of the blog. Most importantly you should do sufficient amount of research on the internet on the particular topic that you wish to cover on your blog.

You must refer to various articles on the internet and magazines. You must rearrange all the data very well and incorporate then in your article. If you want to include statistical figures you must make sure that the figures are all recent and up to date.

Make an effort to get rid of your ego as much as possible, so your blog should focus on the tastes and preferences of the readers and not on yourself.

If you happen to be writing on a harsh or delicate topic such as religion or racism try to write positive things so that you can pass on a feeling of comfort to the readers.

So to make sure that you have written a meaningful blog for your readers you must follow the tips in this write up to avoid making silly mistakes that could ruin the quality of your blog.

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    i faced these mistakes on my first blog but now i improvised with a help of few good blogs like this one, i need to learn more still in blogging,
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