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Customer Support








Inventory Management




Orders & fulfillment


  • Best Customer Service
  • Fully Secured
  • Auto Sync
  • Voice Shipping with Alexa
  • Free Demo
  • Detailed Shipping Reports
  • Create Customized Packing Slips
  • Powerful inventory management
  • Multichannel order management
  • B2B eCommerce platform for Wholesale
  • Multiple languages and multiple branded documents
  • Track costs and integrate with Xero or Quickbooks
  • Easily expand to more eCommerce channels


  • Expensive Pricing Plans

TradeGecko is headquartered in Singapore and its history begins in New Zealand. In 2011, Carl Thompson wore a clothing brand in Aukland. Frustrated by the inefficiency of spreadsheets and manual data entry, he decided to close his apparel brand and develop a more elegant back-end management tool.

Thompson partnered with brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest, his colleagues and Kiwis business associates, and then moved to Singapore to raise seed money for the later TradeGecko.

Today, the company has more than 60 employees (with headquarters in Singapore and another in Manila). They have traded over $ 1 billion with clients in 100 countries through their platform.

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TradeGecko Review



TradeGecko Review with Discount Coupon codes 2021: (Free Trial)



TradeGecko is a cloud inventory management solution for small and medium-sized retailers, wholesalers and retailers. The system combines asset management and online trading.

TradeGecko launches a business-to-business e-commerce portal that allows users to direct retailers to retailers. It also provides demand forecasting, customer relationship management (CRM), order processing, accounting, and sales reporting.

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TradeGecko supports multichannel distribution and can be integrated into platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento and WooCommerce. It is also integrated with the Xero and QuickBooks accounting solutions and is compatible with multiple currencies and tax types.

Users can order by product and receive real-time updates for better tracking and analysis. The solution provides custom reports with charts and graphs on inventory and sales trends.

Users can add new customers or search existing buyers and their order history through a mobile app.

Key Features

TradeGecko Reviews Pricing TradeGecko Tutorials

The TradeGecko user interface is divided into six main areas:

Panel: Here’s an overview of your account with a graph showing last month’s sales. The panel also guides you through account setup and informs you when parts of your account require your attention.

Inventory: a portal for product management. There are functions to import your stock information (via a spreadsheet), to export your stock information (also via a spreadsheet), to create new products, and to modify existing ones. There is also an option for creating product variants.

Relationships: Manage the contact information of all your customers and suppliers. As in Inventory, you can import and export data through a spreadsheet.

Sales Orders: A tool for managing sales orders, shipments, invoices, and returns. Orders can be created with just a few clicks or saved as an offer. There are also portals that know which commands should be sent or what is left.

TradeGecko Video Reviews Pricing TradeGecko Tutorials Reports Integration Shopify Coupon Code

Inventory Control: In this section, you can create purchase orders, manage stock transfers, and make inventory adjustments.

B2B eCommerce:
You can access it if you choose the B2B eCommerce extension.

Shopify - TradeGecko Integration

TradeGecko review with coupon codes

Intelligence: A collection of reporting tools. These are covered in the Reports section.

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TradeGecko has been around for a while and its software is pretty mature. The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, and aesthetics is the rendezvous.

The different areas that I mentioned above are represented as icons and arranged in a vertical navigation bar that is aligned on the left side of the page.

TradeGecko review with promo coupon codes

If you do not use the navigation bar, it will be scaled down to maximize space on the page. TradeGecko is not the first company to use this design, but it still looks and feels good.

The overall workflow is simple. When you sign up, the sign shows you how to set up your account and guide you through each step. Typically, you must first import your products and inventory information (manually or by integrating a distribution channel).

You can then configure any other integration you have.

TradeGecko integrations

Finally, download your customers and suppliers. Once your account has been created, all basic tasks (such as creating a sales order or finding a customer) can be done in a few clicks. Once you get stuck, a customer service representative can help you.

TradeGecko Video Reviews Pricing TradeGecko Tutorials

I have some problems with the software, even if they were not so obvious. First, the responsive design starts dividing the pages when you reduce them to a small column (as I did when referring to another web page). Fields and drop-down menus become unusable in this case.

TradeGecko Video Reviews Pricing TradeGecko Tutorials

My other problem is the tutorial on the report page. I’ll take it a bit later, but I’m just saying that the software does not explain the new reporting tools well and makes the most of their benefits.

None of these things is a deciding factor, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

Some TradeGecko User Reviews From Around Internet

Here are a few other resources for finding helpful TradeGecko customer reviews. We rated the review sites on a scale from poor to excellent based on how trustworthy and useful the reviews seemed.

User Review Website
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Quality of Reviews on Website
G2 Crowd
4.3 out of 5
18 reviews
4.4 out of 5
164 reviews
Shopify Store
4.5 out of 5
122 reviews

Pricing: TradeGecko Discount Coupon Codes

TradeGecko also gives you a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. You will receive a monthly discount if you pay one year in advance. If you decide to cancel before the end of the year, you will receive a pro-rated refund. Here are the plans (prices in USD):

TradeGecko Review

Small Business:

  • $199/month billed monthly ($79/month annually
  • Email Support
  • 5 Users
  • 500 Orders
  • Basic User Rights


  • $459/month billed monthly ($199/month annually)
  • Email Support
  • 8 users
  • 1500 orders
  • Advanced User Rights
  • Account Managers
  • Amazon Fulfillment
  • Advanced warehouses


  • $799/month billed monthly ($359/month annually)
  • Email Support
  • 15 Users
  • 2500 orders
  • Advanced brands
  • Multi-language


TradeGecko Pro:

  • Contact for Pricing
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited orders

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Small Business
TradeGecko Pro
Price (Annual Billing)
$199/ month
$459/ month
$799/ month
By Request
Cost for Additional Users
$50/ user
$50/ user
$50/ user
Ecommerce Integration
Cost for Additional Ecommerce Integration
$50/ integration
$50/ integration
$50/ integration
Custom Rates
24/7 Email
24/7 Email
24/7 Email
24/7 Email and Phone
Setup Assistance
2 hours
4 hours
8 hours
User Rights
Fulfillment By Amazon
Account Manager
API Access
Salesforce Integration

All plans include the following features:

  • Accounting Integrations
  • Mobile App
  • Custom Reports


Customer Service and Technical Support:

TradeGecko has a detailed knowledge base with step-by-step instructions for many tasks, from the most basic to the most advanced. Here are the different options for customer service:

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Community support: Access to community guides and help.

E-mail support: Available for small businesses and large projects

Phone Support: Available only for Business Premium Packages

My experiences with the support team over the years have been very different. At first glance at this company, the response times varied from a few hours to a few days. These things were better, although the response time for simple tickets can be up to 12 hours.

Companies outside Southeast Asia need to consider jet lag as this can have a significant impact on how quickly you can contact a representative.

Because phone support is only available for Business Premium packages, my experience with this aspect of your business is limited. I should also mention that English is the usual business language in Singapore.

So fluidity in my contacts with the TradeGecko team has never been a problem.

You can contact TradeGecko technical support via email, phone, and live chat. The website has an extensive knowledge base that helps you master the software even better and even train you in other aspects of your business.


How TradeGecko is Enabling Effortless Commerce


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Pros and Cons of TradeGecko:


  • Best Customer Service
  • Fully Secured
  • Auto Synchronization
  • Voice shipping with Alexa
  • Free Demo
  • Create Customized Packing Slips
  • Create Detailed Shipping Reports



  • plans are expensive


Final verdict: Tradegecko Reviews Discount Coupon Codes January 2021 

 TradeGecko Video Reviews Pricing TradeGecko Tutorials Reports Integration Shopify apps

TradeGecko is a mobile, browser-based platform for which you pay a monthly subscription. You do not need to install real software on your computer. This has pros and cons, depending on the needs of your business.

First, you can access your company’s inventory with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. However, accessing it when there is no internet connection is problematic.

TradeGecko is one of the most effective inventory management solutions we’ve studied. An elegant and responsive interface provides a long journey and is a viable option with many product import options for most businesses.

There is no sales system for outlets. However, there are still many integration options with QuickBooks. The cloud system can be useful if you travel frequently and need quick access to your inventory from any computer or mobile device.

This was my detailed review for TradeGecko Inventory management software for eCommerce business and suitable for stores like Shopify, Xero, Quickbooks and Amazon as well. Grab the TradeGecko discount coupons January 2021 by clicking the link below… ??

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