Truvid Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype? (Must Read)

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Are you a website owner looking to implement videos? Or alternatively, you already have videos on your website but you’re searching for a cost-efficient yet professional solution? 

Truvid is the answer. 

Truvid is a one-of-a-kind video technology platform that emphasizes professional video content while drawing attention to the advantages of highlighting user experience to audiences.

In this post, we have featured Truvid Review 2023 that includes detailed insights into this platform. 

Truvid Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype? (Must Read)

Detailed Truvid Review

Additionally, Truvid takes its offering a step forward and enables publishers to distribute their inhouse video content on a global scale – essentially creating an additional revenue stream while simultaneously promoting their brand and content. 

Truvid Review- Video Advertising

Truvid is an online video platform that employs leading and powerful technological tools for advertising online videos to provide a perfect match between audiences and content.

Powered by Branovate, an innovative premium digital video company, Truvid banks on their expertise to strive for excellence by committing their intelligence, creativity, and energy to deliver a top-notch video advertising experience to all their partners and clients.

Advantages Of Truvid:

Let’s review what Truvid offers its publishers: 

Unlike other video technology platforms, Truvid clearly aims the spotlight on Publishers. A fantastic example is their revenue model. Publishers pay no user fee/content usage fee for connecting with Truvid. 

Alternatively, Truvid’s revenues from Advertisers are split between Truvid and the Publisher which makes the Publishers’ success just as important as its own. 

Truvid For Partners

Truvid has emphasized usability and swiftness within its platform. Even the most technophobe can easily log in and create playlists and choose video unit sizes.

Truvid For Publishers- Details

Truvid enables their publishers to access key technology tools, while their video player blends seamlessly into any website.  

Professional Video Content

Their flagship offering. Truvid’s enormous video library contains unlimited content ranging between popular categories: news, entertainment, food, gossip, DIY and anything in between. They’ve taken it a step further and included over 15 languages and videos can be filtered according to the verticals and languages mentioned above as well as video length. 


Truvid Review- Professional Video ContentTruvid connected earlier on with well-known and established content houses – such as Reuters and Video Elephant. This elegant move of theirs, compared to other well-known and available content distributors – singled them out as a leader focusing on distributing professional and engaging video content. 

Modular Video Units

The catch, usually, with video units is the complexity. In most instances, video units are a nuisance to implement. Some might not perform on all environments, leaving you shorthanded on one device. 

If you’ve fixed the technical issues, you need to deal with the ongoing maintenance part of updating the playlist attached to the unit and for the finale – you need to somehow measure results. 

Truvid has somehow managed to skip over the chaos and has developed a super quick and easy way to implement video units. All while simultaneously updating your playlists to include relevant content. 

Their video units perform perfectly on all environments, regardless of the website layout and style. As mentioned previously, Truvid emphasizes user experience and this is where it stands out. Their best performing unit – Instream to Floater – opens only once the user has reached that specific point in the page and as the user continues to scroll, the player will shrink to a smaller size and move to one side of the screen – avoiding overlapping content and disrupting the user. 

Truvid Review- Modular Video Units

All Around Player Technology

Another key feature that Truvid recently launched. Their All-Around Player technology (AAP) enables the publisher to update videos directly from the console through one link. 

Let’s drill down on that one for a moment. 

Nowadays, publishers are required to either go into each specific page and update the content for that player running on that page. Or, they can go into the backend side of the platform they work with and update each playlist separately. Beyond the fact that this is time-consuming, this requires extra hands on deck if you want to keep your website up to date with relevant content. 

Truvid’s alternative is through their platform: under one link, you can update all the videos at once – regardless of the page or context of that video. 

AI Content Video Production

Truvid’s AI content video production tool is ideal for websites looking to promote their written articles and content, increasing content discovery for their users. This sophisticated tool wraps articles and converts them into short and appealing videos. 

Truvid- AI Content

This sleek tool creates branded videos and can grow page views by 40% while increasing user time spent on your site by up to 25%. 

Additionally, since the video is key, this also opens an additional revenue stream for publishers – without any hidden costs of installation required.  

For Example

Becoming a Content Distributor

Truvid has taken a unique and significant step in enabling publishers with their own content to upload their videos to the Truvid platform and allow other publishers to use that content. 

The advantages behind this are three-fold. One: They’ve enabled the publisher to distribute their content to increase their revenue stream by becoming a content distributor. Ideally, this publisher will now earn revenues from its website as well as from its content. Two: This publisher is now also increasing their brand awareness. Three: Truvid has more videos within its content library – growing their video capacity and appeal. 

Quick and Useful Insights

Truvid offers in-depth reporting, providing you with consumption analytics, user activity, video data and revenue specifics. 

Reporting is in real-time and can be customized according to your website activity and needs – allowing you to eventually increase user time spent on-site and achieve higher revenues. 

Truvid Review- Reports

Signing Up With Truvid

Truvid works with top-notch and well-known advertisers, therefore making signing up to their platform a three-step phase. 

Step 1: Visit and fill out your details on the sign-up page. 

Truvid Review- Sign-up

Step 2: A questionnaire will be sent to the email you registered with. You’ll need to fill out data regarding your website, such as how many users visit your site on a monthly basis and what kind of services you are looking for.  That will be like a Google Form where you have to just fill out the necessary details.

Step 3: Approval

If your website is approved, you’ll be sent a username and password and can log in to the platform. 

Truvid Review- Approval

Customer Support 

Another best part about Truvid is that they offer friendly support to their customers. So here you don’t have to worry about Truvid Support, the support team is well trained and always ready to help you 24/7.

 Whether you’re a publisher, advertiser or have any general questions, the Truvid Support Team will be there to help you out. 

Pros & Cons Of Truvid


  • Publisher growth driven
  • Professional video content library updated around the clock
  • No sign-up fee or usage charge
  • Access to the full platform – including units, data, and video content
  • Superb customer support (available 24/7)
  • Connected to top advertisers and variety of content


  • Beginner’s need to play with features to get familiar 

What Makes Truvid DIfferent? 

No doubt, Truvid tie-up with the world’s leading media advertisers like AWS, Google and others as well. Let’s check the complete list of Media Partners of Truvid. 

Video advertising is not a very easy task if you try to do it yourself. The entire procedure requires systematic monitoring, analysis, and research of the prevailing media market and social media trends. Handling everything yourself becomes a tedious task. Truvid attempts at creating a clean connection between Publishers, Content owners and Advertisers because these are indeed the 3 pillars that form the foundation of a successful media advertising campaign.

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Aol.
  • ComScore
  • Tremor Video
  • Couch Base
  • SpotX
  • MaxCDN
  • Elastic
  • StackPath
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Also, Truvid platform is growing exponentially and that you can find out from stats given below:

  •  100+ videos are added daily.
  • 100% brand-safe content.
  • 10OK videos in their library.
  • 20 top tier content providers.

The ever-growing network and the strong tie-up with the most leading names in the world of media advertising are making Truvid a breakthrough project as time is passing by. You should surely hold their hand if you want effective and profitable advertising of your videos. JOIN FOR FREE TODAY to make the most out of it!

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Conclusion: Truvid Review 2023 | Reliable or Not?

Without having any second thought I would like to say, Truvid is a reliable video advertising platform. Actually, the main purpose of Truvid is to bridge the gap right b/w between publishers, advertisers, and content owners.

Basically, Truvid tries to create a connection between Content Owners, Publishers and Advertiser through their advanced and innovative technologies like OVP and SSP and that truly takes your media advertising campaign right to a whole new level. 

Overall, If you really want to build profitable advertising campaigns for your videos then Truvid is the platform you actually need. 

I hope this post suits your purpose well. If you have any experience with Truvid share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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